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"I would like to express my thanks and gratitude for all of your hard work and assistance on getting me 100% financing for the vehicle I wanted. Without your persistence, I don't believe this would have happened for me, and I have you to thank you.

You went above and beyond for me, and I so appreciate it and you. ::virtual hug::."

- Jennifer D.

Our Satisfied Customers



After 10+ years of driving the same reliable car I decided to buy a newer one but did not want to deal with the dealership finance departments. I searched for quite a while for a lender until I stumbled across New Roads Auto Loans. Read the reviews before I applied, and it was generally good. So, I applied. Online application was standard, quick and was immediately pre-approved. Next business day the loan agent called / email and went over in detail the process in getting myself into a newer vehicle. It took some time of researching but I found a vehicle that was meant to be mine. Right away the loan agent and lending team lead went on overdrive to make it happen. The amazing individuals that went over and beyond are Lori & Martha. Thanks to them I now have an amazing newer car that I will enjoy for the next ten years.

- Jose Navarrete


Easy Process!

I was very happy to find this company, Wanda and Martha were the ones who helped me. It took a while for me to find the right vehicle that fit in my approval terms but with the help of miss Wanda, we were able to find one that I really liked. The application process was easy and got approved within 72 hours after submitting all my documents needed.

- L.D. Pardillo


Highly Recommend!

Lori and Martha were amazing!!! Would absolutely recommend this company to anyone. Lori went above and beyond to get the highest loan amount possible while staying within an acceptable payment range. Martha was on top of moving the documents along quickly. I never had to wait for a callback or track anyone down. Definitely didn't let me purchase any vehicle just to close a deal.

- C.M.



Wanda and Martha were amazing through the whole process! Thank you both!

- Kim Roe


Great Communication!

Lori and Martha did an amazing job! They went above and beyond! The level of communication and concern were top notch. I'd recommend New Roads to anyone.

- Brandon McKinnon


Above and Beyond!

Heidi was nice and Martha was very nice and went above and beyond to make sure everything went through and was correct.

- Richard Copeland


Good Job!

Was really uneasy about online financing and not using a dealership. These guys did a really good and quick job getting all the approval process done. No hassle. Thanks to loan officers Wanda Smith and Jenny. Thank-You for the help!

- Sandrenna Franklin


Zero Down Bankruptcy Auto Loan!

We have been in bankruptcy for 3 years with 2 years remaining. My current vehicle broke down on us and I needed a new one. Trying to get financed was a nightmare due although we received a court order stating we could incur debt. No one wanted to finance anyone currently in bankruptcy or if they did, they were trying to get us to put down a huge down payment that we didn't have. Well finally after 6 months of frustration and taking a break from the whole mess, we decided to try New Roads Auto Loans after finding them online. Heidi Golden called me on a Tuesday and was so courteous and made me feel like someone actually wanted to help. We filled out all of our forms and sent over the necessary paperwork and Friday I received a call that I had been approved. The relief and disbelief that I felt was overwhelming. Heidi worked with me every step of the way helping me chose the right car for our budget and working with the dealership. I already had cars in mind and by the following Monday I was in my new car after all was said and done. Within 3 days all financing and payment was complete, and I can finally breath again. I will recommend this company to anyone that needs help due to their knowledge, professionalism and especially compassion! Thank you again Heidi!!

- Ashley Bertrand


So Easy!

I applied for my auto loan with New Roads Auto Loans and the process was so easy and Lori and Martha were amazing. Everything went so smoothly, and Martha and Lori were so helpful, we quickly found a car and Lori let me know my payment options and quickly funded the loan for the car. So great full for this company and these two ladies.

- Danielle Johnson


Great Communication!

It's like Mrs. Jessica Venezuela knew me my whole life. That's how much she reached out to me every day to make sure me and my get the SUV 🚗 we needed badly.SHE WILL BE MY AGENT FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!

- Al Williams


Highly Recommended!

I love love love New Roads and my new SUV!!!! I worked with Lynn and Stevie. Stevie was very clear and concise when explaining what documents, I needed and made that part super simple. Lynn, however, was GODSEND!!! She helped with anything I needed, and she never lost patience with me. She made me feel like family. I would recommend New Roads to anyone looking to purchase a new car. Ask for Lynn, she's the best!!!!

- Qiana Rivera


5 Stars!

Lori and Martha were angels through the entire process. Would recommend to friends and family repairing their credit! 5 STARS FOR NEW ROADS AUTO!!!

- Courtney McConnell


Awesome Experience!

New Roads was an absolute pleasure to work with. My wife and I came into the process having a specific car in mind and we were determined not to be deterred. We had worked with a few dealerships and gotten some initial quotes. We knew our credit wasn't the best, so as a last minute move we decided to give New Roads a chance. Lori Heaton was an absolute "ANGEL". She was always so helpful, polite, and never pushy. Her communication and customer service skills made working with her such a joy. Our purchase story wasnt perfect by any means. We experience a dealer sell the very call we wanted out from under us, even after getting a Buy Order. The dealer went 4 days without returning calls and giving us the run around, before coming clean with us. My wife and I were discouraged, but Lori got right to work on getting us another choice. Our second vehicle choice at a Ford Dealer was all worked out when on the day we planned to test drive, the dealer informed us that they couldnt sell the car to us due to recall. At this point my wife and i were ready to give up and abandon hope. Lori once again just got back to work. She walked us through finding another vehicle and put us back on the track towards the car we wanted. 3rd time is a charm and were finally getting into the vehicle of our choice. I can't say enough about Lori. Her personality, professionalism, patience, and especially her positive attitude were the rays of sunshine that guided us through the dark process of buying a car. Never once did Lori try to talk us out of our vehicle of choice. She never once pressured us or tried to be a "Salesman" to us. I also want to thank Martha who helped us get all of our documents signed. She was so patient in making sure we understood the documents and what we were signing. This whole process made me glad that we chose to go with New Roads. We love our car and we love that we found such a great company, with great employees, to work with.

- Jeramie Alba


Highly Recommend!

We were very happy with the professionalism, courtesy, and service. Lynn and Jenny followed through on our behalf to insure a smooth auto purchase experience. We highly recommend the company based upon the exceptional customer service they provided.

- Michael Willems


Financial Angels!

Stephanie and Martha were super awesome. Like financial Angels! Easy to work with and very professional! I would highly recommend them to anyone.

- Tamara Webb


You are Appreciated!

It was a pleasure to work with these ladies; Lisa, Marisa, Jenny and everyone behind the scenes at New Roads Auto Loans made my experience of buying a pre-own vehicle a beautiful one. After submitting the documents requested of me, Lisa called me and got the ball rolling with verifying my information. I was approved the next day and immediately contacted by Jenny to go car shopping. After telling her what i wanted and giving her a couple VIN numbers of vehicles i selected. She research and got back to me that those vehicle were high above KBB value and stated it was not a good deal. She was very helpful and asked about other dealerships in my area that might interest me. I told her Holz. She put in the vehicle i was interested in and I test drove it the next day. I now have a 2015 Chevrolet equinox with only 26,000 miles. It's one thing to place a cut out picture of a car on a vision board you want and a reality to see my manifestation to come to life. I feel so good. This may not mean anything great for you all but it means a whole lot for me. Thank you all for all you do, you are appreciated! I will recommend you guys to everyone i know looking for a car loan

- Tonia Hudson


Super Easy!

New Roads Auto loans is the best for first time buyers the experience was smooth they took out the intimidation factor out of buying a vehicle the verification process was fast and straight to the point my Agent was Jenny Barandas super easy to talk to if i had any questions she would answer them.

- Pedro Quinonez


Great Attitudes!

I appreciated the great communication with Heidi and Martha and Rick.. Lori Heaton has such a great attitude and it was a pleasure working with her as she coached me during the loan process. This was a good decision for this season in my life.

- Michelle Flowers


Awesome Team Work!

Stephanie, Stevie, and Jeremy were professional and pleasant to work with. They helped me get the vehicle I wanted with a payment I can afford. I would definitely recommend New Roads Auto Loans to a friend.

- Vincent Stazione



I was blessed to have Lynn assigned to my car loan application. She is AMAZING! She takes pride in helping her clients. She goes above and beyond. She is a go getter, a no nonsense type of person when the dealership gave me a hard time. I must of had the worse dealership ever, but wanted the car. Lynn stepped in got the deal finalized. When the dealership would not release the car after the check was issued and cleared I called Lynn. She did her magic and I was able to pick up my car the day before my birthday! What a wonderful 60th birthday present to me!

- Grace Sylvester


A Second Chance!

I really appreciate it new roads for getting me approved for a new loan even with my current rebuilding credit situation, they went above and beyond and provided me with exceptional service especially my loan agent, LYNN who worked long and hard and provided me with an amazing customer service experience that I will never forget and would definitely recommend any looking for a car loan to try new roads auto loan because it's by far the best customer service out there in today's market and I've already convinced many off my family and friends to start working with you guys for there auto loan, again thank you LYNN REESE and the team for an amazing service and all the hard work you've all put it to make this happen, GOD BLESS YOU ALL FOR GIVING OTHERS A SECOND CHANCE.

- Anthoniel F.


Great Company!

Thank you so much for working with me and understanding I have MS. This company is great and walked me through all the step. They are top notch.

- Melissa Melton


So Happy!!!

New Roads Auto Loans is great. Lisa, Elise and Jeremy were awesome, they got stuff done and were very very helpful, answered any questions we had and helped us when we needed it. They are an awesome set of people, very pleasant and I would refer anyone to them. Happy Happy customer, when you get approved and in 4 days drive home in your new vehicle. 🙂 🙂 🙂

- Shelly Kessell


Thanks New Roads!

It was a pleasure working with Heidi, Lori and Matha they worked really hard making sure I found what I was looking for. I would recommend them to anyone they are the best. Thanks team good job.

- Della Elmore


Unbelievable Customer Service!

Absolutely, unbelievable customer service.! We were treated with dignity and respect and not a number or profit margin. Jeremy Burrus was our initial point of contact. He was one of a kind - He was kind and took the time to walk us through the process. He did not want us to settle for any car but the car we really wanted. I am still in shock at how Jeremy took the time and did not let up until we were completed with the purchase.

We were at a point where we have given up with receiving decent Customer Service treatment as it pertain to making a large ticket purchase - such as a car. As we moved forward in the process, we made contact with Elsie Gonzales and Lisa Peterson - both were truly kind. Even though all of the communication was over the phone, including that with Jeremy, we never picked up any hint of exasperation or annoyance. They welcome open communication and any question or dialogue you needed to have in order to become a satisfied customer. If we could give more than 5-star rating, we would.....and happily so......It was truly a very positive experience!!

- D. Diamond


Very Helpful!

New Roads Auto Loans is great. Lisa, Elise and Jeremy were awesome, they got stuff done and were very very helpful, answered any questions we had and helped us when we needed it. They are an awesome set of people, very pleasant and I would refer anyone to them. Happy Happy customer, when you get approved and in 4 days drive home in your new vehicle. 🙂 🙂 🙂

- Shelley Kessell



Customer service hands down one of the best I've dealt with. My financial advisor Jessica Valenzuela Absolutely amazing, helped me all the way throughout my process whether it was going inside a dealership or looking online. You can tell she has a passion for her job and loves helping people. That say a lot about the company as well they're hiring quality instead of quantity. Great job New Roads auto loan I recommend you guys!

- Rich Murphy



They were there for me when I needed a new start and new vehicle. The process was so easy. I picked out the vehicle, signed some papers at the dealership and left. Lynn Reese and the rest of the team we're awesome.

- Anthony Johnson


Very Helpful!

I didn't know what to expect when I applied but it turned out to the most pleasant experience. The three agents that I spoke with Heidi, Martha, and Lori were very helpful throughout the whole process. I will definitely be spreading the word about this company to all my friends and family. Thanks

- Blake Stewart



Wanda was amazing. She was attentive to every part of the process. The loan was easy to get, the main headache in all of this is the dealerships. She was knowledgeable in my situation and directed me through numerous deals before I found the right car.

- Dahne Fraker


Highly Recommended!

I unfortunately have to rebuild my credit after lending it out to my family and then having to file bankruptcy. New Roads was an option that popped up when I searched "Car loans for post bankruptcy" I was a little skeptical at first but then my mom happened upon them also and she got a car from them about a month ago. She told me that the process was very easy, and she got a car within a week with no down payment. She got a 2019 Kia Optima. So, I went car shopping and found the car I wanted. It's a 2020 Hyundai Veloster R-Spec. I applied online for the loan and got an email saying I was approved almost immediately. The next business day I got a phone call from Heidi and she was so polite and helpful. I had to give her some extra information and then I was able to send her links to cars I wanted. I already knew what I wanted so I sent her the link. She got in contact with the dealer and started by paperwork. I then started talking to Laurie. She was so sweet! She always replied to my calls and even would text me when she was off work to let me know what process I was in. I went to the dealer and signed the paperwork. I would have gotten my car a couple days later if the dealer wasn't so slow at sending the paperwork back to New Roads. They kept trying to get the paperwork for me and kept me in the loop. I never got frustrated waiting for them to contact me, they were always on top of it. I'm so excited to get a brand-new car and finally rebuild my credit! I would recommend them to anyone in my situation! No down payment required! In 6 months, I plan on refinancing with a local credit union once my credit goes up a bit. The interest rate is about 15% which is a tad high, but it's expected when you are rebuilding credit. Thanks to Laurie, Heidi, and Jeremy for all their help!

We were at a point where we have given up with receiving decent Customer Service treatment as it pertain to making a large ticket purchase - such as a car. As we moved forward in the process, we made contact with Elsie Gonzales and Lisa Peterson - both were truly kind. Even though all of the communication was over the phone, including that with Jeremy, we never picked up any hint of exasperation or annoyance. They welcome open communication and any question or dialogue you needed to have in order to become a satisfied customer. If we could give more than 5-star rating, we would.....and happily so......It was truly a very positive experience!!

- Destini-Rae Bond


Great Experience!

Mahalo ❀ to Lynn & team for helping me get a fresh start on rebuilding my credit (even while in bankruptcy, haven't even discharged yet) AND obtain the vehicle I've always wanted. It was painless All throughout the process. Everyone was Very friendly and courteous. The communication and follow-ups - I knew where I was in every phase of the process. I was able to just shoot over pix and simple info to Lynn of different cars I was interested in - she made the calls to the dealerships on my behalf - thank goodness! Took a few searches on my end...but eventually led to the SUV of my dreams. I couldn't be more satisfied as a customer. Great experience, excellent service, and amazing fresh start! Mahalo ❀ Lynn and team!

- Joyce Ballesteros


Very Pleased!

I was very pleased with New Roads Auto Loans in helping me obtain a loan for my new vehicle. Natalie was wonderful to work with. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars was because this was the second attempt, I had made to finance my vehicle through them. The first loan agent I used didn't seem to know what she was doing. Natalie was able to get me the exact vehicle I wanted and with 100% financing! I will recommend them to others.

- Susan DeVold


Customer for Life!

Hello to everyone leaving a review for New Roads Auto Loans and to those just beginning the process. I have never had a better or easier loan process in my life. If you are on the fence and not sure just read these reviews. New Roads and every person I spoke with. Was not only intelligent and had an answer for every one of my question but they all had a great sense of humor and made talking to them a pleasure. I will never look anywhere else next time I buy a car.

- Anthony Mangieri


Quick Process!

This was a fairly quick process to get approved and get our car Lynn was great very helpful negotiating deals for us and about a week in we got into a very nice car with 30,000 miles practically brand new. Very thankful! Mr. and Mrs. Williams.

- Melissa Williams


Highly Recommend!

I honestly cannot say enough about New Roads. I've been burned by bad loan companies in the past and they were so easy to work with. My loan agent Victoria Hill helped me through the whole process, she sent texts emails and called me on many occasions to get things done in a timely manner for me to have a great car for my kids and I. Recommend!

- Brittany Lemons


Blown Away!

Absolutely Amazing staff made my approval and purchase as seamless as possible! Heidi got me my approval within minutes of applying. Lori worked with me every step of the way through purchase & worked with the dealership all while I was at work. She made sure my needs were met as well as the company's qualifications. I showed up to the dealership after work, test drove, signed papers and drove off the lot all in an hour thanks to her hard work! Jeremy and staff helped me finalize the process, finish paperwork, and fund my loan just as easy! Absolutely blown away by these real-life people that understand your situation and go above and beyond to provide the best service possible! Thank you all so much! Keep up the amazing work!!

- Jessica Snowden



My experience was awesome I am in an active bankruptcy never thought anyone would help me get another vehicle. New Roads Wanda was excellent with helping me find the car I wanted not just any old car I know I probably was being picky but she was always there to help and my car payment is very affordable thanks again new roads auto loan.

- Lakeisha Dennis



Working with New Roads to refinance my vehicle was unbelievably painless; from the first contact to completion Lori-Heather and Jeremy were amazing; great communication in explaining the process and what to expect, answering my questions in a way that I could understand and in a timely manner. VERY friendly professionals. New Roads you have a customer for Life. Thank you!

- Keisha G.


Amazing Company!

Amazing company. I've had my new vehicle for a week now and couldn't be happier. I worked with half a dozen other finance companies but never received the "sincere" attention and focus that Jenny and Pam showed me. Both had a very disarming and comforting casualness that I truly appreciated. When I say casualness, this casualness does not compromise their obvious expertise when dealing with dealerships and vehicles. It's so nice to have someone "work for you in 'your' best interest", rather than you trying to impress a dealer finance agent whom is just working in the "dealership's" best interest. I will use New Roads for any future financing needs.

- Lazzaro Design


Very Easy!

The process was easy. Went online then submitted a pre-approval application. Consistently contacted my loan agent Pamela M. afterwards and was given a list of items that's needed to be verified. Followed every protocol. I already have a car in mind so when I saw the pre-approval amount, I already budgeted it including the taxes and fees (approximately, plus $2,000 when buying in CA) since it has to be a certain amount. Let's say you're pre-approved for 25k car, you don't pick a 24,500 car or it's not gonna work. You need to at least pick a car that is below $22,500 for taxes and fees allowance and if you're gonna need maintenance plan or other plans that you purchase through the finance, you have to pay out of pocket or the car must be at least below $21,000. Long story short: I was given an opportunity to work with Elsie G. and Jessica V. The process was very easy. After Jessica told me that the car that I picked is gonna work, she sets me up an appointment with the dealership and filled out a paperwork. Check was sent to the dealership and after two days of waiting, I am now driving an Infiniti. 😊 Highly recommend this lender. I didn't have to fill out a credit app nor have to waste time and negotiate with the dealership!

