October 3, 2023

New Roads Auto Loans

I am writing to thank you for your outstanding service during my recent car purchase. Buying a car is usually very stressful. Dealerships, while acting like your friends, can be very adversarial. After a few high pressure visits to dealerships, I decided that I would only buy a car if I could arrange for financing independently.

A few weeks after that I received an advertisement from New Roads Auto Loans and decided to take a chance. After checking out the website I called with questions. You answered right away and took the time to answer all of my questions. We began the loan process immediately. I had never heard of your company before and I was skeptical, but you reassured me and helped me understand the process. For the first time buying a car seemed stress free.

After approval I was able to actually shop for a car that I wanted, not whatever the dealership was trying to force on me. New Roads Auto Loans truly put me in the driver’s seat. I was able to get the best deal on a car that I could research on my own without a salesperson pressuring me. You made it possible for me to buy a car with confidence, knowing I wasn’t alone and went to bat for me at every turn while dealing with the dealership. I have been telling everyone I know that this is such a better way to buy a car. No one ever has to be abused by a dealership again. No more sitting in a showroom for hours and hours while they pretend to try to get you the best deal, only to tell you there is only one car on the lot they can get financed. Working with you I knew from the start that you would get me the best deal, and you did. I can’t thank you enough for all of your hard work and superior customer service.  You have my business for life!



Giovanna Fumarola