October 3, 2023



Congratulations! You’ve decided to purchase a used car and are ready for a change. This is an exciting time, but can also go very badly if you are not prepared. Below are a few tips to ensure that you get the best deal and don’t get stuck with a lemon.

Do your research. The internet is a great resource to do research about different cars, their safety ratings, consumer feedback and other good information. Before you even consider a test drive, do some research to determine what kind of car you need, what features you’d like to see, and what you can afford that is within your budget. Talk to friends and family. Ask people what they think of their own cars and what they like or do not like about them. Research is key to being prepared.

List your preferences down on paper. Think about the color of the interior and exterior. Consider whether you’d like leather or cloth interior. Think about things like a sun roof, automatic doors and windows, the quality of the stereo system, trunk space, safety features, car seat compatibility if you have kids, and any other element of a car that you want to be sure to include or exclude. This will help you in narrowing your selection to a few different types of cars.

Once you’ve narrowed down what kind of car you are looking for, shop around. You can do this on the internet as well, or you can visit a few dealerships to start the test drive process. A test drive is the first step towards buying a car. During a test drive, you should pay attention to how the car feels when driving it, the condition of the car’s interior, the functionality of its feature like the stereo/radio, automatic windows, door locks, seat adjustments, and other features. This is your one shot to determine whether or not all of the features of the car work as expected, so use it to your full advantage.

After a test drive, you’ve decided that you’re ready to buy. The key to getting a good deal is knowing your budget and what you will and will not spend. Whether you’re looking to finance a car or pay for it all at once, it is important to know your budgetary limits. While negotiating, think of other things besides money that you can use as leverage, or that you can give up. For example, if a seller has an opportunity to pre-certify or provide a warranty, that may be something worth negotiating that will help you later.

Overall, the car buying experience can be intimidating. By doing your research, taking your test drive seriously, and negotiating strongly, you’ll be in good shape to drive off the lot with something that you’ll be happy with for years to come. Happy shopping!