- Amby Ramos


Highly Recommend!

The staff at New Roads are amazing ! They make it a very enjoyable experience ! I recommend them highly to anyone who are in need of auto loan ! And a special thanks to Jessica and Pamela you two are amazing !! Again thank you New Roads !!

- Ricky Philips


Happy With My New Vehicle!

My sales person Victoria Hill was EXTREMELY attentive to all of my random emails. She looked up the vehicles I was interested in and replied quickly. I am in Iowa and have no idea where Victoria is located but there were no issues with time zones or anything. I spent about two weeks looking for a vehicle at my own pace and then maybe four days with Victoria's help before I purchased a vehicle. I was suspicious of using a company that wasn't my local bank but after seeing reviews from other people I applied and was approved to start shopping within hours. My interest rate ended up being 16.5% but for having filed bankruptcy and having the option to refinance down the road I feel very confident and happy about my purchase with New Roads.

- Felicia Studebaker


Quick Process!

Very quick process from start to finish. I felt like Lori HEATON's only client. She worked day and night to make sure I had the car I wanted. She was extremely informative, professional and articulate. I would recommend this Company to anyone who is looking to purchase or refinance their vehicle. I am done with store front car dealers! Thank You!!!

- DeAnn Johnson


Very Friendly!

The staff at New Roads Auto Loans was very friendly and helpful with the loan process. Thank you all!!

- Karen Davis


Thanks Again!

Took a little time to get things going, finally I have my new car thanks to the New Roads team for their hard work. You guys helped when others didn't. Thanks Again!

- Glenda Iweha


Great Car!

Very satisfied w/ my loan through NRAL. I have a 2016 Chevy Cruze, low miles, low payments. Jessica V was my loan specialist who help me find the car for me. I swear she was a gift from god because she actually helped me through the entire process. I had got a little discouraged for a second because living in Michigan they over tax on these cars, but luckily, I found one that was for me and I'm very satisfied.

- Tatyana Ashberry


Above and Beyond!

We had the pleasure of working with Jessica Valenzuela during our loan process and she went so far above and beyond to get our loan processed and submitted for funding. From keeping me in the loop and constantly communicating any issues, delays, or needs, to staying on top of the dealership to get what was needed from them, correctly completed. She was always positive, helpful, and pleasant to work with. I really appreciated the human side of how she approaches and manages her job. Our loan terms are comfortable and manageable and allowed us to get a vehicle that suits our needs in an urgent situation when our family SUV broke down. I would absolutely recommend New Roads and will purchase through them again. Thank you, Jessica!

- Jennifer Montantes


My New Car!

I was so sure they wouldn't be able to help me, but I was wrong I received the best deal in a car loan than I ever have with the rate that I can afford for a newer car! It's still unbelievable. Victoria and Jenny did an awesome job getting me together!

- Nina Sears


Thank-you New Roads!

New Roads helped me with the loan for a used car. Because I came to the dealer with my own financing, it took the wind out of the dealer's sails and put a quick end to all the painful negotiation, usually done in the office of the finance guy. Jessica stuck with me throughout. She is pleasant, professional, and accessible with just a phone call. Thank you, a great experience.

- Hans H.


Simply Amazing!

The staff at New Roads Auto Loans are simply amazing. They are with you every step of the way through the process. Natalie was amazing I can't express how comfortable she made me feel during the process. In life sometimes things happen financially out of our control and your credit suffers and it's a tough road back. It's an uncomfortable feeling when applying for things thinking about how people may perceive you. It sucks because some people will judge and make the assumption just by the credit report. They have no idea how or what happen that put you in that position. I have to say not at any point did Natalie or anyone else there make me feel uncomfortable about my situation. It was professional and personal and never a question of doubting my character and responsibility of paying my loan. They will definitely go out of their way to help you if they know they can do it. That goes along way because that means they trust you. I had a great time working with Natalie and I feel as if I made a new friend at some point. If you are someone that knows you just need that extra help to get back in the game and your life back, New Roads will definitively be your best and positive solution.

- Jordan Gagne


Simple Process!

I am currently in the middle of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy and learned about New Roads Auto Loans. So, I applied and was approved. It was a very simple process. Got the car I wanted with no down payment. I worked with Jessica Valenzuela during the whole loan process. She was very friendly, helpful, and patient with me from beginning to end no matter how many times I called and inquired about things. I would like to Thank Jessica for providing me an awesome customer experience. Thanks, New Roads.

- Timothy Patrick


Great Experience!

I had a great car buying experience from start to finish! Great work done by Stephanie Stetts. Thank you for taking the time and helping me on this process. You clarified and answered all my questions. What a great easy experience!

- Michelle Reeves


Thank You New Roads!

First, I was very hesitant about this. With my credit not so good and having a very recent repossession on my credit. Then I found New Roads and agent Lori Heaton. She was friendly, knowledgeable and tenacious. She walked me through the process, continued to stay in touch. Making sure that I get the emails and signing off on the contracts. Once approved, she helped me find a car. I've never seen anyone so dedicated to helping her client. Lori Heaton I'm a fan for life. Thank you, New Roads,!!!!

- Teddy Kemp


No Money Down!

Working with Lynn Witter was a great experience. Lynn was helpful and has a great personality. She made the process easy. Things took longer than anticipated, but I definitely would recommend New Roads to anyone looking to purchase a new vehicle with no money down.

- Rachel Lloyd


Smooth Process!

Very smooth process... Agent was very helpful and kept in direct contact thru out the entire loan process... Very pleasant experience and would recommend to all future buyers.

- Joel Rodriguez



I still can't believe how easy it was to get a car! After I collected all the information, they wanted my Agent Lori Heaton helped me & in no time I had found a car. Thank you

- Buddy Williams



AMAZING!!!! The best and easiest auto loan I have ever had !!! Previous to finding new roads I waited around a dealership only for them to tell me what car I can get and an insane amount down! Lynn was simply amazing, I do not have enough words to say how appreciative I am for New Roads and Lynn!! The experience was the best and ZERO down !!! I got to choose the vehicle and dealership !! Hands down the best !! 10 ⋆ s !!!

- Gigi Signorile


Highly Recommend!

New Roads Auto Loans was very easy to use. The approval process was very fast! Thanks to Pamela Macias and Steve V. ! I had some issues with the dealership, but Pamela and her supervisor worked hard to get the answers and solutions for this. Pamela took the time to answer any of questions or concerns! I would recommend them to anyone who has struggled with bad credit! Thanks Pamela for all of your hard work! Your team was amazing!! Thank you!!

- Sheretter McCaskill


Quick & Easy!

I worked with Heidi Golden on getting approved and she mad the whole process extremely easy and simple. Would highly recommend her and this company on getting car loans done quick and easy

- Mike S.


Zero Down !

Was a slow process but was well worth the wait Jeremy was very helpful in my needs and knew all the dealer tricks and gave me a heads up before I went in so I would be ready for their tricks they try to pull. I will definitely be using new road auto loans again and will be telling all family and friends about their 0 down process for the needy that does not have all the funds for the dealers expensive fees and down payments.

- Justin Elliot


Thanks New Roads

I worked with Heidi and Lisa. They were very helpful and made this experience as smooth as possible.

- Johnathan Shumate



Wanda Smith is a great agent! She was helpful and very much on top of her responsibilities as well as getting the dealership to be proactive as well.

- Jessie H.


Great Company!

This is a great company to finance through, Pamela put a lot of effort to get the car I had my eyes on for a while. I couldn't get approved for financing through anyone else and they really helped me out.

- Caleb LaFeve


Easy Approval!

Went to many dealerships to get a car loan and couldn't get loans with their banks I applied for New roads auto and ended up speaking with Jeremy he worked with me to get the approval and throughout the search and buying process I'd recommend anyone needing a car loan to speak with this company.

- Chadwick C.


Simply Amazing!

The Experience is Simply Amazing!! Outstanding customer service, always answering all my questions and concerns there is no words to say Thank you for all you did for us. Jessica Valenzuela and Elsie Gonzalez. Thank you Very Very Much.

- Sincerely, David and Kathy


Very Easy!

Hello my name is Asha and my Loan agent was Jessica Venezuela, and she took my complicated loan and made it very easy for me to find something reliable and efficient VS something I would have problems with. New Road works as a team and got me in my car 72 hours after approval! Thanks New Roads-

- Ruth Ward


Approved after Bankruptcy!

Buying a car after Bankruptcy you would think its impossible. Guess again with New Roads Auto Loans it was a stress release knowing my situation and offering a solution within a budget and having a guideline to follow with amount approved for and miles allowed it made it easy to narrow it down and with the list of car sellers and a wide range of vehicles to choose from , amazing I would of gave up driving all over the place. Thanks to New Roads they where quick friendly and understanding , I will definitely share with friends and let them know they can have a New Road loan too. Thanks Wanda, Stevie and all staff who helped...George.

- George Sandoval


Extremely Smooth!

I must admit. I was a little hesitant when I first found out about New Roads Auto. I took a leap of faith and BOY am I glad I did. This was the BEST auto financing experience I've ever had. This is no exaggeration...if possible...I will NEVER deal with another financing company. As long as you're on top of documents...the process is extremely smooth. My loan agent was helpful and was consistent with staying in contact with me. GREAT JOB NEW ROADS!!!!

- Phil Daniel


Thank-you New Roads!

Heidi & Lisa were amazing! On a day that their systems were down, they still made sure my paperwork was processed & they worked directly with the dealership. I found a car on Saturday & in just a few days I was driving it!

- Thank you Lisa & Heidi & New Roads


So Easy!

Let me start by saying LYNN WITTER was an excellent loan agent!!! She made the process so easy and the communication was excellent even with her being 3 hours behind where I live!! The application process was fairly easy and I'm glad to see there is a good company to help people bounce back after bankruptcy, poor credit, or damaged credit. Lynn went above and beyond to get me a reasonable interest rate lower then any bank I tried to finance with being post bankruptcy. If you choose this company I hope you get LYNN WITTER as a loan agent you won't regret it. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

- Timothy Dods


A Blessing!

I can seriously say this company and of my loan officer Ms.Lynn Reese are a blessing they really care and so friendly staff every time i called thank you so much i reccomend this company to anyone who has credit problems and want a second chance.

- Ann Martinez


Great Experience!

I will recommend this company to anyone, I worked with Wanda and Stevie and it was a great experience.

- Armeaka Gordon


Great Service!

Great company! Great customer service! Everything went just the way they said it would. Thank you New Roads!

- John Ivy



I worked with Lynn and she was great! Overall very responsive and easy to work with. Would recommend them to a friend.

- Ryan M.


Great Service!

Nice people who offer great service. Easy process to purchasing a vehicle. Lorie was a fantastic agent who will take the time and effort to make sure you are comfortable with your purchase. Great service and staff.

- Marcus Kennedy


Helpful & Quick!

Lynn W, was very helpful and quick in getting me approved. there were a couple of snags in the funding process, but everything turned out great and I got my car within a few days. I would recommend New Roads to anyone who is credit challenged.

- William Mees



The process was easy and they made sure of that, my Loan Agent Spencer Holloway is Awesome! Thank you New Roads for helping me get back on the road!!

- Latoya Terry


It was Easy!

Dealing with New Roads Auto loans has been a Blessing!! It was easy to get approved. I will refer them to all my friends!! Ms. Lynn was very caring, professional and answered all my questions. Thank you so much!!!

- Desiree Collins



Heidi Golden and her associate Lisa were FANTASTIC the whole way through. I can't even express how quick and easy they made the whole buying process. Thank you both!

- Lloyed Pena


Very Professional!

I can't say enough good things about New Road Auto loan especially Heidi Golden and Lisa Peterson.they both were super courteous very professional and very thorough and very quick to get this loan in which my credit isn't perfect but I do not complain and the payments are very affordable. Thank you so much I can't wait till I get my next car..

- Jason Buzbee


Fast and Easy!

Fast and easy to work with! Heidi Golden was super nice and helpful, applied and had my car the next day and it was a smooth transaction! My 2nd time using them and will do again.

- Chris Gulledge


Saved on my Refinance!

My refinance went very smooth and took no time at all. Heidi G. and Lisa were very easy to work with and made sure I understood how the refinance would work. Very friendly, helpful and professional staff. I would definitely do business with New Roads again.

- Scott Gordon



Best company I ever worked with! Heidi Golden did an amazing job getting me the loan I needed to get into an awesome vehicle! Thank you New Roads!!

- Thomas Weaver


The Perfect Car!

Huge thanks to Victoria Hill and the rest of the crew at New Roads Auto Loans! I was kind of a pain in the butt because I wanted a very specific car for my next vehicle. I already had a "good cheap car" and was looking to upgrade into a "wow that's a nice car". The car I wanted was barely within my budget and Victoria fought tooth and nail to get me into this ride. It was the perfect car, 2012 Subaru WRX STI, 1 owner with a low 46k miles and a squeaky clean carfax from a local dealer. Couldn't be happier! Thanks New Roads for getting me into the car and loan I wanted when nobody else would.

- Tony Mosier


Exceptional Service!

New Roads Auto Loans gave me exceptional-top rated service when I applied for an auto loan. I received a pre-approval in minutes. A short time after my pre-approval, my assigned loan officer (Jenny Barandas) immediately called me and worked relentlessly to get me approved for my dream car at an exceptional interest rate. Jenny also worked to increase the amount loaned to me. At the conclusion of my car purchase, my interest rate was ten points lower than what the other financial institutions offered, and $150 less off the monthly note. Did I also mention I didn't have to put any money down, and my bankruptcy was discharged only a week before my loan approval. New Roads worked an auto loan miracle on my behalf and I am so grateful for them. I highly recommend New Roads Auto Loans!

- R. Jones


No Hassle!

The best thing that happened to me with a challenge credit score and report is New Roads Auto Loans, my agent Pam M. Is the best I picked the vehicle I wanted and she took care of everything else, Thank You New Roads Auto Loans for a no hassle car buying experience. Antonio Truesdale of MD

- Antonio Truesdale


Quick & Easy!

Quick, fast and easy. I first went to the dealership and they got me approve through New Road Auto Loan. The dealership didn't have the vehicle I want. I contacted New Roads Auto Loan and explain to them that the dealership wasn't willing to trade for the car I wanted. Heidi G. Explain that I would need to apply for a direct loan this time. I did that, turn in all the documents they needed within the hr, Heidi inform me that I was approve. She explained to me the steps to take next When I found the car I wanted. When I did, I provided the documents they need for the selling dealership, Heidi contacted them and funds were sent. The entire process was smooth. It was better than my previous experiences of going through the dealership. Definitely will be doing business again with New Roads Loan. Thank You to everyone from there and most of all thank You Heidi G.

- LS Swap


Above & Beyond!

I was fortunate enough to work with Lynn Witter who was amazing in every sense of the word! She was extremely professional, real & honest. She gets business complete with no b.s. She went above & beyond the call of duty for me, by calling dealerships in advance for me, to save me gas money & driving time! I'm going to be able to get my credit back on track because of these guys, & drive away in a beautiful 2011 car while doing it!

- Raven Lian



Thank you so much Heidi Golden! You helped my girlfriend and I refinance AND purchase a new car at the same time. You are awesome and we will for sure be using New Roads again!!!

- Zach Gault


Great Affordable Payment!

Recently being involved in an accident where my car was totaled and needing something seriously fast. With my credit under review (BR) I was blessed to be paired up with such a wonderful financial advisor Lynn W. She was able to get my application approved within the same day. She also helped negotiate with the dealership to which I found my car to get the car within the price that was in my ball court. I didn't just get a car that would get me from work and home, I got a car that was higher in value and worth every dollar I put into it. The exact car, color, and luxury amenities onboard! Lynn W also gave me a monthly installment that was less than my original car payment on a high end vehicle that is worth more than the car I originally had with my hard credit. I truly appreciate the service and dedication that I received from Lynn W. and New Roads Auto Loans. My fiancee will be using them next!

- Dinah Huff


Thank-You New Roads!

I want to thank New Road Auto Loans for giving a fresh start on a new auto loan that fits my needs and with the car I wanted. A BIG thank you to Stephanie Stetts my loan officer for being so helpful with the whole process she did such a great job with every step to get this going.

- Shirley Duarte


Great Communication!

I would like to take this time to show my appreciation for Stephanie Stetts and Marisa Benjamin hard work and attention to calls and emails for this loan. This was a major mission for me with the car being located in Glendale, California, so I wanted you to know I really appreciate both of you for your hard work and attention to detail. Stephanie Stetts and Marisa Benjamin thank you so much!!!

- Roger McKenzie


Amazing Job!

I want to Thank New Roads Auto Loan for giving me a fresh start on an auto loan and a very BIG Thank you to STEPHANIE STETTS my loan officer. You did an amazing job! I can't thank you enough for helping me every step of the way to a new vehicle. I now have the truck of my dreams!

- Kerry Edwards


Extremely Pleased!

I have nothing but praise for New Roads Auto Loans. Fast approval notifications and Natalie V was responsive and a pleasure to work with. Thank you for helping me through the financial process and assisting me with my vehicle purchase!! Extremely pleased!!

- Chris Martinchick


Fast Service!

Best people I've had to work with courteous they were understanding they got my loan approved within 3 days the vehicle I wanted no hassles no problem best budget people I've ever had to deal with.

- JB Bourque


Best Customer Service!

Jeremy, I can not tell you THANK YOU enough, for EVERYTHING you did to help me.....Even on your VACATION!!! I have never experienced customer service at the level you have given. My words seem inadequate for the amount of gratitude that I have for you and MRS.Stevie. I was very embarrassed when I first spoke to you due to some credit issues and doubted I would even get any help. A series of events, life, a divorce, Seemed everything was a mess! Needless to say I was not at all familiar with being in a financial bind until this year..HA. Anyway, long story short, you helped me, you didn't know my story, didn't even know me and you helped me, and I THANK YOU!!!

