October 3, 2023

When it comes to selling your automobile, there are various options available, and choosing the finest site to sell a car online is an excellent strategy.

Some alternatives are better than others at drawing attention to what you have to offer and bringing you closer to the genuine market worth of your automobile. However, not all options accessible to you have the same potential to help you find a buyer.

Here is a list of the top websites to check out when you’re ready to get rid of your automobile and when you don’t want to deal with an in-person car dealer.

eBay Motors

eBay Motors is a popular site for new automobile buyers, and millions of individuals use the site every day. Motorbikes, RVs, yachts, and other vehicles may also be sold on the site. When selling a vehicle on eBay Motors, you have the option of auctioning it off to the highest bidder or advertising it for a set amount under the “Buy It Now” category.

Choosing between an auction-style ad and a “Buy It Now” listing might be a challenge. It’s conceivable that selling your automobile at auction may net you more cash than you bargained for if there are enough bidders interested in purchasing your vehicle. However, the quantity of money you receive might vary. To avoid paying additional costs, you may establish a reserve price for the car. When you offer your vehicle with a set price, you’ll know exactly how much money it will bring if it sells. Adding the “Make an Offer” option to a fixed-price car listing is also an option.


For-sale-by-owner automobile sales were initially made easier by Autotrader, which was one of the first websites to do so. Since so many people are willing and able to purchase, the site has amassed an enormous following. Whenever you advertise your vehicle on Autotrader, it will also be included on KBB.com, a partnership between Autotrader and KBB (Kelley Blue Book). Selling your vehicle via Autotrader gives you two times the exposure, as well as assistance in setting the price of your used car depending on KBB guidelines.

A free vehicle history report is another perk of advertising your car on Autotrader, allowing potential buyers to learn more about the vehicle they’re considering purchasing. Car buyers are more confident when they know the vehicle’s history, leading to a speedier sale.

CarGurus’ SellMyCar

All the resources you need to list and sell your vehicle are available in one place on CarGurus.com’s intuitive platform, making it hassle-free and straightforward to sell your car. There is a site for accepting payments and a place for people to communicate with one other about the car-buying or selling process. Many people consider CarGurus.com the finest website for used cars on the internet.

CarGurus.com’s verified purchasers are an important bonus for selling your automobile via the site. When someone offers to buy your car, you can be confident that they are not a scammer since the site does not allow fraud. The peace of mind from SellMyCar on CarGurus.com makes it the ideal spot for selling a used automobile and attracting customers who are willing to pay careful attention to your asking price.