October 3, 2023

Brought to you by J.D. Power, one of the largest publishers of vehicle pricing and information is the NADA Guide, an online database where you can look up various prices by make, body style, and price range, get auto financing, and even do research. The NADA Guide is constant an industry standard, particularly for the reseller market.

2. Kelly Blue Book

The Kelly Blue Book (KBB) is another top choice. Depending on the factors that you put into the Blue Book Value Calculator (including things like vehicle information and your zip code), you get both the Trade In Range, which shows what you can expect to receive for you car at a dealership, and the Private Party Value, which reports the fair price for selling a car to another person rather than doing a trade in.

3. AutoTrader

Here is another excellent resource when you need up-to-date information for your region only. AutoTrader keeps their list of vehicles current, so you can check out the prices of these listing and make educated comparisons about the fair market value of any car, truck, or SUV you have an interest in. Furthermore, AutoTrader uses the Kelly Blue Book valuation tool to help you put a price on a motor vehicle you would like to sell, trade in, or buy.

4. NewCars.com

On the market for a brand new car? Then NewCars, part of the same group of websites as Cars.com (below), is ideal. The website uses the Black Book Used Car Appraisal formula to give you a both a free new car price quote alongside the value of your used vehicle. It’s quick and efficient.

5. Cars.com

If you are looking to buy and sell a vehicle quickly, Cars has a number of resources that will come in handy. The website presents the steps for dealing quickly to seller, selling the vehicle yourself, or putting a value on your automobile in a clear, concise fashion. Cars uses Black Book for their price estimations, which allows you to look up the value via license plate or by inputting vehicle details.

Now that you know how to research the fair value of a vehicle, it is time to start doing your research. As long as you have a make and model in mind, you can find a wealth of information on any one of the above listed sites. If you are still unsure, give your friends at NewRoadsAutoLoans.com a call at 800.924.0364.