- Michelle L.



Awesome company agent there by the name of Pamela she helped me thru out this process she really did her job well and I'm very thankful and happy with the vehicle chosen.

- Martice Watson



I would like to thank Heidi Golden and Lisa Peterson for helping me with the purchase of a new vehicle and for being so patient and helping through the whole process...You ladies are ROCKSTARS and I thank you for all your help. If I ever need you in the near future, I hope I'm lucky enough to end up with both of you ladies as my loan agents. Thank you!

- Robert Garcia



Jenny and Elsie were very helpful and so patient with me. I thought I wasn't going to find what I was looking for but Jenny Barandas continually helped me look for trucks in my area and helped me to negotiate the deal that was happy with. The experience was more like having an expert negotiator helping you buy than just a finance agency. I'm truly thankful for all their help!

- Joe Barton


Fast and Professional!

BEST service easy fast and professional. Pamela Macias help me out and made it super easy to find the right car I'm really happy New Roads auto loans was there to help .

- Robert Ruiz


Highly Recommend!

My agent was wonderful she was very helpful and worked very hard getting me approved. Not only did they work with me and made the whole loan process painless they also dealt with the dealership to ensure i was not over charged for my auto. I would highly recommend they to my family and friends...

- Doug Stephens


Highly Recommend!

My experience with New Roads Auto Loans was a painless one. The staff was great. The company showed great efficiency in time management. And my assigned loan officer Spencer Holloway showed great proficiency and professionalism. I would definitely recommend this company as an option to anyone looking for financing. Great job New Roads Auto Loan!

- Ethonel Yerks


Car of my Dreams!

Heidi Golden was so good to me at New Roads. I can be such a pest when I am nervous or unsure, and she was very prompt when answering my questions. I got the car of my dreams for the first time. Thank you New Roads Auto Loans.

- Mrs. QJW


Very Satisfied!

I worked with Jeremy Burrus through my loan process and he was very kind and knowledgeable. He helped me to choose the perfect vehicle and I am a very satisfied with him, the company and my new Mazda as well. Thank you!

- Jonathan Burdette


The Best Deal!

Thank you so much New Roads! Elsie and Spencer were such a huge help! I thought I would never get a car but Spencer was very adamant about getting me the best deal for the dollar and so very very patient with me. Process took about a month to find the perfect car for the perfect rate and even after a hiccup with the dealership, I am here now about to pick up my car! They really work with every situation and are just saints, overall! Monthly payment isn't bad at all and I can't say thank you enough to all of y'all!

- Taye Mechelle


Zero Down!

I just got my 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander last Tuesday 😊 with zero down. Ms Lynn Reese, Lisa Aragon, Stevie and Markina were all super awesome in helping me get my car! They helped me out through the entire process. Super friendly and very understanding staff that they have. I definitely recommend New Roads Auto loans. 😊😊👍👍👍

- Belinda Cortez


Smooth Process!

The process was smooth you must have patience because it took about a week for the verification process, but thank you so much to Jenny and Elsie who I nagged everyday with the same question ,they did not get agitated and was happy to update me every chance they got, once I got to the car buying phase I had a car in mind but my loan agent Jenny remember I wanted a Nissan Maxima and although i thought they were too expensive and out of my loan range Jenny was able to get me into a new Nissan Maxima of my choice .. THANK YOU NEW ROADS

- Jasmine Porter


No Money Down!

Victoria my sales rep for NewRoadsAutoLoans made it so easy for me to get a car. Love that I didn't have to put any money down. I am happy with my car and would recommend their services. They are the real deal...thank you again.

- Rosalynn Manu


Great Customer Support!

I think anyone appreciates great customer support and my experience with New Roads is one that defines "excellence". They have my recommendation for sure! A great job and thank you to the Loan Agent, Lori Heaton.

- Sam Kieffer


Easy Process!

When I couldn't get financed anywhere else. A car dealership salesman informed me of New Roads from a customer he had. I tried them, the process was an easy application Although I waited longer than expected no fault of New Roads my own situation. Once I resolved that it took about 24 hrs to go through the stages and pick my car. This is a great place for people who have challenges. Everyone was nice and gave you that one on one attention. So, thank you New Roads for all your help. And I love my new car

- Dartene Brickley


Great Communication!

Thank you to the entire New Roads Team. I am now driving a newer car and I couldn't be happier. The process went smooth and the communication with my agent was amazing. Thanks Again!

- William Johnstone


Gracias New Roads!

JESSICA VALENZUELA no sabes el amor y el respecto que siento por ti gracias por Hacer de mi una persona feliz con mi nuevo prestamos de auto con cero down gracia gracias gracias que dios me la bendiga.

- Adriel Gustav



Thank- you Jenny. You went above and beyond to make sure we were taken care off, Thanks New Roads and all the Staff that made this happen.

- Brian Martin


My Saving Grace

This company and the people were my saving grace. When everyone said no, they gave me a chance to get back on my feet. Especially Lori, who was patient and understanding. Thank you Lori so much for all of your help and kindness.

- A. Gachille


Good People!

They are able to help and do what 95% of finance companies can not! And that is help people like me and others with poor credit get back on their feet and into a nice vehicle with zero down and pretty fair interest rate as well. That alone sets them apart from the rest. Good customer service and helpful! James, Liza, Spencer, and Elsie have all been extremely helpful especially with my very difficult credit situation. Good people!

- Nate Fisher


So Helpful!

Jenny, Lisa, and the entire staff was so helpful!!!!! The process takes awhile so patience is required. They are absolutely there to help you! I went through a tough divorce and my credit was shot. They assisted me in getting a car after being without one for 7 months. I highly recommend New Roads for does who need a beautiful and reliable car. Thank you Jenny for an early birthday present!!!! Peace and blessings!!!!

- Sylvester Waters


Superb Communication!

Jeremy Burrus is the man! Thank you for all your help and assistance! He needs to be nominated the man of the month and/or year! He was always available to answer questions and eased doubts. The transition of loan application to approval to funding is smooth, I could not have asked for more. Thank you Jeremy for all the help, for the instructions and information, I learned some tricks/secrets of the dealership trade that I never thought of. Thank you to all the staff that made this loan come true, the communication is superb! It's amazing how the moving parts did their jobs! I say this because I have coordinated mortgage loans in the past and I know it could be difficult and frustrating. Thank you again to everyone, thank you Jeremy!

- Leilani


Zero Down!

Great experience, Pam Macias went above and beyond the call of duty with our loan and getting us approved. We had zero down and my wife and I are driving an awesome 2016 Ford Fusion that's really loaded. We are paying a high interest rate, but hopefully in 12 months we will work with Pam again to get that reduced. We are really happy with the entire process and although it wasn't super easy, it wasn't difficult at all to get Pam what she needed to close our loan. I would recommend New roads Auto Loans to anyone, especially if you just can't seem to come up with a down payment and you think a new or used car is out of reach. No BS here, it's not out of reach at all.

- Craig Fine


Home Run!

WOW!! ... Just had a great experience working with Heidi and Lisa from New Roads Auto Loans. At a time when I needed some help buying a car they came through in the bottom of the 9th inning and hit a walk off winning Home Run!! I got an Awesome car and a Great Deal ... Thank you!

- Ben Escano


Refinance Saved me Money

I refinanced my vehicle through new road loans, the process was quick,easy and I'm saving almost $100 on my payment. Lori H. did a remarkable job on making this a smooth transition for me.. Thanks New Roads!

- Khia Hunter


Great Service!

New Roads Auto Loans helped me out so much during my search for a new vehicle. Victoria Hill was amazing and guided me through the buying process and assured I was going to be taken care of which was very welcoming. Thank you!

- Berto Rodriquez



This was one of the best loan companies I have had the pleasure to do business with Spencer was great the whole staff was amazing love my car and this was very fast . Thanks

- Yolanda E.


Best Experience Ever!

Worked with Victoria Hill when I was in a desperate need to find a vehicle. She was amazing! Patiently walked me through the entire process and put me at ease. I was very persistent and I even joked with her about the fact that I know I was being a pain, but her response was "not at all, thank you for your patience". She treated me like more than just a customer and was happy when I was able to secure the loan and find the vehicle I was looking for. Also got back to me with answers to the many questions that I had and kept her word the entire time. In less than a week I was able to get everything finalized and my vehicle will be delivered to me today! One of the best experiences I have ever had as a new customer and by far the best car shopping experience ever! Thank you Victoria and the rest of the team!

- Will Cruz


Easy Process!

I thought it was a joke at first and I did not give it more thought, then, Jeremy Burrus gave me that call and I said let me give it a shot. Here we are, in less than 2 weeks, we closed effortlessly. The process was smooth and the synergy between New Road and Carvana is the best I have seen so far. They deserve five stars. Every one of their staff are exceptional!

- Kowee


Low Payments?

Wanda and Martha were great ! They were able to get me into a 2013 Nissan Juke, and my payments were way lower than I thought! Thanks Again !

- Anna Marie


Highly Recommend!

Just picked up my Jeep Grand Cherokee today. New Roads is awesome. I got a great vehicle for a great rate considering my bankruptcy just discharged 15 days ago. Jenny Barandas was my loan officer and she was awesome. Her and Elsie Gonzalas made it really easy to get into a new vehicle. Highly recommend this company. Thank you New Roads.

- Shasta Apple


So Easy!

Wanda Smith at New Roads took care of our recent car loan, I have purchased a lot of cars in my lifetime but I have never had an easier transaction from start to funding than I did this time. Thanks so much for making this so easy.

- Mike Holrath


Thanks New Roads!

With the help of New Roads Auto Loans I received the car I wanted at a price well within my budget. Thank you!

- Tim Cain


Extremely Satisfied!

So, I was having a bit of credit issues after dealing with a nasty divorce and wanted a new car. Let me say from the start to finish everything was easy. The online application took only a few minutes and the response was within a few seconds. Moments later I received a phone call from PAMELA MACIAS, an agent at New Roads. Omg she was amazing she helped me every step of the way. She constantly kept in contact with me throughout the entire process. She was easy to talk to! She listened and made sure I got everything I wanted. My overall experience was a 10 out of 10. I am happy with my new car, thank you Pamela, you are awesome, from now on I will be doing business with you, and I will encourage my friends to do so as well. Extremely satisfied!!!!

- Sasha Kelly


A Dream Come True!

We desperately needed a larger vehicle for our family. We found New Roads Auto Loans and it was a dream come true. ESPECIALLY Wanda Smith. She has been the absolute greatest and most patient. I would most definitely recommend New Roads to anyone who needs financing and is having trouble finding someone. If you decide to go this route you most definitely need to request Wanda Smith to be the one who helps you through the whole process. She really made this the greatest. She makes you feel like you are 100% important and that you are friends. She doesn't want you to buy anything you aren't absolutely in love with.

- Kristal Farmer


Great Job!

Heidi Golden was able help one of my clients get financing for a 2015 Traverse and did a great job communicating with the customer and the dealership through the entire process. Thank You New Roads for all of the Help!

- John Weiss


Top Notch!

I was approved for an auto loan with a couple of finance companies but New Roads Auto Loans provided me the best rate. Their application process was very simple, straight forward and most importantly, clear and transparent. Not only that, their customer service was top notch. Lori H. from New Roads was absolutely the best to work with. Always friendly and accommodating. Very knowledgeable and went the extra mile to ensure that I got the car I wanted. Even when there was a bit of an issue with the dealership, she was there for me every step of the way and helped me overcome the obstacle that was in my way. I couldn't be any happier with the way Lori H. and the staff at New Roads treated me and I would recommend anyone looking to get financed for a car, to apply at New Roads Auto Loans.

- Chad De Los Santos


So Amazing!

This company is amazing, I was seeking a vehicle and was recommended by Credit Karma. I was approved immediately, and was abke to look for a vehicle in 2 days of being approved. I worked with a rep by the name NATALIE VILLAFUERTE in which she was very professional, and prompt with assisting me. This process made my purchase so much easier for me, I'm glad I went New Road Loans, the rates, and customer service are amazing, and this is coming from such a picky difficult person such as myself. Thanks to you all, I'm back driving my car of choice.

- Carrie Martin


Friendly & Efficient!

Wish we had gone to them first! New Roads has a process that is friendly and efficient. From all the document gathering to funding the loan, it is a way different model than the traditional grind we have unfortunately gotten used to. We got terms that were exactly what we were looking for. So much so, they will be our first stop for future auto purchases. We have become so disappointed with the traditional dealership game. We didn't feel like we had a partner going that route. All through the New Roads process, we were walked through each step with timely instructions and notifications. Our loan officer was Jessica, who is professional and super nice. Questions were responded to VERY quickly either by phone or email. We are so happy to have found our partner for our future auto purchases! Thanks!!!

- Darrick Padilla


Very Helpful!

A great experience working with New Roads Auto Loans. Heidi Golden was very helpful & straight forward. She really helped make this process as easy as possible!! Thank you so much Heidi & Lisa Peterson!!! My new car will be delivered today!!!!!!

- Rachel Roberts


The reviews are real!

I always read reviews and wonder or not if they are "paid" reviews or this case, I must say the good reviews that I have read about New Road Loans are spot-on!! I was put in a situation unexpectedly and needed another vehicle right away; I explained my situation and forwarded the documentation and New Road Auto Loans approved me. My loan agent Jessica V was a heaven sent, never once has she made me feel like a nuisance or a bother to her, she explained the whole processed and even helped me out when I called her and told her about my frustration - I thought I would have had to settle for a car and Jessica connected me with a dealer in my area and I was able to get a 2016 Equinox with nothing down!! One review was correct, you do have to have patience but the outcome is very rewarding.

- Tabitha Sprauve


Very Nice!

The representatives are very nice and go out of their way to help you. They got me financed for a very nice car and a very good payment plan .I highly recommend new roads auto loans.

- Landy Green


A New Friend!

Pamela was very very knowledgeable-She is very good at what she does. The dealership tried to add $3,000 worth of stuff that I didn’t need and tried to change my financial from new road to another company.I have so much confidence in Pamela G. I feel like I made a new friend.

- John Swims


I'm a repeat Customer!

My experience with new roads has been really good this is my second time using new roads and working with Lynn she is amazing at what she does and really goes out of her way to make your life easier if you need to get a car this is the place to go and make sure you work with Lynn she will make it that much easier for you to buy a car thank you again Lynn for all your help.

- Tim Johnson



I struggled from the beginning to be able to find a loan company that would work with me. Heidi and Lisa were basically my only hope in getting my car loan funded, they both did such an amazing job helping me and i am very grateful to both of them for making this happen for me!

- Alex Nelson


$0 Down!

Heidi and Lisa were extremely professional and knowledgeable with me during the entire transaction. Mine was a little more complicated than most, but they made sure I was updated every step of the way and they went to bat for me to get me the best rate through them as well as best package from the dealership. I would recommend New Roads to anyone with less than perfect credit that is having difficulty getting financed. They were also able to get me a better monthly payment with $0 down than the dealership who wanted a minimum of $2k+ down. Thank you again Heidi and Lisa, you are awesome!

- Cole Riley


5 Stars *****

I give this company 5 stars because well for starters, like a lot of us individuals out there we are trying to rebuild our credit and/or don't have very good credit. This company was willing to work with me and that is exactly what they did. I had two choices that fell through due to the dealership, but Jeremy was willing to stick his neck out and keep searching. So we came across a really good deal and after about two weeks of trouble and some misfortune we finally got a deal done. The good thing about these guys is they don't put pressure on you. They stick their necks out for you and keep in touch 100% along the way. I will say for those of you in the same boat as me this is a very good company to go through and they can work with you no matter what.

- Jesse Southers



I have to give a huge thank you to New Roads and specifically Lori! My situation wasn't a great one with just filing chapter 7 BK. They got me approved, found a car I like, and got the financing I need. They did an awesome job communicating what was going on! This isn't the fastest process compared to walking in a dealership and driving away with a car... that being said, they will get you approved on a 2016 Nissan Maxima certified preowned that was loaded! All when the dealerships can't, and it really doesn't take that long. Thank you Lori and everyone over at new roads auto loans!!!

- Lucas Meyers


Great Experience!

Victoria H. was wonderful to work with through the process. Everyone I worked with was very professional. Great experience! Thank-You New Roads Auto Loans!

- Lamar N.


Very Happy!

Thank you, Lori, for being there for me throughout my loan process. You are the best. New Roads Auto Loans gave me everything I needed from start to finish. PRAISE the Lord.

- Regina Stewart



My experience with new roads auto was fantastic my agent Natalie Villafuerte was nothing short of perfection helping me get financed and into the car of my dreams, she's exceptional and pays close attention to detail always calls back immediately and stays in close contact while the finance process is going through, she's always very professional and you can tell that she really likes her job and goes that extra mile for her customers even as far as working on her day off and answering her work cell after hours, she is a hard working agent and very respectful, she really cares about helping you get financed and into the vehicle that you are looking for, she was a pleasure to work with and will definitely go far in her company with her work ethic and attitude.

- David Bradley


Top Notch!

My experience dealing with New Roads Auto Loans was exceptional. My loan officer Lynn, to funding and customer support was top notch help. I was treated like a person not a bank number and everyone was really nice and easy to deal with. New Roads Auto Loans worked with my situation, talked with the dealership and understood me and took into account everything I explained to them. I recommend New Roads Auto Loans for anyone needing a new car loan hassle free with great people to work with. Thank you New Roads Auto Loans and all your staff, I appreciate all your hard work and dedication into my auto loan.

- Mike Molina



My experience with New Roads was very good. Heidi Golden and Lisa Peterson were the best people to work with.

- Phyliss Norris



Natalie and Martha were great to work with!! Very smooth process. It was quick, and these ladies did and amazing job. They follow through and keep right on top of the entire process.

- Faye Butler


New Roads Rocks!

