Our Mission

At New Roads, we know that credit problems can happen to good people. But we also believe that having a late model car is essential to modern life, and that credit problems shouldn't keep you from getting a good car or truck. That's why we specialize in giving auto loans to people with credit problems.

If you have bad credit and are concerned about qualifying for an auto loan, don't worry. New Roads is backed by CPS, we’ve financed over 650,000 vehicles since 1991 for consumers with credit problems.

Credible and Compassionate

New Roads is the direct to consumer division of Consumer Portfolio Services Inc. (CPS), a specialty finance company that has been providing auto loans to people with credit problems through car dealers nation wide since 1991.

CPS is a national company that has purchased over $18 billion in auto loans from dealers since 1991. Currently, CPS works with over 8,600 dealers nation wide. The company's stock is traded on the NASDAQ exchange under the symbol "CPSS".

Trust the Specialist in Subprime Auto Loans

Our loan application process is quick, secure, and totally hassle-free. Plus, you can begin shopping for a car or truck right after you are approved. Once approved, we'll need your pay-stub to verify, then we’ll send you our loan document package and you can begin looking for new or used car, truck or SUV right away.