October 3, 2023

Living in the vast Houston metro area means that you need a reliable car in order to get to and from work, school and the other places you need to go. If you have poor credit, finding a car with affordable financing options can be challenging. Our staff members are ready to help you get a car with bad credit financing. Our easy process is quick and helps you get an affordable car with bad credit.

Types of Rates You Can Expect on Bad Credit Car Loans

When you need special financing for a car loan, you might wonder what rates to expect. If you have bad credit, rates usually start around 9.9%. This is also true if you do not have any credit. The exact rate that lenders will offer you will vary based on a few things. Your credit report and length of credit history are the two biggest factors for the rate when you need auto financing.

How to Start Applying for a Bad Credit Auto Loan in Houston

Our finance department makes it easy to apply for a bad credit auto loan in Houston. To complete your credit application, you may need a telephone bill, a copy of your lease or mortgage statement, proof of your income, references and your social security number. You can call us to start your application or submit your information online for pre-approval of a bad credit car loan. 

Financing Options for Auto Loans With Bad Credit

When a conventional loan is not available to you, we offer some financing options to work with your situation. We also offer auto loans with no down payment. If you want to have a co-signer for your loan, we offer this option as well.

Range of Credit Scores for Financing Car Loans in the Houston Area

We believe that everybody deserves to have safe and reliable transportation. Your ability to get to work and maintain employment or get your education likely depends on a car. Your health and comfort also depend on access to transportation. We can typically obtain loans for customers with scores ranging from 500 to 850, but if you have no credit and no credit score, we will work hard to get you financed for a car. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to get started.