Omgggggggg, Ms. Heidi Golden and Ms. Lisa Peterson are heaven sent. I was about to give up on my auto purchase. Until, I spoke with these two awesome ladies. Buying a car isn't as easy as some say. But with New roads auto loans, they took all that stress away. My credit isn't great, and everywhere I went they gave me grief. I'm happy to say I'm a new owner of a 2017 Nissan, and it's all because of New roads Auto Loans. Heidi and Lisa, my boys and I are very grateful for all your help. Thank you for blessing us with a new car. NEW ROADS AUTO LOANS ROCKKKKK!!!!

- Lavenna Jeffrey


Fast and Smooth!

Ms. Hedi & Ms. Lisa are the best. They go above and beyond to help. Very fast and smooth transaction thanks for all the help.

- Cjay Hills



Thanks for helping when no one else would. Great company to deal with.

- Art Cosner


Very Pleased!

I received a car loan from New Roads Auto Loans and was very pleased with the service and application process. Loan officer Natalie V. was excellent to work with and provided all the details and information to process the loan in an efficient and friendly way. Would recommend New Roads.

- Judson K.


No Money Down!

With my credit score not being the best and not having established a good credit history I really didn't think it was possible to finance a car with no money down, but with the help of new roads auto loans and Lynn their agent I did just that.! It was a process to say the least but once I was approved I was able to find the right car that fits me. I recommend them to anyone who is struggling with credit/don't have a long history of credit and are looking to start building it by financing a car.

- Bryan Tavares


Stress Free!

I was very skeptical at first of these 5 star reviews. But now I'm glad I took the chance. Victoria H. and Marissa make my experience completely stress free. They have great customer service and are very knowledgeable. Thank you so much!

- Casey Jones


Well Done!

Amazing customer service from these folks. The loan agent (Jenny B.) worked hard to get me what I was looking for! They don't try to beat you up with super high interest rates. I felt skeptical at first, but the fact they were able to finance me right after bankruptcy was great! Well done New Roads!!!

- Jeff Krueger


Above and Beyond!

Would like to say thank you to New Roads Auto Loans. They went above and beyond and got us the best interest rate considering the circumstances. Want to give a shout out to our loan manager Lori Heaton who was there every step. Thank you for everything

- Joseph Quinoes


So Easy!

Natalie Villafuerte and Martha Valenica made it so easy for me to get financed for a car especially in my situation. I have told all my friends and family members about new roads auto loans. The car dealership where I purchased my car said I got the best deal with new roads. Thank you, Natalie and Martha.

- Denise Phillips


A Million Stars!

If I could give them a Million stars I would... Jenny was my agent and she helped me get into a great car. It took a while to find the right car that fit me, and my family and she was very patient and worked hard to finally get the car I wanted. I thank you so much!!! I’m so thankful to New Roads Auto! I can't recommend them more!!

- Urbi P.B.


Hassle Free!

Truly recommend New Roads Auto Loans to everyone. hassle free, best customer service, my loan agent "Lynn" really looked out for my best interest . I love my new GMC

- Val Hernandez


Simply Amazing!

The service I received was amazing. Jessica V. was great. I have to say through the whole process she made it worth it. She answered every single question I had and made me feel really good about what was going on. Thanks Jessica for being simply amazing and thanks New Roads auto loans for helping me when I thought there was no help at all.

- Arcadio Lopez


Great Communication!

First can I start by saying I have the worst credit of all times! But New Road Loans didn’t just look at me like a number like all banks do. They reached out to me personally and walked me through the entire process! There was not one day that passed that I didn’t hear from Natalie. She called and updated me on every single detail possible! I could not ask for a better team to assist me with car financing!!! I will NEVER buy a car anywhere else after the amazing experience I’ve had with New Roads Auto Loans. Thanks Natalie!!

- Candace S.


So Simple!

With my credit score, I didn't think it was possible to get a car that I wasn't going to have to put an arm and leg down on. From start to finish New Roads made the process of getting a vehicle so simple. The required paperwork was quick and easy to complete, my approval came just as quickly. Lynn Witter who was assigned to my account was very personable and easy to reach, checking in on me throughout every part of the buying process. Even when I called in and had to talk to someone who was unfamiliar with my account, they worked quickly and got me the information I needed. They made sure I was getting in to a car that was going to be beneficial to my income and that I wasn't being sold a car that wasn't worth the price. I'm now in a car that I love and my payments are beyond reasonable! I would absolutely recommend New Roads to anyone looking to make the car buying process as painless as possible! And a huge thank you to Lynn being so kind and helpful.

- Mily May


Hassle Free!

Truly recommend new roads auto loans to everyone .. hassle free , best customer service, my loan agent “ Lynn “ really looked out for my best interest . I love my new GMC. Thanks New Roads Auto Loans!

- Val Hernandez


Thanks for the Help!

The service I received was amazing. Jessica V. was great. I have to say through the whole process she made it worth it. She answered every single question I had and made me feel really good about what was going on. Thanks Jessica for being simply amazing and thanks new road auto loans for helping me when I thought there was no help at all.

- Arcadio Lopez



Lynn is more than amazing, she went above and beyond what I thought was possible. If you are in the market to get a new car and have bad credit, work with Lynn and she will make you experience the best experience. Honestly there so much I can say about how great of job Lynn did, but to cut it short she is just amazing.

- Jovin Cruz


Quick and Simple!

Mrs. Heidi and Lisa , did an amazing job, helping me getting the vehicle I wanted. They made the process quick, simple and painless. These ladies were very knowledgeable and professional at getting the job done successfully! I would recommend them to anyone that’s looking to get the car, you truly want. Once again thanks so much Mrs. Heidi and Lisa!! Way to be Great!!!

- Tay Presley


What a Ride!

Man, what a ride (pun intended) this journey was. I honestly thought I wasn't gonna get the car, but Stevie and Lisa were awesome. Literally none of the issues came from NRAL, the dealership I chose was like pulling teeth. But Stevie stuck it out with me, fought for me, and I ended up getting the car that I wanted! I already referred my friend to New Roads and they got approved and they're on their way to getting a car with them as well. I appreciate everything you guys have done, and I'm glad I chose y'all! Highly recommended.

- Raymond Hayse


Excellent Choice!

Lynn Reese helped me get into a practically brand-new car. She walked with me every step of the way. This was a new experience for me and it was an excellent choice. It took about a week for me to get into this car and I am loving it. Thank you, Lynn, for taking the time to explain the process and never letting me walk alone.

- Natalie Johnson


Awesome Service!

This is a great place for your auto financing. Awesome customer service 10/10. They will try to work with you no matter what situation you're in. They will even go as far as texting you off hours to help you get everything done faster to get you in a nicer newer car! Really happy with everything they have done for me.

- James M. Reed


It was Easy!

I just purchased a car through New Roads and I am blown away at how easy it was. I went through a very nice lady named Lynn Witter and she is amazing. She made the whole process quick and easy and I didn't have to do anything but pick out a car sign papers and drive away. I totally recommend going through New Roads and I plan on going through them again in the future.

- Pat Cottrell


$0 Down/$0 Out of Pocket

First, my loan agent Jeremy Burrus was awesome to work with. From the time I applied to the time the loan got funded, he was always ready to answer any questions I had. When all the dealerships I went to wanted $2000+ down payment with my lower credit score my hopes of buying a car were going down until Jeremy at New Roads made it happen with $0 down /$0 out of pocket and a much lower interest rate than the car dealerships. I only gave them a 5 star because it doesn't go any higher, but I would recommend my friends and family to New loans. Thanks Jeremy B.

- Angel Arellano


No Hassle!

The best thing that happened to me with a challenge credit score and report is New Roads Auto Loans, my agent Pam M. Is the best I picked the vehicle I wanted, and she took care of everything else, Thank You New Roads Auto Loans for a no hassle car buying experience

- Antonio Truesdale of MD


Nice & Easy!

They helped get a loan when I thought I didn't have a choice, it was nice and easy. Lori is awesome kind and was there for everything I needed. Thanks Lori and New Roads!

- Marlon Marte


Very Impressed!

The whole New Roads team was impressive. They helped me pick a car that fit my budget and make it a fairly quick process. Thanks Again New Roads!

- Nick D.


Highly Recommend!

Stevie Vitagliano and Lisa Peterson were great to work with. We had some trying times with a few dealerships, but my team stayed strong and helped me out. I am very impressed with the professionalism that was displayed, and I highly recommend this company.

- Bryan Tobin


Above and Beyond!

The service is great they really do help you get into a good car and they go above and beyond do give them time to do everything it does take time. Thanks, New Roads Auto Loans!

- George Lucerto


10 Stars!

If I could give 10 stars I would!!! Lynn was my loan agent and was AMAZING. She made the process of purchasing a new vehicle so easy and seamless. This was the absolute easiest experience I have ever had. Lynn looked out for me to make sure I was getting a good car and that was worth the investment. I was treated like a person and not just a sale. I can assure you the next time I need a new car or know someone who does, I will make sure they use New Roads and Lynn. There is no reason to look any further New Roads will be there every step of the way. Thank you Lynn ❤

- Christina Newton



New Roads Auto Loans gets a five-star rating. My car experience with New Roads Auto Loans was amazing. The entire staff that I came in contact with was great. Lynn Reese, I want to thank you for your work and dedication. My process was not long at all once I was approved with New Roads Auto Loans. Lynn Reese, with her dedication and support stayed with me until the deal was final. Lynn made car buying auto purchasing easy she did ever thing and made she it was the right car for me. I got a 2017 Hyundai Elantra Sedan with very low miles, fully loaded a beautiful color and the best warranty. Anyone who need help with auto buying please look up Lynn Reese, at New Roads Auto Loans she will do her best for you. Thank you so much Lynn Reese, for all you done for me I do appreciate you very much.

- Connie Close


Great Service

New Roads helped me get into a new used car. I can't thank them enough for the great service and the patience they showed me while shopping for a car. I recommend them and can't thank them enough.

- Edward C.


Best Car Buying Experience!

Beat car buying experience hands down! Stevie made this whole process so easy. She always responded quickly to my questions and put me at ease through the entire process. I will admit I was super skeptical at first, but I am a total believer in this company! Thank you, Stevie and the entire team, I worked with! You made my day! :)

- Heather Craig


Highly Recommend!

Jessica and Elsie were very helpful extremely professional and went out their way to make sure I got the loan I needed and the car I wanted. I highly recommend new roads auto loans

- Sabal U.


No Down Payment!

My credit score is not all that great. I was approved right away with no problem, no down payment and with the vehicle I wanted. Lower car payment and low interest rates. Which is not bad considering the credit score I currently have. Spencer Halloway was courteous and very professional through the whole process.

- Oscar Mins



Jeremy Burrus was my loan agent. He was incredible, he helped me get into my amazing SUV and best part it's a payment I can handle and made sure everything was good. He contacted the dealership and helped me find the perfect one. Best thing I ever did was go through this company.

- Arianna Johnson


No Hassles!

Lori Heaton is a wonderful joy to work with! She was attentive and diligent in getting me into the car I wanted. An absolute angel and beautiful spirit. No stress no hassle process. Thank you, Lori!

- Anthony Knotts



I had an incredible experience working with Wanda Murphy Smith she made it easy to get a car I wanted while also making it affordable. Best experience ever.

- Michael Woods



I just got financed through new roads and picked up my vehicle 2 days ago. It took longer than expected but Lynn Reece was awesome and went above and beyond to make sure I got the vehicle I wanted! I would recommend New Roads if you have less than perfect credit and having troubles getting financing!

- Anne Connolly


Above and Beyond!

Lori Heaton was my loan specialist and she went above and beyond helping me through the process. As someone who has sold cars before and is used to going into a dealership and dealing with them on my own, it was nice to have somebody else work out the details. She also made sure that the car I was getting was worth it. Being in an open BK I wasn't sure what I was going to do when my BK discharges next week. I'm glad I didn't wait to pull the trigger as this process does take time. My loan took slightly over a week before I was in my awesome car! I was able to purchase a super low mileage 2014 Lincoln Navigator fully loaded and had enough to roll a service contract into the loan. The rate they gave me was unbeatable considering my credit status now. Thanks to Lori for helping me through this! She's incredible and a great asset to New Roads Auto Loans!

- P. Matteo.


Super Easy!

Pamela and the rest of the team did great! We needed a second vehicle for me to commute to work and with my credit score it was tough. New Roads helped out big time and made it super easy. Once you submit the online application and send over some documents, they take care of the rest. They help you find a vehicle you like, do all the talking at the dealership, set up a test drive, and help finalize the sale. The whole process took less than a week from the day I signed up to the day I drove my new car out of the dealership. The interest rate wasn't horrible either at least not for what my credit score was. They help you with rate reducers as well to help you lower your rate and payment. I would do this again rather than dealing with the dealership themselves. Thank you again!

- Tyler Dean


Great Help!

Yes, they are real, and they help more than any company I've ever gone through. Jenny is one of the most amazing people I've ever met. She was professional the whole way while making me feel comfortable with every decision. I can't recommend them enough.

- Raul Martinez


Highly Recommend!

After all the hassle of a bankruptcy, I was unprepared for how easy this process was. They were clear, up front, gave me an incredible deal and handled the paperwork with the dealer. I would highly recommend these guys.

- John Mitchell



After being turned down a couple of times, I was very pleased to give New Roads Auto Loans my last try. And couldn't be happier than getting the approval I needed! Thank you, New Road Auto Loans, to get in the vehicle I wanted! Thank you, Heidi, for your awesome help! You made it happen!

- En M


Very Pleased!

I am very pleased with the staff of New Roads Auto Loans, from the approval process to the documents-team everyone was very kind and professional.

- Don Wesley


Simple and Quick!

My experience with New Roads Auto Loans was surprisingly simple and quick. I Was approved right away for a car loan and my credit was not to good. My agent Stevie Vitagliano negotiated and got me a great deal for the vehicle I had picked at the dealership. I would recommend New Roads Auto Loans.

- Daniel Rideau


I Got Approved!

My credit isn't terrible but it's not perfect. My issue wasn’t getting approved but getting approved for a second open auto loan. I wanted a second vehicle and I have enough disposable income to do so. I’m not sure exactly how I found this company, but Jessica V. called me and told me she could request an exception. She called me that Monday saying it was approved which was great. At this point I expected some bait and switch like some insane APR however to my surprise, it was reasonable. I know this is a high-risk loan given I have one open auto loan and student loan late payments. What was given to me was fair. Once I was approved I provided the paperwork they requested which is the usual proof of income, referrals, etc. once this was completed I was approved and provided guidelines for car shopping. At first this kind of disappointed because it limited me on choices, but it was for my own good because the cars that didn't fit their guidelines ended up being lemons and/or way overpriced. I kept looking and found the perfect car at 10pm on a Thursday and Jessica jumped on it and I test drove, signed paperwork on that Friday evening and check was sent out that Monday to dealership. Another thing I liked was learning that dealerships are predatory when it comes to loans and financing and doing that myself with Jessica helped keep me from being taken advantage of. Dealership was not happy about the purchase, but I am thanks to her.

- Jenny Beltran



Lori Heaton was great from the beginning walk me though the whole process. Thank you, Lori and New Roads Auto Loans.

- Tony Fisher


Exceptional Service!

Thank- you Natalie Villafuerte, Elsie Gonzales and New Roads Autos Loans for exceptional customer service! I was honestly having the hardest time getting a loan through a dealership and after responding to a mail offer though this company they were nothing but professional and experienced through every aspect of car buying process. After being approved and while shopping for cars Natalie was always a phone call away to answer any question I had as well as help me get the best value for the vehicle I wanted. I am extremely pleased with my choice and for the entire car buying experience with New Roads Auto Loans. Thank you!

- Kathleen Feinsod


Great Service!

Spencer Holloway was my loan agent and I got the perfect car I wanted. I had an issue with the car/dealer and had the car repaired for free, and Spencer was there to keep me informed during the entire process. Great service, great company! Thanks again.

- Demz Studio


No Gimmicks!

This was by far the easiest process ever. Highly recommend everyone to give it a try. I actually drove off in 2016 Kia Optima and put $0 down. There was no gimmicks at all. Spencer was the best. Very appreciative of such wonderful customer experience. Made my car buying process alot less stressful.

- James Holloway


Wonderful Experience!

I had a wonderful experience with Lynn Reese and the rest of the team. She walked me through the process and I got the car I wanted! Thanks New Roads!

- Chrissy G.


Love my New Car!

Lori Heaton was great from the beginning walk me though the whole process. Thank you for the great service, I love my new car!

- Tony Fisher


Excellent Service!

Heidi and Martha were great! Together they provided excellent service in helping our dealership and customer with the purchase of a new vehicle! Thanks to these ladies for making the process effortless. They are indeed an asset to New Roads Auto Loans.

- Deborah Woodall


0 Down!

I would like to personally thank Lynn Reese for all of her hard work and support throughout the car buying process!!!!! You really made the auto purchasing process easy. Lynn Reese helped get into a brand new 2019 Toyota Camry with $0 down which is practically unheard of when you don't have perfect credit!!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH LYNN!!!! I highly recommend New Road Auto Loans to anyone looking to finance their next vehicle. They offer very competitive rates regardless of your credit situation. Great company to help you to reestablish your credit.

- Miesha W.


So Amazing!

LYNN REESE thank you so much for all you did for me. I was so amazed at the dedication and kind heart of a person you showed to me during my car shopping experience. You took on all the challenges that normally the customers would endure when it comes to dealer/buyer. The company should be bless to have such a strong dedicated person with excellent customer service skills. Thanks LYNN REESE and New Roads Auto Loan.

- Vincent Wright


Thank You New Roads!

Let me start by saying I did not think I would find a company that would give me financing but new roads did! Not only that but I spent about 2 1/2 months with the help of my loan agent Wanda searching for the perfect vehicle. The best part is she handled EVERYTHING for me, when I say everything all I had to do was test driver the vehicle and give my down payment, and of course sign a little bit of paperwork. She took care of everything and I can't thank her enough. If you are considering New Roads definitely give them a shot, they won't let you down.

- Ayana Kennerson


Best Experience Ever!

THE BEST EXPERIENCE EVER I I have bought 7 cars in my life(I know that’s a lot don't judge me lol) and I also used to do lending and I must Lynn is the best of the best she knows her stuff and she cares most of all. she has your back through the whole process and she made it a smooth process. I will recommend her to anyone looking for a car.

