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We Finance Consumers with a Bankruptcy

New Roads Auto Loans finances consumers that have had a bankruptcy. We will finance an open or discharged chapter 7 bankruptcy and a chapter 13 bankruptcy with trustee approval. Through our parent company, we have been providing auto financing to consumers with a bankruptcy since 1991.

Getting approved for vehicle financing with a bankruptcy at a dealership can be a hassle. Using NewRoadsAutoLoans to get your financing in place before you shop for a vehicle takes the uncertainty out of getting a vehicle.

Our staff of professionals knows how to finance consumers with a bankruptcy and we’ll be with you when you shop for a vehicle. We’ll support you though out the financing and vehicle purchase process—it’s good to have our Loan Agents on your side!

New Roads Auto Loans will work with you to find the right payment amount for your budget. And NewRoadsAutoLoans makes loans to consumers with bad credit—yes even bankruptcy customers with ZERO down payment. That’s right, you keep cash in your pocket AND get a new vehicle to drive.

Getting financed for an auto loan with a bankruptcy can be a challenge, let NewRoadsAutoLoans show you the way. Check out our reviews—we’ve helped people just like you get a vehicle.

And remember, NewRoadsAutoLoans is backed by Consumer Portfolio Services, Inc., (CPS).

CPS has been in business since 1991. We have financed over 800,000 vehicles for consumers with credit problems—including bankruptcy. It’s important that you choose a company this is secure, trustworthy, treats you right and protects your personal information. New Roads Auto Loans is that company.


DON'T let a bankruptcy (BK) stand between you and the vehicle that you deserve.

Everyone needs reliable transportation

Customer Feedback



I had an incredible experience working with Wanda Murphy Smith she made it easy to get a car I wanted while also making it affordable. Best experience ever.

- Michael Woods



I just got financed through new roads and picked up my vehicle 2 days ago. It took longer than expected but Lynn Reece was awesome and went above and beyond to make sure I got the vehicle I wanted! I would recommend New Roads if you have less than perfect credit and having troubles getting financing!

- Anne Connolly


Above and Beyond!

Lori Heaton was my loan specialist and she went above and beyond helping me through the process. As someone who has sold cars before and is used to going into a dealership and dealing with them on my own, it was nice to have somebody else work out the details. She also made sure that the car I was getting was worth it. Being in an open BK I wasn't sure what I was going to do when my BK discharges next week. I'm glad I didn't wait to pull the trigger as this process does take time. My loan took slightly over a week before I was in my awesome car! I was able to purchase a super low mileage 2014 Lincoln Navigator fully loaded and had enough to roll a service contract into the loan. The rate they gave me was unbeatable considering my credit status now. Thanks to Lori for helping me through this! She's incredible and a great asset to New Roads Auto Loans!

- P. Matteo.

Why New Roads Auto Loans for Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy OK with NewRoadsAutoLoans


Got BK? Let New Roads Auto Loans get you into a great vehicle fast. We are NOT a car dealer or a loan broker or a lead generation company, we are a direct to consumer lender.

Don’t mess around with middlemen, go right to the source for bankruptcy auto financing—New Roads Auto Loans.

No Down Payment with NewRoadsAutoLoans


Once you are approved, we’ll need to verify your employment and income information. After this step is complete, you can go shopping for a vehicle that fits the terms of your approval.

Best of all, New Roads Auto Loans does not require any down payment to finance customers with a bankruptcy.


Fast, Easy & Secure with NewRoadsAutoLoans


Financing with New Roads Auto Loans is fast, easy and totally secure. You can apply from your home, work or your smart phone.

We’ll get you a decision on your application within 30 seconds of you submitting an application.

For more information on bankruptcy auto financing or to get your loan application for bankruptcy auto finance started, come to New Roads Auto Loans.
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