October 3, 2023

Vehicle breakdowns are going to happen, and they will likely be inconvenient when they do. Breakdowns are a risk to your safety, and can cause trouble as you try to get your vehicle off to the side of the road.

You want your vehicle to last as long as possible and to minimize breakdowns, but how? To do that, you need to keep up on its maintenance.

Preventing Breakdowns With Three Easy Tips

There are three things you can do to prevent your vehicle from breaking down. Keep these in mind to stay safer while you’re on the road.

Don’t Ignore the Signs of Trouble

The first thing to remember is that you shouldn’t ignore any signs of impending trouble. If a warning light comes on, don’t think it can wait. Get it checked out by a mechanic as soon as possible so the problem can be nipped in the bud. Getting repairs done sooner may help you save money and prevent serious breakdowns that put you or others in harm’s way.

Get Annual Service

Getting your vehicle serviced annually is another thing you can do to make sure it’s working the way it should. With an annual service appointment, a mechanic will go through each of the vehicle’s systems to check for errors as well as signs of wear and tear.

They may suggest replacing tires, tubing, parts or fluids to help your vehicle stay in better condition and to reduce the risk of something going wrong. Taking care of small issues in advance may help prevent big breakdowns in the future.

Get Oil Changes on Time

Finally, get your oil changed on time. If you’re meant to get them every 3,000 miles or once every six months, do that. Oil changes help remove dirt and debris from the engine so it doesn’t get worn down.

With the help of the oil change technician or mechanic, choose the right oil for your vehicle’s age and type, and you may see your vehicle have an extended life thanks to regular maintenance.

Breakdowns Can Still Happen, but You Can Be Prepared

Breakdowns could still happen, but you can be prepared for them. Keep flares and an emergency kit on hand, and turn on your hazard lights if your vehicle is malfunctioning. Then, as soon as you can, get to a mechanic to take care of the underlying cause of the breakdown.