- Mrunforgetable09


Absolutely Amazing!

I was in such a bad place financially and felt I had run out of options when it came to getting into a new vehicle. I was feeling ashamed, embarrassed, and discouraged to say the least. I was referred to New Roads Auto Loans and it turned out to be an absolutely amazing experience. I worked directly with Jeremy Burris who took the time to explain the process to me, in realistic terms, so I knew what to expect. Every contact I had with him was professional and thorough and not once did I feel that I was being rushed off the phone. The application/verification/approval process took days, not weeks. Jeremy then helped me prepare for the shopping part of the process, which also went smoothly once I had to work directly with the dealer. On the part of New Roads Auto Loans, there were NO glitches, NO delays, NO hassles. Their professionalism in handling my vehicle financing was fantastic. Not once during my contact with them was I made to feel embarrassed for the financial situation I had put myself in. They were direct and realistic though, which was actually appreciated. They gave me a chance even when I had been declined by others. No complaints here!

- Litl Vxn


The Perfect Vehicle!

Let me start by saying I did not think I would find a company that would give me financing but new roads did! Not only that but I spent about 2 1/2 months with the help of my loan agent Wanda searching for the perfect vehicle. The best part is she handled EVERYTHING for me, when I say everything all I had to do was test driver the vehicle and give my down payment, and of course sign a little bit of paperwork. She took care of everything and I can't thank her enough. If you are considering New Roads give them a shot, they won't let you down.

- Ayana Kennerson


Fast Service!

I dealt with Lynn Witter. It was very simple an easy to understand. LYNN was a pleasure to work with. An went above and beyond. Especially dealing with my situation. Everything went smooth and faster than I thought.

- Jon Scott



My experience with New Roads Auto Loans was incredible. With this being my first time buying a vehicle on my own without having a co-signer, Heidi my agent, did an amazing job. I would recommend anyone with not so good credit, let New Roads Auto Loans assist you, with your next auto buy. It was an easy and fast process.

- Jodie Melton


Great Team!

Heidi Golden and Martha Ortiz are a great team to work with. Great job getting one of our clients financed on a Ford F150. Excellent customer service, very prompt and accurate. Thank you team New Roads!

- George Khoury


Easy Experience!

This was the easiest car buying experience I have ever had. We worked with Lynn Witter and she was absolutely amazing the entire time, very sweet lady. The whole process took less than a week, from getting approved, to going to the dealership to pick up our car. We would highly recommend the company!

- Autumn Rodriguez



Heidi and Martha are fantastic! They did everything they could to get me in car, as well as Lori who stepped in on a weekend and helped me! Great people to work with!! Thanks to all!

- Kim Weaver


Enjoyed My Experience!

If you hate sitting in the dealership for hours or are just to busy... Lynn from New Roads Auto Loans made it painless. Lynn was excellent with communicating every step... from loan approval to funding. At no point did I not understand every detail and what to expect. I've purchased multiple cars from multiple lenders, but this experience made me feel like I had a full team working on my behalf. I enjoyed my experience and recommend New Roads Auto Loan to anyone looking to purchase a vehicle.

- Garfield Woodberry


Highly Recommended!

This was a great and painless experience. My loan agent Pamela helped me from beginning to end. All questions and concerns were answered in a timely manner. Also, a thank you to the support team Marisa and Melody. #newroadsautoloans #freshstart!
This company is highly recommended.

- Lakeesha Anderson


Great Help!

I got great help from Victoria Hall she was great help and she find me a great 2013 Chevrolet Volt. She gave me great hope when I was about to give up. Thank you so much!!!

- Kisha Thomas


Amazing Company!

Where do I begin? Lynn Witter was my loan agent. I want to thank Lynn and New Roads know that every review about Lynn was absolutely the truth! I can't thank her enough for walking me through the process and letting me know what to expect. She was absolutely patient and help me worked out a deal on a 2014 BMW. Lynn, you are truly amazing with a contagious personality! Thank you for everything! If anyone is interested, please ask for Lynn, you will not be disappointed... this company is not a scam. Have all your papers submitted and do what you are asked and you will succeed. Do not let any bad reviews turn you away from an amazing company!

- Meb Amil


Great Experience

Great experience with the entire New Roads loan team. Heidi took care of me and was able to get me into a newer auto. Thanks Again!

- Harriet Thomas


Nice and Helpful!

This was a great painless experience!!!I worked with Jeremy Burrus and he was very helpful and always was able to help with any questions. I was also able to speak with different members of the New Roads Auto loans team and everyone was so nice and helpful!! Thank you, New Roads, for all your help.

- Temela Brooks



Fast easy approval, my agent Lynn Witter is amazing, she makes sure you don't get taken advantage of and makes sure you are satisfied with your purchase and keeps in contact through entire process. Will definitely refer people to this agency.

- Victor Brown



Victoria Hill of New Roads Auto Loans was phenomenal. After bankruptcy, I got turned down so many times or told to make an unrealistic down payment that I started to think I would never be able to finance another car. Victoria was understanding, kind, and above all professional and knowledgeable. I am enjoying my car and grateful for the opportunity of a new start. Thanks Victoria. Thanks, New Roads Auto Loans.

- Denise Braham


I Shopped Like a Cash Buyer!!

I can't say enough good things about the way this company operates. Jenny Barandas and Lisa Aragon were fantastic. They even tried to help me find a vehicle within my criteria. They had my back when dishonest dealerships were trying to pull one over on me. Everything, the website states is true. I was treated like I mattered, and I will recommend this company to anyone who needs auto financing. Don't give the dealerships your hard-earned money. Go lender direct and shop like a cash buyer.

- Marianne Barry


Well Done!

New roads auto loans---Lori Heaton was who worked with me through the entire process. She was thorough and knowledgeable, very professional and extremely easy to work with and talk to. Although I purchased the vehicle before Christmas, I originally was going to wait until after the new year and she was fully supportive and not trying to get me to buy right then. I purchased the vehicle I wanted and for a lot less than I was expecting and she helped me stay in the range I needed to be in. WELL DONE NEW ROADS AUTO LOAN!!

- Shawn Parnell


Easy Process!

Wanda has provided me with EXCELLENT customer service. She made the car buying process easy. I would use again and recommend to friends and family.

- Charles Thomas


They said "YES"!

I am so very happy I worked with Heidi, Martha, and others at newroadsautoloans. They were very professional in helping us obtain a brand-new automobile. When 14 other finance companies refused to finance our car, newroadsautoloans said yes. The whole process took a couple of days but went through with ease. I would recommend them to anyone with challenged credit who wants to buy an automobile. Thank you all at CPS for making my new car purchase a simple transaction...

- Mario Menendez


Highly Recommend!

Just want to say these people rock...would definitely recommend them for your next auto loan. Thanks to everyone who helped get my financing.

- Debbie Henderson


Excellent Service

My husband and I recently had the privilege of working with Spencer Holloway from New Roads Auto Loan to purchase his car Excellent service, extremely satisfied with the sales transaction and the customer service far exceeded my high expectations and request!!! Thank you for exceeding the typical customer service. It's very evident that this company cares and values their business. Thank you again.

- Sherice Singleton-Green


Great Company!

Great Company. I would highly recommend to anybody. Natalie worked on my loan and was super-efficient and timely at getting things going. Basically, this is how it worked. I applied on Sunday online and got pre-approved. I got a call Monday to go over the terms of my loan and was advised of what verifications I would need to send in. I got my verifications in that night. I began looking for cars and had found a good offer. I sent this into New Road Loans and advised this is the car I want when my verifications are complete. Verifications were complete by Wednesday and I made an appointment to go pick up the car on Friday. Natalie had everything ready for me behind the scenes and worked with the dealer. I showed up Friday at the dealer, signed my docs and drove away within an hour with my New 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe. Great experience. The rate I was approved for was actually decent after they applied the interest rate discounts considering I am only 60 days out from my bankruptcy discharge. The only hang up I had was some dealers did not want to work with me because they were under the impression New Roads Auto Loans was Road Loans which is a Santander company and notoriously hard to work with. No matter how much I tried to explain my financer wasn't Road Loans they were convinced it was and didn't want to work with me. Be sure to tell them your lender is Consumer Portfolio Services. I would highly recommend using this company. They did a great job all around. A way to differentiate themselves from Road Loans (Santander) would benefit them greatly.

- Travis Vanderpool


Highly Recommend!

Worked with Lynn Reese from New Roads and she worked hard to get my wife and I into a good reliable car. If you have no credit or challenged credit I would definitely recommend New Roads. Best part was going to the dealership we were in and out within an hour with our new car.

- Mathew Brodbeck


Very Happy!

Heidi G was the best loan agent ever! She stuck with me for about a month waiting to get my new car. And when we hit a bump in the road she did everything she could to help me out. Very Happy with my experience with this company.

- Sarah England


Great Service!

Lisa A was wonderful throughout the process. She helped me shop and to find the best car for my money. I will refer- Thank You New Roads!

- Leah Mayo


5 Stars!

Overall, I am giving New Road Auto Loans a 5 star. The application process is simple and follow up is great. From application to leaving with new car was about a week. Victoria Hill and the others were great to deal with. Had one small hiccup and Victoria took care of me, so overall, I have nothing but good things to say!

- Jason P.


Awesome Service!

Great Experience. Heidi & Martha were really great! I will recommend them to my friends and family! Thanks Again

- Francisco Ramirez


No Money Down!

New Roads did with no one else could. They got me into the car I wanted with no money down. Jessica Valenzuela was great to work with and was there with me every step of the process. Thanks Jessica and Thanks New Roads! You are awesome!

- Anthony Williams


Professional Service!

Every phone call was handled professionally. My agent Lynn Witter was very knowledgeable and beyond helpful. I did not feel like just another number. Now I drive a new Toyota and could not be happier. This company has far exceeded my needs beyond all others to this date and I am 50 years young.

- William Wise



Wanda was amazing to work with. I didn't ever think I would be approved and I was within a matter of minutes. I ended up getting the car of my dreams, a Ford Edge and without Wanda and the New Roads Auto Loans team, this dream would never have become a reality. Thank you Wanda and everyone that was involved. You were GREAT!!!!!

- Melissa Laitman


New Roads said Yes!

I cannot thank New Roads and especially my agent, Lynn Witter, for helping me when everyone else told me No! She never gave up (even when I was about ready to!) and I found exactly the car that I was looking for and its certified pre -owned so I have the piece of mind that I have a warranty if anything happens in the near future. This company is the real deal and I am living proof- THANK YOU LYNN- YOU ARE A GODSEND!

- Connie Tragni


So Happy!

Lynn Witter is the best of the best! she worked with us from start to finish! she went out of her way at every turn! she was great and she was even able to help us to get the car that we wanted and she was even able to get them to work the price down. New roads is the only way to go! and please ask for Lynn you will be completely satisfied! Again we thank you, you have made us so Happy.

- Randall Copeland


Super Nice!

My credit score was rough but I talked to a super nice lady named Heidi at New Roads Auto Loans. I can describe the experience I had she was a pleasure to have as my rep then Martha called and the other staff I was approved and in my new Jeep in 3 days. Everyone at New Roads Auto loans are on top of things, there here for you not the car dealer they make sure everything is good about the vehicle and all dots are dotted . Highly recommend thanks staff at New Road Auto Loans.

- Michael Adams


Best Experience!

I had the absolute best experience. Heidi Golden was excellent in every way. Very knowledgeable, thorough, and timely every step of the way. She was polite, professional and upfront about everything. There were no surprises. The longest part of the process was probably me picking a vehicle.

- Danira Green


Highly Recommend!

First and for most I cannot thank Heidi and Martha enough for helping me the way they did. & although i did a total opposite of what Heidi told me not to do I’m very grateful she was still willing to help me. RULE #1 listen to your loan agent they are really trying to help you! Don’t do what I did DONT DO IT LOL! Dealership I went to made things so stressful for me since I took a different route. However at the end car had to go back with them and Heidi like I said was amazing at getting things processed for me and I was able to get what I wanted and the rate reducers. I highly recommend this for anyone they are great and make things happen for you just gotta be a little patient but it all works out.

- Melda Lopez



Jenny Barandas was absolutely awesome, she made the buying a car fun again. Jenny kept in contact with me through the whole process. I was weary at first but again Jenny just stood by my side. Thank you New Roads and Thank you Jenny!

- John I


Great Company!

I'm major late with this review got my car a month ago. Very great company to work with when you don't have the best credit and want a second chance Jenny was my loan officer she looked out for me the major hold up was the dealership working out the paperwork but thanks Jenny Girl.

- B, Bronze3



The service I received from Jenny and Lisa was amazing. The interest rates are good and depending on the vehicle you get you can have it go down. I would recommend them. Thanks ladies.

- Andi Hirsch



New Roads Auto Loans was awesome. I have an open bankruptcy and they were able to get me in to the car I wanted which I thought wasn't possible Spencer Halloway is the man who made everything go smooth with no worries Thank You New Roads for helping me.

- Frank Kelly


Great Customer Service!

Big thanks to Lynn Witter she did a fabulous job. She stayed with me the entire way, made sure the loan was right for me and my budget. Great customer service and attention to detail. I couldn’t have asked for a better loan agent or experience. Thank you New Roads Auto :)

- Daniel Worrell


Best Experience!

OMG!!!!!!! What can I NOT say good about this company?! Jeremy!! You DEFINITELY DESERVE SALESMAN OF THE YEAR! Steered me in the right direction and never dropped the ball on it! Outstanding customer service and support! I'm sending customers directly to you! Thanks for everything, and by far your company has been the best car buying experience EVER!

- Chris Humphreys



Place is awesome- Lynn Witter is a blessing I consider her family instead of just a lender. She will be there for you anytime you call always happy to help. Thank you, New Roads Auto Loans,

- Patrick Bowie


New Roads is Terrific!

I went through a bankruptcy. It was discharged Tuesday, November 13th. If you've been through bankruptcy, you probably received a ton of offers from car dealerships offering to help you get a car even during bankruptcy. One offer, though, attracted me. Instead of being tied down to one dealership company, I could apply with New Roads Auto Loans and be treated like a cash buyer and use any dealership I wanted.

Jenny was with me every step of the way. I was invited to call her any time with questions or problems. With my bankruptcy discharged a few days ago, I didn't know how soon it would be before the old car loan company would call and ask about picking up my old car. .I decided, in the long run, it was worth the extra hard hit on my credit to just drive away with the vehicle and have Jenny duke it out with the dealership. Jenny won, so I won.

My conclusion: New Roads Auto Loans is terrific.

- Ric Fischer


Outstanding Service!

OMG!!!!!!! What can I NOT say good about this company?! Jeremy!! You DEFINITELY DESERVE SALESMAN OF THE YEAR! Steered me in the right direction and never dropped the ball on it! Outstanding customer service and support! I'm definitely sending customers directly to you! Thanks for everything, and by far your company has been the best car buying experience EVER!

- Chris Humphries



Place is awesome Lynn Witter is a blessing I consider her family instead of just a lender. She will be there for you anytime you call always happy to help.

- Patrick Bowie



New Roads Auto Loans made it easy for me to pick the car of my choice without a salesperson telling me what car I could get. The process was easy and the payments fit my income...thanks to Spencer Holloway, Iris, Martha, and the rest of the team for making this possible!

- James Fields


Zero Down!

They are amazing! I was stressed trying to figure out how to get a car during a BK. I really needed a reliable vehicle. New Roads Auto Loans got me approved with a zero down loan! I was approved last Wednesday through my quick online application, everything was finalized Thursday and given the green light to look for cars, purchased a vehicle on Friday (and this amazing company FUNDED MY LOAN late on a Friday, so the check could get Monday and overnighted out.). I’m picking my 2015 Jeep Renegade up today, less than a week after I heard about them and applied. Heidi was my loan agent and she was quick to respond and was very knowledgeable. I give a special shout out to Martha, my processor. Holy moly! She was ON IT. Answered every question, responded instantly to items, and kept me in the loop. You won’t regret using this company! I’m grateful to have found them.

- Jodi Byrd


Quick Response!

First I want to start off by thanking Victoria Hill she was awesome she made sure she got me exactly what I wanted even when I got frustrated she was there she was a quick responder and was on top and on point I was able to get a 2018 Kia Optima something I may have never gotten if it wasn’t for me searching around on credit Karma. But this company is a good company they are really here for their customers and will help you all the way but thanks again Victoria Hill and Martha Ortiz you guys are amazing...

- Jennifer Rogers


New Roads Rocks!

Okay here we go, I usually don't write reviews, not because I don't appreciate good customer service but because I'm so busy that I just don't get around to them. In this case I had to drop everything and write this one. I gave New Road Auto Loans 5 stars because it doesn't give me the option to give them 10 stars. This company is the real deal!! No nonsense and no run around. Now I must give Jessica Valenzuela my loan agent all the credit. The only word I can describe Jessica with is WOW !!! talk about customer service. Jessica made this process so easy and painless not to mention extremely fast. From the first day we spoke she handle everything and kept me informed the whole step of the way. The one thing that really struck me about Jessica was not feeling rushed thru our phone conversations and how she took the time to explain the process has it was happening. Do I recommend New Roads Auto Loans? Absolutely 100% this company will get you the car you're wanting. Jessica Valenzuela and New Roads thank you I'm really enjoying my new Mercedes CLA 250. You guys ROCK!!!

- Carlos Cofresi


No Money Down!

Thank God for Credit Karma! They are the ones that recommended this finance company! If only y'all knew what I had to go thru to find people like these people ! I literally had a fall out with my older car (paid on it for about 6 years, eventually it broke down and the expenses to fix the car were extremely expensive, so unfortunately it was repossessed!) To make a long story short Pamela Macias, helped me get approved for a Jeep WITH NO MONEY DOWNNNNN! She went out her way to find this car! I told her what I wanted, and she made it happpppeennnn! I can just scream of joy! I'm so thankful for you Pam, if you see this girl keep doing what you're doing because you are amazing! I referred my friend to this company and she was able to get a car the same week I got mines! The process was SOOO fast! I can go on all day! This company is a life saver! God allows seconds chances! And this is a company I will stay with! My payments are even reasonable!! You guys are freaking amazing!!!! So happy! Thank you all so much again!!!!

