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The Best Practices For Paying Your Car Loan Off Early

Paying off your auto loan quickly is one of the best choices you can make to keep your finances stable for the long-term. Your first thought might be that there’s no difference between paying the price of a vehicle now and paying that same price later; but that’s not how it actually works. When you’re


The Do’s and Don’ts of Purchasing a Vehicle

Thinking of buying a car soon? Purchasing a vehicle is a very big decision and there’s a whole lot that goes into it. In fact, the average car buyer in America spends nearly 60% of his or her car buying experience researching all the different information online. What car best suits your needs and how


How Car Loans Impact Your Credit Score

How can you Improve your Score? Your credit score is an indication of how well you manage your existing debt, and a lender may make its decision to approve a loan application based on that number. Let’s take a closer look at the various ways that a car loan could have an impact on your


9 Ways To Keep Your Vehicle Well Maintained

Getting the most out of your vehicle means that proper maintenance is a top priority. Many parts and components keep a vehicle operating and smoothly taking you through the miles. Any of these parts malfunction and trouble ensues, leaving drivers unable to operate their vehicle as it should. Preventative maintenance keeps these issues at bay,


Common Misconceptions on Buying a Car

Throughout the process of buying a car, people believe many myths, but it is essential for people to know the truth associated with each. Instead of focusing on buying a vehicle at the end of the month, you need to buy when the time is right for you and look for promotions throughout the month.


12 Statistics on Buying a Car Everyone Should Know

Purchasing a new vehicle is a process most people will go through at some point during their lives, and during the process, many decisions must be made. When researching various options, a buyer must choose the type of vehicle, financing options, warranty levels, and so many other choices. However, there are certain facts and statistics


How an Auto Loan Can Actually Help Improve Your Credit Score

Auto loans may seem complicated and confusing, but you’ll likely need one to purchase the car you want. You might be wondering how an auto loan will affect your credit score and lending ability in the future. Surprisingly, it can actually improve your situation. How Auto Loans Appear on Your Report Merely looking at auto


How-to Make Life Decisions with a Low Credit Score

Having bad credit doesn’t make you a bad person. It doesn’t even mean that you are financially irresponsible. What bad credit does mean, though, is that you’re going to need to make some very specific decisions in order to navigate through the world. Your credit score will follow you around despite your best efforts to


How to research the fair value of a vehicle….

Brought to you by J.D. Power, one of the largest publishers of vehicle pricing and information is the NADA Guide, an online database where you can look up various prices by make, body style, and price range, get auto financing, and even do research. The NADA Guide is constant an industry standard, particularly for the