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5 Disadvantages of Auto Leasing

When you need to get a new car, you have the option of either buying or leasing one. Leasing is renting a car for a set period and number of miles. You will need to make monthly payments for that period. Leasing may seem like a great option, especially if you don’t have the money


3 Advantages of Purchasing a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, consider purchasing one that’s certified pre-owned. CPO vehicles are becoming a lot more popular among first-time buyers because they offer excellent long-term benefits. Today, more buyers have a need to save money while still having access to quality vehicles. Certified Pre-Owned options help bridge that gap


How Much Does a Car Cost Per Year?

The price of a car can be deceiving. It’s not just the initial cost that you should consider, but also what it will cost to maintain your vehicle every year. The total cost can be surprising. Keep reading for more information on how much you can expect to spend on your car each year. Gas


An Insider’s Guide to Car Ownership

If you’re scouring the market for a new car, there’s bound to be one vehicle that stands out to you the most. For people who have owned a vehicle or two before, you already know what’s in store. But if you’re a first-time car buyer, you may not be aware of the responsibilities that come


3 Pitfalls to Avoid When Financing a Vehicle Purchase

If you’re preparing to buy a vehicle, then you know that obtaining financing is a huge part of the process. Essentially, getting financed is key to securing the car of your dreams. However, there are many mistakes that can be made along the way, which can delay the process.  If you want to make your


Difference Between Used and Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

When planning to buy a car, you’ll need a budget. With that, you can decide if you’re going to purchase a new, used, or certified pre-owned vehicle. It’s easy to identify a new car. For used and certified pre-owned cars, however, the differences aren’t as clear. When you settle on a CPO or a used


Don’t Catch The Lemon Law Blues

The lemon law is a law that helps protect consumers when they buy a defective vehicle. In this blog post, we’ll discuss a few stories about failed auto purchases. Buying a car doesn’t always work out when you get a lemon! Let’s start by discussing a young woman who purchased her first car and was


What Is a Clean Title Car?

If you’re looking for a new car, it’s important to make sure that you get one that has a clean title. But what exactly does this mean? In this article, we’ll give a definition of this term, plus the different types of title brands, and tips for dealing with mislabeled titles. 1. What Is a


Get Instant Auto Loan Approval with Bad Credit at New Roads Auto Loans

In most places in the United States, not having an automobile is just not an option. Public transportation may be spotty. Suitable and well-paying employment may only be available in other cities, so driving is a must. One of the biggest hurdles to overcome in car ownership is financing. Few people have the resources to


Voluntary Repossession: What It Is & How It Affects Credit

Anybody can fall behind car payments for one reason or another. Whether you’ve lost your job or your expenses outweigh your income, when you can no longer pay for your car, you have to think of something quickly to fix the situation.  If you don’t, the lender could end up repossessing your car. Instead of