- Tracie Knowles



Lynn Witter was AMAZING to work with. She worked before, during, and after hours to get my deal processed. She genuinely cared about what was best for me, and she was always pleasant and competent. I can't say enough about Lynn. She helped to get me the best interest rate possible, and she worked closely with the dealership on my behalf.

- Caryn Cavanagh


Highly Recommend!

I want to thank Marissa Benjamin for making my car purchase possible. Marissa was very professional and available for me with all my questions throughout the process. I would recommend new roads auto loans to anyone who is looking to purchase an auto loan.

- Antonne Samuels


The Real Deal!

Definitely the real deal. The process took a bit longer than I would have liked, but Lynn was able to stay on top of things and get everything done (since the dealer was the major hold-up) so I could get the loan I was approved for, and now, am about to finally drive the car I've been wanting for many months. All of this was AFTER I was turned down left and right for a car loan. Not only did New Roads approve me for MORE than I was ever considered for through traditional financing, but the zero down and decent APR makes me a believer in the company, as I would have never gotten this anywhere else, especially approved through dealer financing.

- Alex Gonzales


Very Professional!

I would highly recommend this company. I worked with Heidi and she was a blessing. She checked in on me every couple of days throughout the process. Very professional and personable. I had an issue with my Attorney and Heidi was there as support. This was really an easy process.

- Sunni Muslim


Highly Satisfied!

I am thoroughly impressed with this process and highly satisfied with my experience. Jenny and Lisa were awesome to work with! I am happy with my 2017 Kia Optima. I will be referring others to this company. I was in a place where I had a hard time getting financing because of a big move and changes in my life. I am glad to say that I am on my way to rebuilding my credit and moving forward with my life again.

- Makita Hogans


Thank-You New Roads!

Best Experience ever I was really stressing on how I was gonna get a car with bad credit, and new road loans made my dream come true. Lisa and Stevie worked very hard to get me in my new 2017 Toyota Corolla. I can’t thank them Enough. The whole team was Awesome. Highly recommend this company.

- Waheedah Hill


Best Experience Ever!

Jenny Barandas was my agent and she went above and beyond to find me car. She was always there to answer any of my questions. She was so professional throughout the whole process. She found an incredible offer that I couldn’t find anywhere else. I’m extremely happy with my car! I highly recommend you ask for Jenny SHES AWESOME!!!! Thank you again Jenny for helping me find this beautiful car!!!!

- Adrian Pioquinto


This Really Works!

This really works!! I do not have the best credit in the world and to be truthful about it, my credit is terrible but New Roads helped us purchase a car. Lynn is the best, she helped us, always answered the phone and really made the process easier. The dealership where we purchased the car was terrible, would not send paperwork needed but Lynn stayed on top of them and made them follow through. It did take a while for all of this to take place but we actually were able to purchase a great car and did not have to go to a "Buy Here, Pay Here" lot. I would recommend New Roads Auto Loans to anyone who has challenged credit and needs to purchase a car. Thanks a bunch Lynn!!!!

- Darrell Nash


My Guardian Angel!

Right after Bankruptcy Discharge, Low credit score, no down payment handy and stuck with expensive ride sharing, New Roads Auto Loans was there when I needed them the most. I have very little to no experience buying a brand new car from a dealership. This could of been a long complicating process. However, Lynn Witter, My loan agent was my guardian angel from start to finish. From the very start, Lynn gave me the run down, how the program works, all the docs I needed, She handled all the negotiations with the dealer. She told me what to do and what not to do at the dealership. I literally walked in, signed the necessary docs and drove off with my brand new car that I am very happy with. Lynn went above and beyond because she was always very responsive, informative and assisted me after business hours with inquiries even when I was at the dealership on the weekend getting my vehicle. Lynn really loves her business and truly has the best interest of her clients. Thank you Lynn!

- Ed C


Great Experience!

I've had such a great experience with this company Lynn Witter my agent was AWESOME. It only took me a few days to find and drive off with a SUV of MY CHOICE. Even in BK I was able to get approved. I'll recommend this company to anyone!!! THANKS NEWROADS

- Mrs. Collins


Car of my Dreams!

I will recommend them to anyone who is in a bankruptcy or coming out of one, they helped me every step of the way. Spencer Holloway was always an email and a call away kept me updated on everything and helped me get the car of my dreams. I am the happiest girl in the world right now only took a week. I am so happy my Friend refer me to Spencer Holloway I will be telling everyone about them.

- Vincetta Mobley


Best Car Buying Experience!

This was the best car-buying experience I have ever had! After the application and phone interview, I didn't have to lift a finger. Pam M. coordinated everything for me (even after hours to make sure I was happy), so all I had to do was go to the dealership and test drive the vehicle. Coming out of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, I didn't think I would ever be able to purchase a brand new vehicle off the lot. Thank you Pam M., Iris A-L, and New Roads!

- Audra Young


Thank-You New Roads

Heidi Golden and Martha Ortiz were great to work with! They were on top of everything and when we found our car, we had it the next day! Thank you both so much!!!

- Adam Amsbury


No Down Payment!

The only place that could get me financed during my bankruptcy with no down payment. I think process could be laid out a little better within the paperwork side to make the process a little more simplified for the dealer. However, I never had to leave my house for more than the trip to pick out my car and sign at dealership. So, with that in mind and the overall experience on my side along with all the help from my agent Lynn Witter I must leave a 5 star review from my end. Thanks again Lynn Witter for being there with me even after hours and anytime day or night for any help i needed with the process.

- Jason Rogers


A Second Chance

Lynn was a pistol but she got the job quickly and I have had no trouble. I am thankful New Roads gave me a chance with only being out of bankruptcy only two months ..I would recommend this to anyone.

- Jon Cate



Jeremy has been excellent in all that was needed. during the entire car buying process. Very responsive, and assertive when needed. I look forward to doing business with you'll in the future.

- Ricky Ballard


Fantastic Service!

Fantastic service they did everything they promised in a timely manner and my agent Jessica Valenzuela was outstanding and I would recommend New Roads to anyone who may need a new start.

- Greg Roberson


Thank You New Roads Auto Loans!

But a very special Thank you to my loan agent: Natalie Villafuerte, she give me good and helpful ideas to what I should look for. She was so nice, very easy to talk to, and at times we had a good laugh or two .

- Karen Johnson


Job Well Done!

I recently obtained a loan from New Roads Auto Loans. I had the pleasure of working with Heidi Golden. She was extremely efficient, answered all inquiries promptly and the whole process was handled smoothly and effortless from start to finish. Thanks for a job well done!

- Nancy Neuburger


Breath of Fresh Air!

New Roads Auto Loans is simply a fantastic company to work with. During a horribly difficult time as bankruptcy occurred with my wife's medical problems escalating, they were a breath of fresh air. Everyone we were in contact with was great! However, I would be remiss if I did not single out Lynn Witter as a tremendous loan officer and a more tremendous human being!! Lynn always went the extra mile for us. She always was looking out for our best interests! She worked long hours to get our loan approved. She turned what could have been a horrible ordeal into a fun time with a great outcome. There are few as good as Lynn!! Ask for her by name. THANKS AGAIN LYNN!!

- William Richards


Very Simple!

What a wonderful company!!! It took approximately 10 days from completing my car loan to driving off the car lot with my new car. Marisa Benjamin was simply awesome! She was always there to answer questions and help guide me in the right direction. She made a difficult process so very simple. I would recommend New Roads Auto Loans to anyone trying to secure a car loan who has any type of credit issues.

- Kimberly Ross



My husband and I worked with Jeremy B. He was amazing, and we could not be happier with the help and support he gave us. We are very pleased with our new car. Thank you so much J, we appreciate you.

- Tammy Hildreth


Highly Recommend!

I am trying to rebuild my credit and was approved thru them. It took me a bit to find my perfect car but when I did, it was easy. Marisa B was my loan agent and she was friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them to anyone with credit issues. Everyone I’ve dealt with here has been super friendly and wanting to help you get the best deal possible.

- Heather Corliss


Thank-You New Roads!

Had a good experience working with Heidi Golden, she was very diligent and knew what she was doing (that’s for sure) she had just come back from vacation and she made every effort to get me financed! So thank you!! :)

- Luiz Ortega


Quick Response!

My review is on Heidi Golden and Melody Burch, I called Heidi and from the moment we talked I felt very comfortable, relaxed and valued, Melody sent emails quickly and responded back quickly, Heidi was even going on vacation and took the time to make my deal before she even left, that is dedication to the 10th power, Both ladies made this process easy, quickly and gave me everything I ever wanted in a vehicle and yes with bad credit , I say these ladies are awesome.

- Shalaunte Wright


I Was A Cash Buyer!

I literally can not say enough good things about this program and company. Victoria H was my Loan Agent. SHE WAS ABSOLUTLEY AWESOME FROM DAY 1. It took me a couple of weeks to find the car i wanted ...however when it came time to get the deal done at the dealership she was ON IT and worked SO FAST! I can honestly say the toughest part of this entire process was finding the right car. I knew exactly what I wanted just had to find it. Once I DID the process WAS SO STREAMLINED it was unbelievable... There is NO BETTER feeling going into a car dealership KNOWING you don't even have to deal with the stress of financing and crunching numbers just to see what you can "afford". I would highly recommend New Roads Auto Loans, my only tip for potential customers is to TAKE YOUR TIME. And use that power of having your own financing already in place to your benefit. Additionally, I was a little hesitant once I had found my car because the dealership that had the vehicle I wanted was not listed as "Preferred" dealership however when Victoria my loan agent took over and got in touch with the sales dept... and it was a done deal... When I showed up to the dealership all I had to do was sign and drive. IT WAS A BEAUTIFUL AND SIMPLE PROCESS THANK YOU VICTORIA AND NEW ROADS!!!

- Daja Johnson


No Money Down!

Lynn was awesome. She stuck with me from the beginning to the end. I did not have to put any money down at all. She went above and beyond and I would recommend her to anyone. Great place to start if you are looking for a new beginning.

- Cassandra Francis


A New Car!

Jenny Barandas helped us through the process of getting a brand new car, even while in bankruptcy. This company is great and makes sure you get a vehicle that will work great for your family. Jenny is awesome and very knowledgeable about her job. I wont go anywhere else from now on for auto loans. Thanks New Roads Auto Loans! You the bomb!

- Brandy Antonson


Simple & Fast!

The loan process was so simple and fast - finding the right vehicle was the hard part. During the process Marisa was AMAZING!!! Seriously, she's a rock star!! She helped out during each step, as well as went above and beyond to explain to the dealership how the process would work. The dealership was very rude, but my experience with Marisa made up for the rudeness I experienced at the dealership. Marisa pushed the paperwork through so we could get the process done and over with. I am so appreciative for her help. I will recommend New Roads Auto Loans to all my family and friends!!

- Alicia Spruell


Absolutely Wonderful!

Me and my wife had the pleasure of working with Heidi Golden and Elsie Gonzales. These two were absolutely wonderful. Heidi did an excellent job, i gave her my budget and the type of car i was looking for and she was able to find me the perfect car. I definitely would recommend this company to anyone.

- Chels & Jay


Excellent Service!

Excellent service and friendly associates such as Heidi Golden who assisted us make this a great company to assist with your next vehicle purchase. The process was straightforward, and we are enjoying our new vehicle.

- Frank Arnold


Best Experience Ever!

I am in the process of rebuilding my credit and I didn't think it would be possible for me to purchase a vehicle. When I got the zero-down approval from New Roads I thought there was a catch, or it was too good to be true, but I was wrong. It was absolutely a zero-down approval with an amount high enough that I was able to purchase EXACTLY what I was looking for. My loan agent Jessica was INCREDIBLE. Throughout the entire process she went above and beyond anything I ever expected. She explained the process to me and let me know what to expect along the way. The vehicle I was looking for with the features I wanted was hard to find. She patiently assisted me for nearly a month, with checking vehicles to make sure they would work for my loan, setting up appointments to test drive and talking with dealer finance departments. I finally found THE VEHICLE and Jessica handled everything. Even the staff at the dealership commented on how well she handled everything making their job easier too. I cannot emphasize enough how GREAT my experience with New Roads has been. I highly recommend New Roads Auto Loans and I hope you are LUCKY enough to get Jessica as your agent!

- Christina Taylor


New Roads Rocks!

My agent Victoria Hill was professional very knowledgeable and friendly. New Roads have the right people to help you get back on the road. It was a very satisfying experience working with you.

- Clement Baptise


Perfect Score!

The whole experience of car shopping was very professional, Heidi Golden was awesome she made sure I was treated right and she checked each car that I chose to make sure that I got the perfect vehicle, I was also refunded a few hundred bucks by dealer, I would recommend this company to anyone who is starting fresh and rebuilding their credit, all I can say is thanks Heidi Golden for your undying devotion to giving great customer service.....

- Willy Sanchez


Above and Beyond!

Lynn Witter went above and beyond to make sure I got the truck I wanted..... can’t say thank you enough for all they have done for me !!!!!

- Joseph Thomas


Bankruptcy- No Problem!

I applied on a Sunday night from a referral on Credit Karma. I have been struggling to get a car with an active chapter & bankruptcy. The next day Heidi called me and informed me that I was approved for a vehicle loan they just need some documents to verify Elsie sent me a list of what she needed I sent it in the next day I was told to go shopping and I did so. I think I called Heidi 3 times a day asking question she always answered the phone and always delivered on what she said these people are great to work with the make it easy especially for people having a difficult time. I can go on and on about the positives with you, but you know how I felt. Heidi you have been truly a blessing to me thanks very much I wish there was a way for me to repay you.

- Zontel Jackson


Very Comforting!

From the very first day that Jenny Barandas, the representative assigned to my loan file, contacted me to introduce herself, up to and beyond the final day that I closed on the loan and purchased a vehicle, the entire process with New Roads has been perfect... Jenny asked me what type of cars I was looking for, what features were important, and even what colors I preferred. I just assumed that I would look for a car and Jenny would do the loan. I had no idea that Jenny would actually be looking for a car for me. Jenny would actively send me links to vehicles in my area that fit my criteria. She was always available when I wanted to speak to her. Whenever there was a vehicle that I was interested in, I would let her know and she would immediately contact the dealership and book the car out to see if the out the door price was under my approved credit limit. She actually negotiated the price of the vehicle with the salesman on my behalf, trying to get me the best deal on the car I picked out. I was very surprised to see this whole process unfold. I thought I just found a lender that would work with me even though my credit is far from great, and I was happy just to have found that. Instead, I got a partner that would end up fighting for me with dealerships, and she even fought for me within New Roads to get an exception approved when the vehicle I wanted exceeded my approved credit limit. I do not typically write reviews, however I felt the need to recognize and thank Jenny for her exemplary work and for going above and beyond for her client. I always felt like I had an ally in my corner, and through what can often be a stressful and confusing process, it was very comforting to know I had someone a phone call away, ready to assist

- Michael Russo


Great Customer Service!

I'm very pleased with how this company helped me get the car I wanted, giving me a fresh start, a manageable loan approval process, and great customer service! I highly recommend!!!

- Brian Redick


Very Friendly!

I had a great experience using New Road Loans. Lynn was my agent and she was a very friendly, down to earth and knowledgeable lady. I also appreciate the way she dealt with the car dealers and made sure I didn’t over-pay for a car. Thank you!

- Shirelle Manning



My wife and I recently had the privilege of working with Lynn from New Roads to purchase our new family vehicle. From beginning to end of an otherwise frustrating process of buying a vehicle from a car lot, she was amazing. She kept us informed and up to date every step of the way and made us feel like family. I appreciate all the time and effort she put into this transaction. As for New Roads, the loan approval process was simple, rate reduction incentives are awesome, everything on their end was smooth and efficient from the application to the final documents. Thank you New Roads, and thank you again Lynn.

- Ian Tomlinson


Zero Down Payment!

New Roads Auto Loans is Amazing!! I was in complete awe through the whole process! When I say the process was simple and quick I truly mean it. This is by far the best experience I have ever had with purchasing a vehicle. I was approved with zero down payment and couldn't believe it. My loan agent Jeremy Burrus was such a pleasure to work with. The customer service I received from him was exceptional! Everyone I've had to come in contact with at this finance company was delightful. They make sure your payments are affordable and that whatever dealership you choose to purchase your car from doesn't add in unnecessary fees and that you get the car you really want! Whatever type of credit you have whether good, bad or none at all..........New Road Loans is definitely the place you want to finance your auto loan. Thank you, Jeremy Burrus and the rest of the New Roads Auto Loans team!

- Beatrice Moore



Where do i start. I can't say enough about this company and the employees that work there. Let's start with Jenny she's the one that got the ball rolling with her assisting me in the beginning and final stage of my loan. Only thing I Can say about her is she's an awesome lady great personally and a great deal closer. That reason being said is because she had to go on vacation. Then the amazing part was she left me with the most awesome help of all Pamela who not only helped me the week Jenny was gone but stayed in touch everyday till Jenny returned I was having trouble with the dealer and Pam stepped in and before I new it she had gotten the car reduced by another 450 dollars with no money down. She kept me updated on everything she has a great personally an awesome attitude and makes you feel like family. . I can go on and on about this company. So, in closing Thank you so much for the loan on my new car and I will be telling everyone I know about this company. Pam and Jenny, you two rock and thank you again!

- Gerald Abernathy


Great Customer Service!

Overall, great personal attention and follow through. I appreciate all of the contacts I engaged with especially my loan agent, Spencer Halloway. We stayed in contact via email, text messages if needed, and phone. Great customer service!

- Chrissy Terry


Love My New Car!

I just got a loan finalized through them with Natalie and Iris and they actually beat the dealer on payment amount. Love my new car Thanks guys!

- Morvaina


Quick Response!

They were awesome! Heidi Golden and Elsie Gonzales were both so incredibly helpful and were there every step of the way. They responded quickly and their communication throughout the process kept me informed and educated about what was happening. Could not ask for a better experience. Thank you!

- Jonathan Jacobs


Very Helpful!

