We Make Bad Credit Auto Loans

We Make Bad Credit Auto Loans

Looking for Bad Credit Auto Loans?? You have found the right company. New Roads Auto Loans specializes in making bad credit auto loans to consumers across the country.

We make auto loans directly to customers that have filed bankruptcy, had a repossession, have a low credit score or have just plain old bad credit. Through our parent company, we have been making auto loans to consumers with bad credit since 1991. In fact, we have financed over 800,000 vehicles for consumers with bad credit, and we can probably finance you too.

New Roads Auto Loans is not a bank or a car dealer or a lead generation company, we lend money directly to you for the purchase of a new or used vehicle. Not only do we make bad credit auto loans to consumers across the country, our loan programs do not require any down payment. That’s right, you can get a bad credit auto loan with zero down payment—how great is that!!

Using New Roads Auto Loans to get your financing in place before you shop for a vehicle takes the uncertainty out of getting a vehicle when you visit a dealer. Having your financing set puts you more in control of the vehicle purchasing process. With your financing in place before visiting a dealer, you have the purchasing power and flexibility of a cash buyer, you decide which vehicle is best for you, not the dealer.

Not only does New Roads Auto Loans make bad credit auto loans, but we will help you find the right dealer in your area with the right vehicle to fit your budget and transportation needs. We’ve been through this process several thousand times and we know how to help you get a good deal, it’s good to have New Roads on your side when it’s time to get your next vehicle.

Getting financed for a bad credit auto loan can be a challenge, let New Roads Auto Loans show you the way. Check out our reviews—we’ve helped a ton of people just like you get a vehicle. And remember, New Roads Auto Loans is backed by Consumer Portfolio Services, Inc., (CPS). CPS is a publically traded company on the NASDAQ, under ticker symbol “CPSS”.

It’s important that you choose a company that is secure, trustworthy, treats you right and protects your personal information. New Roads Auto Loans is that company. Check us out, click on “Get Approved” and fill out our short application. After you hit “submit” we’ll have a decision back to you via email within 30 seconds—let’s get you started on your vehicle financing right away.


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Customer Feedback


Awesome Experience!

New Roads was an absolute pleasure to work with. My wife and I came into the process having a specific car in mind and we were determined not to be deterred. We had worked with a few dealerships and gotten some initial quotes. We knew our credit wasn't the best, so as a last minute move we decided to give New Roads a chance. Lori Heaton was an absolute "ANGEL". She was always so helpful, polite, and never pushy. Her communication and customer service skills made working with her such a joy. Our purchase story wasnt perfect by any means. We experience a dealer sell the very call we wanted out from under us, even after getting a Buy Order. The dealer went 4 days without returning calls and giving us the run around, before coming clean with us. My wife and I were discouraged, but Lori got right to work on getting us another choice. Our second vehicle choice at a Ford Dealer was all worked out when on the day we planned to test drive, the dealer informed us that they couldnt sell the car to us due to recall. At this point my wife and i were ready to give up and abandon hope. Lori once again just got back to work. She walked us through finding another vehicle and put us back on the track towards the car we wanted. 3rd time is a charm and were finally getting into the vehicle of our choice. I can't say enough about Lori. Her personality, professionalism, patience, and especially her positive attitude were the rays of sunshine that guided us through the dark process of buying a car. Never once did Lori try to talk us out of our vehicle of choice. She never once pressured us or tried to be a "Salesman" to us. I also want to thank Martha who helped us get all of our documents signed. She was so patient in making sure we understood the documents and what we were signing. This whole process made me glad that we chose to go with New Roads. We love our car and we love that we found such a great company, with great employees, to work with.

- Jeramie Alba


Highly Recommend!

We were very happy with the professionalism, courtesy, and service. Lynn and Jenny followed through on our behalf to insure a smooth auto purchase experience. We highly recommend the company based upon the exceptional customer service they provided.

- Michael Willems


Financial Angels!

Stephanie and Martha were super awesome. Like financial Angels! Easy to work with and very professional! I would highly recommend them to anyone.

- Tamara Webb

Why New Roads Auto Loans for Zero Down Payment


Bad credit auto loans is what we do. We’ve financed over 800,000 vehicles for consumers with bad credit since 1991. Don’t mess around with middle men, go right to the source—New Roads Auto Loans.

Our friendly, professional staff is here to help, give us a try, you won’t be disappointed!


New Roads Auto Loans is a leader in the zero down payment auto loan market. We are backed by CPS an industry leader in the subprime lending arena.

Best of all, New Roads Auto Loans does not require any down payment to approve bad credit auto loans.



  • Fast and easy approval process
  • Purchase a vehicle with no money upfront

  • Works for people with no savings but with a steady income
  • Help build credit in a sustained manner over a fixed time frame
  • Interest rate may be higher, but can still secure affordable payments
For more information on bad credit auto financing or to get your loan application for bad credit auto finance started, come to New Roads Auto Loans.
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