Bad Credit Auto Loans California

If you live in California, chances are you need a car for your commute, running errands, visiting loved ones, and going to the beach. But if you have poor credit and cannot qualify for most car financing, New Roads Auto Loans is one of the top direct lenders for bad credit financing. Read on to find out more about our auto loan options!

Why Apply For Bad Credit Financing?

New Roads Auto Loans understands that, for bad credit car buyers, being able to afford a new vehicle seems out of the realm of possibility. With New Roads, you're never far from getting the auto loan assistance you need, particularly when you're looking to rebuild your credit. As long as you make payments on time, you'll see dramatic improvements in your credit rating. New Roads Auto Loans is a great place to start if you're looking to rebuild your credit.

Why Apply With New Roads Auto Loans?

At New Roads Auto Loans, we make it easy to buy a new car with our hassle-free auto financing. With our long-standing industry experience and direct connection to Consumer Portfolio Services (CPS), we've financed over 1 million vehicles! Whether it's bad credit, no credit, or bankruptcy, we welcome all applicants. Approval only takes a minute once you submit your application online. It's easy to use our online application form, and we provide a simplified approach to getting your financing in place before you shop for a new vehicle.

Do I Need A Down Payment?

With New Roads Auto Loans, you never need a down payment for a new or used vehicle provided you stay within the approval guidelines. Even better, there are no application fees, which saves you even more money. When you have little to no cash for a down payment, auto loans that don't require a down payment makes buying a new car easier for your wallet and bank account. With a zero down payment auto loan, you don't have to deal with the uncertainty of purchasing a vehicle.

What Do I Need Besides a Loan Application?

Aside from a loan application, you also need to have a job and provide proof of said income. You need a current pay stub as proof of your income. There might be additional documents or conditions, but those are specific to each applicant and will be minimal. While we accept bad credit, you must have a way to make payments on the car and proof that you have a way to make these payments.

How Does the Car Purchase Process Work?

At New Roads Auto Loans, we have a fast and easy process for applying for an auto loan with only three easy steps. The first step to take is applying for an auto loan online and to wait for approval, which only takes about a minute. In the first step of the credit application, you choose whether you're interested in a vehicle purchase, a loan refinance, or an end-of-term lease buyout, and then you enter your zip code.

At New Roads Auto Loans, we understand the frustration and heartache that occurs when you're rejected for an auto loan based on your credit. That's why New Roads Auto Loans makes it easy for car shoppers with bad credit to receive an auto loan and purchase a car in California.