March 28, 2023

Getting a new set of wheels can be very exciting. Whether new or used, you always want to take it on the road and enjoy its feel. Before this excitement takes over, we advocate settling the insurance matters first. Many people ask, “is insuring a used car really necessary?” Of course, yes! In all states in the US, you must provide proof of insurance any time you are on the road. 

How Long Should I Take Before Insuring My Used Car?

We can answer this question depending on different circumstances. We shall look at two situations: when you already have existing insurance and when you don’t have one. Generally, you have between seven to thirty days to get insurance for your ride when you purchase a vehicle. However, how to go about it might be different for different circumstances. Let us have a look at each of them. 

When You Have an Existing Insurance

A time comes when you want to replace your old vehicle or add another car. When you go to the yard and find your dream car, some dealers may not agree to sell the vehicle without proof of insurance. Therefore, you need to involve your insurance company and get the insurance plan of the previous car to cover the new one for a while. Most companies ask for the year of manufacture, the make, the model, the vehicle identification number (VIN), and at times, the purchase price. 

While the time provided may vary from time to time, you will have the allowance of a few days to make the necessary adjustments. This is the time to fully assess the vehicle and figure out the best plan to go for. We usually advocate involving your insurer as soon as you purchase to avoid any complications and get the best rates they have. 

When You Do Not Have an Existing Insurance Cover

This might be your first car insurance if you haven’t owned a car before. Before you settle for any insurance plan, it would be best to have your insurance agent go and take a look at the vehicle. They will advise you on the best plans and then help you choose the one that fits your financial position. Once you settle for your preferred policy, go get your vehicle, and the dealership will send the details to your insurance company. 

In some states, you must register your car within twenty days of purchase. However, some require you to get the complete registration before you drive off with your vehicle from the dealership. 

Know the Best Insurance for You

When purchasing used vehicles, we advocate for liability insurance. This policy covers damages when you hurt someone or someone’s property in an accident. However, some people opt for full coverage if they have a vehicle less than 10 years old or of high value. 

Additionally, if you are financing the car, the lender might require that you fully insure the vehicle to protect their investment. 

We highly discourage overstaying with an uninsured car. It may cause you an enormous penalty and additional costs in repairs and maintenance. Get yourself an insurance plan for your vehicle as soon as you purchase it, and drive off with your mind at peace.