October 3, 2023

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, consider purchasing one that’s certified pre-owned. CPO vehicles are becoming a lot more popular among first-time buyers because they offer excellent long-term benefits.

Today, more buyers have a need to save money while still having access to quality vehicles. Certified Pre-Owned options help bridge that gap and enable buyers to purchase in confidence.

What Is a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle?

A CPO vehicle is one that has been thoroughly inspected and all damaged or worn parts have been replaced by a professional. In addition, a CPO vehicle is covered by a manufacturer-backed warranty. Essentially, these differences are what make a CPO vehicle more superior to “as-is” vehicles.

Three (3) Advantages of a CPO Vehicle

Many buyers believe that the best vehicles are those that are new. While new vehicles do bring a certain level of security, certified pre-owned vehicles can create the same confidence.

1. The Inspection

What creates more confidence in a vehicle other than knowing it was thoroughly inspected? These vehicles undergo a complete inspection that checks for any defects and damaged parts to ensure that you are driving in a vehicle that feels like new. 

The inspector will also compile the history of the vehicle to ensure buyers are aware of everything the vehicle has been through. 

2. Warranty

Another distinct benefit of certified pre-owned vehicles is that these vehicles are covered by a manufacturer warranty. This warranty sets these vehicles apart from used vehicles that don’t include a warranty and puts them in the rank with new vehicles.

The type of warranty you receive will depend on the vehicle. Things like coverage lengths, deductibles, and covered components will vary. However, it’s nice to know that buyers can purchase a used vehicle at an affordable price and still have a decent warranty to give them a sense of security. 

3. Reduced Price

Certified pre-owned vehicles don’t just come with a detailed inspection and manufacturer warranty, buyers are able to get all of this at a reduced price.

Essentially, CPO vehicles are still used. This means that buyers get to benefit from a great reduction in price as opposed to buying the new version. If you’re on a budget, don’t want to spend too much on a vehicle, or desire a low monthly car note, a certified pre-owned vehicle is a great choice. 

In fact, a CPO vehicle can be around 25% less expensive than buying the new version of the same vehicle. For vehicles that are four years old or more, you can potentially pay 40% less than a new vehicle. 

Buying your first vehicle is both exciting and overwhelming. If you’re looking for a quality vehicle at a relatively affordable price point, consider buying certified pre-owned. These vehicles are thoroughly inspected, have a great warranty, and are an excellent cost-savings solution.