I was very weary when I was going through the loan process, and every step I took towards the end Jessica Vanezuela, and Elsie Gonzales where very helpful. When I got the approval for zero down I knew there was a catch, turns out I got a car with zero down and my interest is a little high but I’ve seen a lot worse. Just wanted to thank Jessica and Elsie for everything and making the process easy.

- Robert Vasquez


Bad Credit - No Problem!

I'm a few weeks late writing this review but Omg where do I begin?! Because of New Road Auto Loans, I am now driving my dream car. I was very skeptical about this company at first, but I must say that they stand by what they advertise. Considering my poor credit due to bad choices in the past, I got approved and my loan specialist, Victoria Hill was a great help! She was professional and a pleasure to work with. There were times I reached out to her after hours and she took the time out to answer my questions and offer guidance. I would highly recommend New Road Auto Loans. You will not be disappointed. I smile everytime I walk outside and open my Mercedes Benz car door. Thank you New Road Auto Loans ☺☺ I'm a happy Mercedes Benz owner!!

- Qtee Tay


Highly Recommend!

Thanks to Heidi and her help I am a new owner of a 2016 Kia Soul. I appreciate all the hard work Heidi put in to help me purchase a new car. She went above and beyond to help me and I highly recommend New Roads Auto Loans as a quick and easy way when you are ready to purchase a new or used car. The customer service was amazing. Give them an opportunity the next time you are in the market for a vehicle.

- Jon C.


Very Thankful!

Very thankful for the help of the workers at New Roads auto loans they not only had patients dealing with individuals when they were not prepared with all the paperwork they was willing to help no matter what thanks to my loan agent Jessica V she is amazing she made sure I knew what was going on every time somethings changed I was aware and I am thankful for that. Great job

- Sharese Patterson


Great Experience!

I had a great experience. Marisa is so intelligent, sweet, and just caring!!!! Thank you New Roads for all the help and awesome customer service !

- Sheryl Ebanks



My loan agents were Iris and Lynn R. They were phenomenal from start to finish!! I was truly amazed of how dedicated and compassionate they are. I would recommend New Roads Auto Loan to anyone. They have a dynamic team who will give you all the tools and knowledge you need to get a great car!! I am truly happy, and I would like to say from the bottom of my heart, thank Lynn R, Iris and Martha for all your hard work and dedication to providing me with the car that I desired to have, and I just love my new car! You guys keep up the great work!!!

- Latara Gary


The Best!

Mrs. Lynn was the best. I highly recommend New Roads for anyone wanting to purchase a vehicle. They took the time to help me find the right vehicle.

- April Evans


Above and Beyond!

I never really write reviews but this company went up and above what it took to get me financed. I just got done with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and I figured I would have to either wait a long time to get a loan or have to put a few thousand dollars down but not with New Roads Auto Loan. They were so different from the rest. I put an application in on Sunday night and I was called first thing Monday morning by my loan agent named Spencer Holloway, he verified a few things and within a few hours I got approved. Then I was working with my loan analyst name Martha Valencia who took all of my documents so they could get verified and approved so I could go car shopping. This took about 2days to get everything backed and checked. During this time I was so very nervous but Spencer was right there to help me every step of the way. I got my approval and I started to go car shopping. I wanted a good APR so I picked a Kia because they had great rates. Things went back and forth but I couldn't find a CPO but things never went down because I ended up with a brand new car with a great APR, a warranty and a great payment that I couldn't ask for more. All I know is if I had went with a different finance company I would have been so unhappy plus j would be trying to come up with a down payment that I just didn't have. Try New Roads Auto Loan because they are truly the best. Thank you so much Spencer and Martha for all of your help and everyone at New Roads Auto Loan because we couldn't do this without you.

- Sabrina Paz


Very Attentive!

At first when I read the reviews, I was a little nervous but after working with [email protected] and [email protected], I realized that I had the best 2 people at this company. The customer service was immaculate, they were very attentive and professional. Thank you Lisaa and Iris, if I'm ever in CA, I'm going to buy you lunch. I'm so happy with my 2015 Nisaan Altima.

- Ciatina Smith


Extemely Helpful!

Jeremy was absolutely amazing! Extremely helpful and always on task. Being in the business world myself I know he is a tremendous asset to your team! I would recommend your company and Jeremy to anyone needing a auto loan! Thanks so much.

- Patty Mack


The Best!

Mrs. Lynn was the best. I highly recommend New Roads for anyone wanting to purchase a vehicle. They really look out for you and get you the best price for a vehicle. Thanks Again!


Excellent Service!

New Roads is a legitimate company with excellent service . When others told us no they got us approved instantly. They have went above and beyond what any finance company has done for us in the past . I can’t recommend them enough. Excellent communication throughout the whole process.

- Emma Caspari


So Easy!

Heidi and Elsie were great. I literally had a loan and a car approved from my couch. They made everything very convenient for me and made me feel well taken care of. I don't think I have ever been treated so well by a company in fact.

- Mind Wideopen


Great Job!

I would like to say Thank You to Heidi Golden my loan agent and Elsie Gonzales you both did a great job in helping me out getting into a new car. After filing a Chapter 7 you two went out of your way in helping out and Heidi Golden I really liked how you helped out finding the vehicle if you didn't go out of your way helping I would not have found my car. I would recommend family and friends to New Roads Auto Loans. I will even tell them how Heidi and Elsie were very friendly and helpful these two ladies are. Thanks again

- Lloyd Mast



Lynn Reese and Iris were the best. I would like to say thank you to the both of you for such professionalism you both displayed. I am so excited to have my own vehicle and would recommend this company to any one in the market for a good car and excellent service. I could call Lynn at anytime and never did she turn me away. It's people like these two ladies that make it easy to deal with people you've never seen and be able to build a relationship that makes you know they are trustworthy. Thanks Guys for all of the help and I wish you both nothing but the favor of God.

- Dianne Clemons



They are great at getting you financed on your vehicle even with not so good credit and or a bankruptcy. My agent Natalie and her team were great to work with and 100 percent on top of their game. Wouldn't have been able to do it without all of Natalie's help. She is very good at staying on top of everything that needs to be done.A+++++. Thanks Natalie for all your hard work.

- Mark Thrower


Real Comfortable!

This was the easiest, most amazing company to work with! Jenny Barandas and Lisa Patterson were very informative and explained everything through the whole process. Jenny worked directly with the car lot and was able to get me what I wanted. They made me feel valued and I never felt like I was being taken advantage of. Just a really comfortable experience. Thank you ladies.

- Stacy Wallace


Highly Recommend!

First, I wanna thank Lynn Witter for being patient and diligent in helping me secure my loan. She was not only a good loan agent, she became a very good friend. I will always remember how kind and understanding she was through the process. Honestly, I dont think I would gotten my car without her. She was great, I recommend New Roads Auto Loans to all who are looking to purchase a new car. Most of all I recommend Lynn she will become your new bestie. Thanks Lynn and God's Blessings

- Renwick Blake



Lynn Witter is amazing. My credit is less than great and i was approved and in the car of my dreams in about 4 days (not counting the weekend). I HIGHLY recommend New Roads Auto Loans to anyone with less than perfect credit. .Everyone I spoke with was respectable and very polite. I also recommended some friends with less than perfect credit... Thank u very much to all involved in my car buying experience.

- Dawn Pendley


My Dream Car!

Lynn was my Dolphin. She guided me, protected me, and was a shark when she needed to be. She made sure I got my dream car without the hassle. She had my best interest at heart and was frank/honest the entire time. I highly recommend this company to anyone. Lynn, Martha, and Lisa made my car buying experience a smooth ride!! Thank you, Ladies, and Thank You New Roads Auto Loans!!

I also must mention that I got my car at Top Line in Monterey Park, Los Angeles, CA. My sale guy, Eddie, was impressed with Lynn and stated, "Lynn is very professional and she knows what she is talking about."

- Natalie Bartko


Great Help!

I've never had such great help throughout the whole car buying process as I've had here. New Roads gave my wife and I a second chance when no one else would. On top of not needing any money from us, our agent Lynne Witter made us feel like family and so comfortable from start to finish. Thank you so very much, from my family to yours!!
We are the Edmondson's

- Mike E.


Super Helpful!

Victoria and Martha were both super helpful and patient with me. They answered all questions in a timely manner and ensured we weren't going to put ourselves in a bind, if you're looking for a lender that's going to look out for you while helping build your credit this is the company to go with.

- Chase Laney


Easy to Work With!

I had a great experience working with New Roads Auto Loans. They made a task I wasn't looking forward to at all seem relatively easy and put me the buyer in charge instead of feeling highly pressured at a vehicle dealership. My loan agent Heidi was easy to work with and very knowledgeable and Elsie closed things up very quickly. Thanks again.

- Scott Hadley


100% Financing!

I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to Jessica Valenzuela for all her hard work and assistance on getting me 100% financing for the vehicle I wanted. I also want to say thank you to Pamela Macias for her help when Jessica was not available. Without Jessica's persistence, I don't believe this would have happened for me, and I have her to thank you.
Jessica went above and beyond for me, and I so appreciate it. Sending big hugs your way.

- Tomeka Edwards


So Helpful!

Heidi Golden was awesome!!! She was so sweet and helpful. Emailed me or called right back to answer any questions I had. I will use New Roads and Heidi again and recommend them/her to my family and friends.

- Trista Monroe



I worked with Heidi and Golden and she is fantastic. I was very picky when it came to what I wanted and she worked right there with me, so that I didn't settle for anything other than what I wanted. She had me in my new car within a weeks time. Highly recommend!

- Damon Delmont


Above and Beyond!

I am a car salesman in Louisiana and a mutual client purchased a car from me utilizing new Roads and Heidi Gold went above and beyond to make their experience a great one. Thank you Heidi and I look forward to doing more business with you in the future......

- Matt Giraud


Very Satisfied!

I was very very satisfied with new roads, and the staff was exceptionally professional, especially my hard working, diligently patient loan agent JENNY BARRANDAS, she a go getter, if they ever need another VIP ill recommend her and for LISA PETERSON thank you for your professionalism too, I highly recommend NEW ROADS AUTO, thank u all for helping me.

- Herman Overton


Fast and Convenient!

Fast and convenient. My Loan agent Jessica was helpful, friendly, and efficient. I highly recommend her and New Roads!

- Jacob Sanders


Highly Recommend!

I have worked with Lynn Reese and Iris Amaya-Lopez and they did a great job making my car buying experience a pleasant one. I recommend New Road Loans for anyone who is unable to get a traditional car loan. Thank you, New Road Auto Loans, so very much.

- Shane Borden


Great Experience!

Hi, my name is Doshi and I had a great experience with New Roads Auto Loans, my agent Jeremy Burrus was great he helped me to get the I car wanted. It took me a long time but Jeremy was very patient. I would like to thank Jeremy and the staff at New Roads Auto. Great job.

- Amelia Walker


New Roads ROCKS!

Where do I start? Jessica V, it was a long road to this point of becoming a mother to a 2015. I can count all our hard work your searching my searching high & low. Me sending you over 100 car emails phone calls to find the beauty I have now. The day of his birth was a very long hot day but you stayed right by my side (on the phone) until the end. So, I'm sending a very big space hug your way with a grateful feeling from me and my kids. Just when I thought it wasn't possible after filing bankruptcy to own such a nice car for the first time. I owe it all to News Roads and a very special hard worker Jessica V.! If you need a second chance or a first time go to New Roads they will do everything they can to make it happen with your help also they say team work make the dream work so if u have a dream take it to New Roads Auto Loans, they will not let you down!!!!!!

- Shirley Smith


Proud Owner!

Jenny Barandas and Iris Amaya Lopez walked me through the loan application process in ten days. And now I'm a proud owner of an amazing mustang! Thank you, Jenny and Iris, for making this process so easy and helping me through it when I didn't understand some of the steps! God bless you both!

- Father Bob


Easy and Smooth!

Our agent was Heidi Golden and she made this stressful experience easy and smooth sailing. We were approved in 2 days and got our vehicle the next day! I would recommend this company for anyone looking to purchase a vehicle and has less than stellar credit.

- Spike


Easy Process!

I had the best car buying experience with New Road Auto Loans, the application process was easy, my loan agent Natalie V. was very courteous and professional she answered all my questions and helped me every step of the way, I was having trouble finding a car and she offered to help me find one, she also looked out for me to make the best car buying decision. New Roads Auto Loans showed me the best customer service I’ve had in a long time and they put their customers first, again I have had a great experience from start to finish and with all the Customer Service Team, I would most definitely recommend New Roads to family, friends and anybody else having a trouble getting approval.

- Rico Romero


Highly Recommend!

Heidi Golden and Iris Amaya-Lopez made this the best and easiest car buying experience my wife and I ever experienced. They were professional, courteous, and guided us step by step throughout the process up until delivery and signing of documents. I highly recommend New Roads Auto Loans (Heidi and Iris), too anyone looking to purchase a vehicle. You immediately know they care about you as a person and not just someone looking to purchase a vehicle. It is people like Heidi and Iris that in my opinion makes New Roads Auto Loans, the place to get vehicle financing. They take the hassle out and make car purchasing fun without the wait. We were in and out the dealership in less than 1 hour. Thank you, Heidi and Iris, my next purchase I pray you guys are still there for we will ask for you by name.

- David Thompson


No Cash Down!

Heidi and Iris were courteous, diligent, and sincere in all their efforts in assisting me with a new car loan. Working with Heidi made the car buying experience less of a heartache and more of a pleasure. It felt great in knowing all I had to do was pick out a car and not worry about whether the car dealership could work with me or not. No cash down, no problem! I highly recommend this company when buying a new car!

- Sharelle Parrish


Beyond Amazing!

Believe the 5-star REVIEWS Believe that this company is beyond AMAZING! SO FAR SO GOOD I CANNOT COMPLAIN. I see the Ad via a credit monitoring website as a recommendation for me to apply for an auto loan I was almost certain because of a previous charge-off for a brand-new car I would not get approved. But I read the reviews , and google the company history and hope to get Ms. Lynn (and I did) Oh and I also checked the BBB website, and took a chance...and I'll take that chance any day again MS. LYNN WITTER is so sweet and kind, and helped me understand how this process works at the beginning of the loan being approved, unfortunately she went on vacation before I could find my car but she made a promise that was kept to make sure I was in the very best hands, I got nervous at first because I started everything with her, but when I tell you MS. PAMELA MACIS was like my best friend through this process she literally was, so genuine, kind, helpful, and answer every question, returned every email, every missed calls, she even asked what my mom thought about the cars, and even when it got a little frustrating with not finding the right car, or the numbers were off, MS. .Pam assured me she HAVE MY BACK and we will get this done....and she did! Ms. Lynn and Ms. Pam deserve bonuses, vacations, raises and more because this type of customer service is what makes any customer recommend other people. These LADIES are beyond AWESOME! I have been in my new car for less than 2 weeks now, and love it, its and I cannot THANK New Road Auto Loans and MS. Pamela and MS. Lynn enough, If I ever come out to your state lunch is on ME!!

- J Taylor


Chapter 13 to New Vehicle Owner! Wow!

had the most pleasant experience with New Roads Auto Loans, especially Lynn Witter and Pam Macias. Lynn was the consummate professional who helped me through the process and took care of me like I was the most important person in the world. Lynn made sure I got an extension on my approval since I did not receive my Chapter 13 Authorization letter. Even though she went on vacation prior to me finding the perfect vehicle, she made provisions to have Pam work with me and it was seamless. Pam took care of me as well and made me feel like family and worked with me ensuring I was taken care of while Lynn was on vacation. This was a very enjoyable experience and each of them come highly recommended. I love you guys, keep up the great work.

- Myron Lee


Great Experience!

My experience with New Roads Auto was a great experience. I'm thankful to have another chance at getting a car Ms. Lisa Aragon and Ms. Iris Lopez are awesome those two ladies provided excellent customer service they always communicated with me. Ms. Lisa goes above and beyond to help her clients. She answers emails in a timely manner she always answering her phone and will answer any questions you may have. Again I would like to say thank you thank you! you ladies ROCK

- Chawanna Coffie


Answered all my Questions!

After a horrible divorce and no credit, I didn’t expect to be able to get approved for financing. I am so thankful for New Roads and my wonderful loan agent Heidi Golden! Heidi and Iris stayed on top of every step of the process and answered any question I had immediately. I will recommend this service. Heidi and Iris do an excellent job and are super friendly! I felt at ease working with them! Thanks again ladies!

- Christina Murphy


Very Pleased!

I was very pleased with the overall process with New Roads. I worked with Heidi and Iris. They both did a great job of keeping me updated on the status of my loan. They walked me through the entire process and the communication was great from the start to finish of my loan. I would recommend New Roads to family and friends and job well done ladies. You made this process seamless!

- Shannon Watson


Great Experience!

My experience with Heidi with New Roads was great. Thank you for the help in finding me the perfect vehicle.

- Darlene Payne


Right on the Money!

We were going through a very difficult time in our financial lives and New Roads Auto Loans provided an opportunity to obtain the financing we needed, allowing us to purchase a very late model, certified pre-owned vehicle with a very competitive interest rate. Jenny and Iris walked us through the process and patiently answered all our questions. They worked with the dealer and helped get us the car we needed. The process is not a quick process, you'll need to allow about two and one-half weeks, but New Roads Auto Loans ensured we didn't get ripped off by our dealership and ensured us that we made a solid choice.

Thank you New Roads Auto Loans

- Eugene Howell


So Helpful!

This was the best car buying experience. It only took about 1 week from the date I submitted my application, up until I was able to drive my car off the lot. The interest rate is what I expected. It was so hard to get a car loan with a recent bankruptcy, but New Roads Auto Loans was able to do it for me. I was able to get the car that I really wanted. Thank you, Jessica, for being so patient with me and being so helpful through this entire car buying experience.

- Melissa Ham


Very Professional!

I normally don't write reviews but the experience dealing with New Roads Auto Loans was nothing but excellent. Heidi Golden and Iris Amaya-Lopez stayed on top of everything that I needed to make this loan happen. They were very professional from dealing with the dealership and answering any questions that I had. If your credit is not perfect and you need a loan for a car, truck or suv give them a call. I'm glad I did. Thanks again Heidi and Iris you represent your company well.

- Craig Basham


Highly Recommend!

