Relax, we've got you covered when it's time to shop for and buy your next vehicle. We've been doing this a long time - here's some practical tips for you to follow.

Remember, Your Financing is Approved with New Roads Auto Loans. There is no need for the Dealer to re-run your credit.

1. Test Driving the Vehicle

  • Drive the vehicle with the radio off, listen for squeaks, rattles, thunks.
  • Look at the gauges to make sure they are all working. Are the "service lights" all off?
  • Accelerate quickly, brake hard. Does the vehicle feel stable and under control?
  • When accelerating, does the transmission shift smoothly from gear to gear?
  • Let the vehicle track "hands off" - does the vehicle run straight or pull one way or the other?
  • Test all vehicle systems...does the AC work, power windows, door locks, window washers, all lights functional?
  • Look down the side of the vehicle, is the paint even and smooth and color matching on all panels? If a panel is discolored or uneven this can be a sign the vehicle was in an accident.
  • After the test drive, look under the vehicle for any fluid leaks. Pop the hood, look for leaks.
  • Does the tire tread look good, do the tires have at least 75% of their original tread?

2. Questions to ask the Dealer

  • Was the vehicle inspected? When and by whom?
  • What did the inspection report say the vehicle needed?
  • When was the car last serviced--does the dealer know? (ask for the vehicle to be serviced)
  • What reconditioning has been done to the vehicle? Is this documented?
  • Is the vehicle being sold "as is" or is there any kind of a warranty (1,000 miles 50/50 warranty is typical)

3. Negotiating the Best Price

  • Most dealers will negotiate the price of the vehicle.
  • Use the book value as a pricing guide (dealers usually pay less than the book value)
  • Make sure the price of the vehicle and all fees fit into your approved loan amount.
  • Dealers typically can take at least $500 to $1,000 off the asking price of their vehicle to make a sale-ask for a discount if needed to get the vehicle you want to fit your loan terms.
  • Be reasonable, asking for $3,000 off the price of a used vehicle is a big number.