October 3, 2023

Certified pre-owned cars are a sure bet. They are economical when it comes to fuel, affordable, and valuable. Most people have developed a special love for these car types. You may have come across these statements if you’re a car enthusiast or you recently bought a car. But are certified pre-owned vehicles really a gold choice? Let’s find out below.

Extended Warranty

Only the finest and latest vehicle models pass the stringent pre-owned car certification requirements. For a vehicle to get the certification badge, it must meet all the quality and performance requirements. Once a car model gets certified, it gets a new special warranty, lasting between three to seven years. The warranty primarily covers fuel system, engine, electrical system, braking system, suspension, and transmission system. One interesting thing about the certified pre-owned vehicle warranty is that it can be transferred, unlike in new vehicles.

Low-Interest Maintenance

Certified used car models or brands are way costlier than similar uncertified vehicles. However, these cars qualify for car-loan options with lower interest rates. Since auto financing is a problem potential car owners face, the low-interest financing options allow would-be car owners to purchase their dream cars without worrying about financing. The low-interest financing options ease how you finance your dream car, even when you haven’t saved enough.

High-Value Vehicles

Certified used vehicles have higher value compared to their uncertified counterparts. For a vehicle to get the certification budget, it has to match specific dealer qualifications and assessments. One assurance you get when buying certified car vehicles that have been used before is that you’re choosing from the finest car models. Besides, certified pre-owned cars are offered with lengthy warranties that cover most car parts, including transmission, braking, and suspension systems.

No Depreciation Issues

One con with brand-new cars is that they depreciate pretty fast. Depreciation costs drivers approximately 20% as soon as they hit the roads. Fortunately, certified pre-owned vehicles don’t undergo fast depreciation, as is the case with brand-new cars. In fact, by the time you buy the certified used car, it would have already hit the original depreciation mark. Based on that fact, when you purchase that car that has already depreciated, it’s a sure way that you’re investing your money wisely.

Satisfaction Guarantee

All CPO programs provide a satisfaction guarantee. This lets you return the car and get a better model if you’re not satisfied with the one you bought. A satisfaction guarantee works similarly to a money-back guarantee, just that satisfaction guarantees have limited timeframe or mileage requirements. They are an addition to your car buying because you will get the exact car you want.

These are features of certified pre-owned cars that make them a good choice and can make them outstanding alternatives to more expensive brand-new vehicles. Considering the high value and low cost of these cars, you’re investing your money into something that will pay off over time. Compare multiple CPO programs and dealers to settle for the best dealership.