October 3, 2023

My gratitude to this company and the great employees that are there to help people like me who has left no stone un turned and still don’t have a vehicle.  It wasn’t easy complying with the many restrictions on my car shopping.

The fact that this company was willing to take a chance on me paying my debt to them in itself was something no one else would do for me.  My credit was horrible and made me look really irresponsible and careless.  The truth was my husband was dying with stage 4 cancer and absolutely every penny I could get my hands on went for medicine that you can’t get in our state. I didn’t pay any bills but only the necessities were paid. I used the rest to help my husband. Iris,  my loan officer was great!  I am so thankful that she was not only business and by the rules but also I felt at times she understood the complications that my life situation .brought on me.  I enjoyed working with Martha also.  I appreciate working with people who are well trained and when they say something to you you can believe it.  This is what I got from these two ladies and also a couple more people as well..Today I’m making my first car note!    Yes!!
One last thing I want to ad is that after all the months of looking for a vehicle I not only got the loan but I also met a car dealer who owns his own dealership.  It’s like once in a lifetime you meet a car dealer with the integrity,  fairness and someone who stands by his word and isn’t a person who rips other folks off because he can.  His vehicles are on car gurus, he doesn’t sell trash vehicles at all.  I love, love, love my Ford Fusion!   So I’m giving Chris Sheffeld a high 5 for selling me a great car!   If anyone who reads this review wants to get in touch with his car dealership I will be glad to share it with you.  Leave a comment if you can and I will get it to you. Source