June 9, 2023

When planning to buy a car, you’ll need a budget. With that, you can decide if you’re going to purchase a new, used, or certified pre-owned vehicle. It’s easy to identify a new car. For used and certified pre-owned cars, however, the differences aren’t as clear. When you settle on a CPO or a used vehicle, you will have to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each. Below are the differences between a used and certified pre-owned car.

Certified Pre-Owned Automobiles

Certified pre-owned vehicles are lightly used, have less mileage, are accident-free, repaired where necessary, and are few years old. The vehicles undergo a thorough inspection by a professional mechanic, and they may still have the manufacturer’s warranty. However, the warranty is not similar to that of a new car. If you want full coverage like a new car, you can get it at an additional cost. Opting to buy a certified pre-owned vehicle is less stressful. However, you need to ensure you buy the vehicle from a trusted dealer. 

Certified pre-owned vehicles are only found at a dealer of the same brand. Not all cars qualify to be certified pre-owned vehicles. They have to be of a certain age, have a specified mileage, and have a record indicating that it was well maintained. A certified pre-owned vehicle has other additional benefits which differ according to the program. 

The benefits include:

  • Roadside assistance
  • Free maintenance
  • Trip interruption coverage
  • Satellite radio subscription

Used Vehicles

Used vehicles differ from certified pre-owned vehicles in terms of usage and years. They might have been in ownership of more than one person, and they may have higher mileage. The main advantage of getting used cars is that they cost less and the prices are negotiable. 

Cars undergo deprecation, and the more owners it has had, the more it has depreciated. Used cars do not have to undergo inspection by a dealer before they’re sold. The owner will often refurbish the car to make it look good before selling it. Dealers will not offer a warranty on the car. Therefore, they will not offer mechanical repair services. Any damages to the car will be the responsibility of the owner and not the dealer. However, if you plan on buying a used car, you can get an extended warranty. You’re free to go to the dealer and purchase a warranty for the car. 

Typically, there is no significant difference between a certified pre-owned and a used car, as both have been used before. However, the used cars cost less, but there is no assurance that it is in good working condition from the car dealer. If you decide to purchase a certified pre-owned vehicle, ensure you get it from a trusted dealer to get the warranty and get the inspection done thoroughly. For those opting for a used car, you can consult an independent, trusted mechanic to ensure the vehicle works well before purchasing it.