I had a great experience dealing with Lynn Witter. She made the whole process much smoother than going to a car dealership and doing it on your own. Even when the salesman was giving me a hard time she said "Let me speak with him". After she spoke with him , his whole demeanor changed. Lynn is very thorough and I'm glad she had my back with everything. It felt like she's a family member. I highly recommend Lynn, she is very personable, great personality, friendly and easy to deal with. She made sure if I was getting a good deal or not. She was there on the phone contacting me for days and many times a day to see how everything was going with the car buying process. What a hard worker and very loyal to her job and clients!!! If anyone deserves a bonus or raise its her!! I loved her!!! Thx Lynn!!!!

- Eda Ayvaz


Easy to Work With!

Stevie was so easy to work with. She helped me the whole way through my car shopping process and made sure I did not over pay for the car I chose. She answered all my questions and was helpful in every way. Martha and Lisa were also great to work with. I would recommend them for a new car finance anytime! Thanks Again

- Karen Van Dyke


Great Service!

I had a very positive experience with new road auto loans and working with Lisa Aragon. She always answered my calls and emails. Even when i contacted her a million times. She offered great insight and helped me every step of the way. I dread buying cars and she made the process not only better but enjoyable. Anyone who gets her to help with their loan process would be highly satisfied. She was always helpful, always cheerful, and made me feel like i was her only client even though i knew she had more. This was a great buying experience. My APR was high but that has nothing to do with her, she told me about the ways to lower the APR by 5 points and also I had filed bankruptcy so I expected it to be high. But it all worked out for me because I had no money for a down payment and now I am driving a car I love and she did nothing but make that process the best ever. i would highly recommend New Road Auto Loans to anyone looking for a vehicle. I would recommend Lisa A. for her outstanding customer service and attention to you as the customer. She made car buying a great experience. I would give her 10 stars but they only have 5. Thanks Lisa A.

- Margaret L.


Amazingly Easy!

My loan agent, Lisa Aragon, made the car loan process amazingly easy. She kept me posted on the process every step of the way, and went above the call of duty when things appear to stall. Thank you for helping me to get the car of my choice without the added pressure from the dealership.

- Beverly Wilkes



The customer service at New Roads Auto Loans is exceptional. I worked with Natalie V. and she was great. She made me feel like I was important to her and I was her number 1 priority. If all of the reps are as caring and available as Natalie, then New Roads Auto Loans has given customer service a new definition.

- Angela Flowers


Great Experience!

I would like to thank Mrs. Lynn Witter & Mrs. Iris Amaya Lopez for such a great experience. Mrs. Lynn was so patient with me while I searched for a car, not once did she try rushing me, making my buying experience very relaxing. I will surely be back here at New Roads for my next auto loan.

- Tony Vallery


Wonderful Experience!

I worked with Lynn Witter had a wonderful experience she kept me informed up-to-date got back to me as soon as possible with information I needed. She was on my side the whole time, cut out the middleman she was wonderful to deal with. This was the best experience I've ever had purchasing a car. I thank you so much, I would recommend New Roads Auto Finance to all my friends working with Lynn was the best.

- James Peters


Great Service!

The service is great. I just purchased a 2013 Ford Taurus a beautiful car with really low miles and a cheap payment a month. I will never finance a car through a dealership every again, this the best route to go. You won't regret it thanks to Naykia and the New Roads Team!

- Osha Walker



The helped me when no other loan company or bank would I was ready to throw in the towel. Then I received and e-mail saying I got approved got a call a day later from Heidi and went through the process and turned in all my paper work it was so easy. Thank you so much for helping me get into a car.

- Robert Lara


Low credit score/No problem!

Thank you, Heidi G! My credit was sub 500 but it only took a week after I found my 2008 Honda Accord. I filled out the online application just knowing that I was going to get a NO because of my credit score. I was surprised when I got the email telling me my loan was approved. When you have your financing already in place when you are on a car lot you have a lot of confidence and power. You don't have to accept anything and everything the car sales men offer you. Heidi looked over every car to let me know what was good and what was not. I'm glad that New Roads Auto Loans don't let your credit score define the person that you are. Thank you, Heidi G and New Roads Auto Loans, you showed me that good things do happen to good people still.

- Quentin Anderson


Excellent Service!

Excellent service , due to poor choices and bad decisions my credit is in pretty bad shape so after many failed attempts and terrible experiences at several different car lots we found New Roads Auto Loans and upon reading many great reviews and having nothing to lose we started the process a very easy process I might add , almost immediately I was contacted by a lady who would soon become my guardian angel our loan agent Lynn Witter went above and beyond during our whole car buying experience she was so helpful on every aspect even firm when I might have made a mistake or two , she is very experienced in the whole car buying experience, she answered every question I had and taught me what to look for and to expect , she even dealt with the salesperson , even though we have a three hour time difference she always made time for me even after hours , not only did my family and I get the vehicle of our dreams I feel like I made a friend for life , in closing I highly recommend New Roads Auto Loans and I hope you get Lynn Witter or someone as equally caring.

- Tim Russell


You Guys Rock!

Just want to say Thanks for going the extra mile. I recently filed for bankruptcy and could not find a lender for the life of me. New Roads was always available to answer my questions and they helped me with a slightly used new car. My wife is so happy and I am happy. I know they can't help everyone, but they helped me! Thanks Again and I am going to tell my friends in need! You guys Rock!!!

- Jon Stephenson



I had a very seamless experience. I would recommend New Roads Auto Loans for people who are trying to re-establish their credit. Lisa Argon and Iris Amaya-Lopez provided A++ service.

- Sherman Brooks


Great Communication!

I work with Lisa Aragon and Iris Amaya-Lopez. and they were awesome and maintained great communication with the Dealerships. They helped me step-by-step as I shopped for a vehicle for the first time. They made the whole experience a great one. Thank you, New Roads, for the help!

- Que Wade


10 Star Service!

It was kind of hard trying to find out how to write a review about new road loans. OMG where do I begin I had the pleasure to work with Lynn Witter and I must say she was an amazing person she walked me through this process. She has a very very big heart and what I was trying to give up but Lynn would let me give up. Her personality was great and her attitude was amazing. I would recommend New Roads Auto Loans to each and every one. I want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. May God bless you. I give you five stars. If I could give you a 10 stars I would but it only lets me go to five.

- Tamara Wakefield


So Relieved!

Omg!! Thank You! I'm so relieved. This process was no joke and I most definitely love your sassy side that you would work my deal out with the dealerships on my behalf! I need you as a BFF. Thank you, Heidi, and Thank You New Roads Auto Loans. You're the best!

- L. Knight



I contacted New Roads Auto Loans a couple years after hitting a very rough patch in life - being laid off and credit hitting rock bottom. I really didn't think I'd qualify for a loan. Everyone I worked with at New Roads was awesome, especially Natalie. In my situation, you don't think you can "have your cake and eat it too", but Natalie helped me every step of the way to get me into a beautiful Jeep. Thank you, Natalie and New Roads!

- Jennifer Bartell


Best Service!

I worked with Jeremy and had the best experience. I picked my car out on a Saturday and sent him an email letting him know. And he worked hard to make all paperwork was received in a timely manner and had my car within 3 days after I chose my car. I'm excited and grateful for this opportunity to get a brand-new car. Thanks again Jeremy.

- Sandra Marales


Super Simple!

I searched high and low for a company that would take a chance on me and finally found this company. I had some real issues on my end but Heidi and Iris were diligent and always in contact with me, no matter how many times I called.

Their side, document wise, was super simple. Everything is done digitally which made sending and signing documents a breeze. Once my end was resolved, funding was immediate and the dealer I was working with was very pleased with how they expedited funding.

Heidi & iris, I will send referrals your way.

- Kris Kirchner


5 Stars *****

I'm trying to write a review about the incredible quality service I got. I worked with Jeremy Burrus. I was in a big mess. I had just filed bankruptcy and my bankruptcy wasn't discharged yet I owned my car I had. It was old but up till now it was still running. In late March it decided to quit running, I was devastated what was I going to do? I work two jobs, I need a car but no one would work with me yet. I received many of the car loan applications in the mail following my bankruptcy but I threw them out. I had no intention of buying a car. Not until my car quit on me, so here I am devastated. I got a ride home from work and just happened to find New Roads in my mail box. I was so sick with worry. I heard horror stories about bankruptcy and loans that I was sick. But contacting them and working with Jeremy was so easy. And he looked out for me. He did his homework on the cars I looked at to buy he didn't let me walk away without putting me in a great deal. As far as my payments went they were so much better than I expected. I can't thank them enough for the help he and the rest of the team did for me I give them 5 stars!

- Jackie Kembal


No Money Down-For Real!

New Roads Auto Loans literally made my year. My credit score was subprime and I was in desperate need of a car asap. They approved me instantly and I immediately began working with JESSICA V. Who was AMAZING! I told her what I was looking for and she helped me find vehicles in my area that met my standards and theirs. She set up every test drive and worked with dealers directly leaving me to only do the fun stuff. She was extremely patient and kept me updated daily. Because of this company and Jessica, I’m now driving a 4-year-old car with less than 21k and reasonable payments with NO money down! New Roads Auto Loans is the real deal and the customer service is outstanding. I NEVER write reviews but I wanted to tell anyone who is considering applying for a loan with this company and may be skeptical like I was, go for it! They do exactly what they advertise. Thank you so much Jessica!

- Alyssa Morales


Unbelievable Service!

In all the time where I have purchased a car, I have never come across somebody so friendly and informative and a pleasure to speak with as Jessica have been. Through the entire transaction from start to finish you have pretty much held my hand through the whole process and guided me with both honesty and integrity which now and days is a rare commodity. More people in your business should be like you. From a consumer's perspective it's refreshing. Thank you for everything you are amazing and I would prefer you to anyone any day. thank you for helping me purchase my new car it has really been a pleasure.

- Vickie Martin


Immediate Approval!

I wanted to take the time to thank New Roads Auto Loans for their services. Last week I applied and received an immediate approval. I began working with an amazing young lady, Jessica Valenzuela. Jessica was with me every step of the way. Every step I took, Jessica was right there with me. She guided me, educated me and made this process so easy. She answered every call, every email, every emergency as if she was doing for herself. This young lady is the best at what she does and I'm telling you I would not me in my new car that she found for me. Jessica thank you from the Heavens for being such an angel and being so attentive to my needs. New Roads Auto would not be the same without you.

- George Chandler


So Helpful!

Lisa Aragon has helped me SO much to get my new Hyundai Santa Fe Sport. She has been very helpful, patience and MOST OF ALL VERY kind and friendly to me throughout the whole process. I will go to Lisa Aragon again :-)

- Anna Green


Problem Solvers!

I have nothing but great things to say about this company especially; Heidi Golden, Lisa Peterson and Teresa. My loan wasn’t ease, even court was needed, then I was dealing with the worst car dealer in USA. But these 3 women went beyond my expectations, they had me informed and walk me through every step, they are problem solvers, very professional, but very personal at the same time.

My case was very sensitive, and I got the best team on my side. I’ll never forget this -Heidi, my wife didn’t stop smiling thanks to You.

I highly recommend New Roads Auto Loans. Thanks

- Javier Setien


Extremely Happy!

Purchased a new vehicle today with financing from New Roads Auto Loan, just wanted to say I was extremely happy with the process and professionalism Lisa Aragon and Iris Amaya-Lopez provided for me and would like to say (I’ll Be Back). LOL

- Jermaine Jimenez



I would like to thank New Roads Auto Loans for financing my auto loan. Special thanks goes out to Lisa Argon for her excellent customer service & her patience from start to finish. I feel like I have gain a friend throughout the whole process and management should continue to in courage to keep up the good work.

- Marcus Nelson


Absolutely Wonderful!

My name is Bridgett Lewis, and I am a recent client of Spencer Holloway. I am currently recovering from a very difficult past two years, which left me unable to obtain credit through traditional channels. From the moment that I submitted the application, Spencer has been absolutely wonderful! Even when I was unsure of the type of vehicle that I wanted, Spencer went above and beyond to send me vehicles that would fit my needs. I found cars at two different dealers based on his research, and he ensured that I was getting the best deal, without add-ons that dealers are infamous for. He made sure that I considered all of the options before signing a contract, and was in constant communication with me, as well as the dealer. Without his diligence and assistance, I know for sure that I would have given up on my vehicle search. I truly appreciate how he handled all of my emails, and phone calls.

I plan to tell people about the excellent customer service that I have received, and recommend Spencer, as he is the ultimate professional!

Thank you again, and all the best,

- Bridgett Lewiss


Fantastic Service!

Heidi and Iris were fantastic. They both were very helpful and got us taken care of faster than expected. Also got us into a brand new car! Thank you all again for everything!!

Also got us into a brand new car! Thank you all again for everything!!

- Tammy Huffman


Whatever it Takes!

Lisa is amazing. The dealership we went to was less then helpful. They were very unpleasant and unprofessional to say the least. Through the whole situation Lisa was by our side, answered all calls and emails quickly and did whatever was needed to get me the car I fell in love with. She allowed us to vent when things got hairy at the dealership and pushed the dealership to complete the proper paperwork to get the deal completed. She kept her patients with a very difficult dealership and assured us that she would do whatever she needed to get us the car we wanted. The check for the car was delivered today, and I ran into issues with the dealership. I emailed Lisa and within moments she responded. Her positive attitude and willingness to do whatever it takes is greatly appreciated. Lisa has gone above and beyond to ensure that we got the car we wanted and even when the stress level was high, Lisa still had a positive attitude, sunny disposition and kind words or a funny comment to help make the situation less stressful. She has been a true pleasure and joy to work with and I would highly recommend her.

- Kimberly Dumas-Mathis


Quick Finance!

We needed a car after my wreck. We were able to obtain financing quickly and with a far better interest rate than the banks. Iris and Melody were top notch!

- Hollis Gates


Easy Process!

Our credit was less than perfect after my cancer and we thought we wouldn’t be able to get a loan. But, we reached out to Pamela Macias and she helped us so much. With the help of Iris, she rushed us through the process and was there every step of the way. She had us in the truck we wanted really quick. Thanks so much for making it happen. I would use Pamela and New Roads again!

- Steenie Zirlott


Wonderful Experience!

I had a wonderful experience with New Roads Auto Loans. They worked hard for me finding a great car...Jeremy was awesome. I would recommend anyone to them. Thanks again Jeremy, job well done!!!

- Felisha A.


A Must Read!

I would like to tell my story and how New Roads Auto Loans helped me at the most devastating time of my life.

My credit had always been great, UNTIL a devastating Flood hit Louisiana and wiped out 2 of my homes. I did not have flood insurance, so therefore no coverage. I had no choice but to file bankruptcy which along with the issues the flood caused killed my credit. About 2 weeks after I filed bankruptcy I got a letter about the possibilities of an Auto Loan from New Roads Auto Loans. The devastating emotional effects of the flood also brought on a divorce, and my ex- wife wanted the vehicle that was in both of our names, out of her name, but it was almost impossible with the bankruptcy and the now credit issues. That all changed when I called New Roads, and was blessed to be connected to Lynn . I advised Lynn of my situation from front to back and was treated with the utmost respect, kindness, and absolute professionalism.

I might add that I myself have been in the car business for 30 years, and I have never seen a person show so much in all the aforementioned than Lynn Witter.

- Louis J. Ruffino


Highly Recommended!

It was a great experience getting my car through New Roads Auto Loans. Not just getting it but my first car ever. And I didn't have to put any money down. And really had a great experience working with Jessica she is such a sweetheart, she tried her possible best to get me a car in one week. Her customer service was very excellent. If you are looking forward in financing a new car I recommend you check out New Roads Auto Loans. Thanks, so much Jessica, I am so grateful for your help.

- Charlesetta Paegar



I received a letter in the mail from New Road Auto Loans promising the "world." Little did I know or expect to my surprise that they would be the best thing next to $1,000,000! Everything they advertised was legit and true. I did not have to put any monies down. Once I got approved, I was assigned Jeremy Burrus as my assigned agent to assist me with locating a car, being in contact with the dealership, sending over all my paperwork needed for me to secure the deal and answered every email and or call that I made to him with promptness and great speed. It was a pleasure working with him and the company he represents. I give them a A+ for their company.

- D. Sims


Awesome Service!

After a rough start with New Roads, we were connected with loan agent Lynn Meneses Witter, who worked really hard to do right by us. She went above and beyond to provide awesome customer service and completed the task in the most efficient manner! Thanks again Lynn :)

- Deborah Downey


Going the Extra Mile!

I want to thank Pamela for making it happen. She went the extra mile plus another 10 miles helping me out. Always friendly and always answering all of my questions. Thanks again Pamela.

- J.R. Lopez


Very Helpful!

Pam was a wonderful and helpful through the whole process of acquiring my loan. Pam was always available when I needed her or had questions made the process of buying a vehicle smooth and easy I can’t thank you enough thanks Pam.

- Alfredo Vasquez


Zero Down - For Real

Working with New Roads was a blessing. I have some blemishes on my credit and I couldn't believe that I got a car loan with zero money down. They helped me through the whole process and always kept in contact with me. I will be referring my friends and family to you guys!

- Betty B.



It was an extremely easy and painless experience. Lynn Witter was amazing at keeping me informed and answering any questions I had. I would recommend this company to anyone!

- Kevin Mcnally


Pleased with My Loan

I thought this place was too good to be true by helping me to get a vehicle after having some financial issues and being "good credit challenged". I worked with Jeremy B. and he found me a great vehicle and I'm very pleased with my loan terms.

- Big "D"


It Was Easy!

My experience was the best car buying experience I have ever had in my life. Jeremy and Lisa were the best. Always there when I needed him and so easy to talk to. They guide you step by step day by day until it's done. In situations like mine I highly recommend this company. And I will be referring!

- Shelly Smith


Best Car Buying Experience!

In all the time where I have purchased a car, I have never come across somebody so friendly and informative and a pleasure to speak with as you have been. Through the entire transaction from start to finish you have pretty much held my hand through the whole process and guided me with both honesty and integrity which now and days is a rare commodity. More people in your business should be like you. From a consumer's perspective it's refreshing. As I am in transportation, I myself know that no business is a perfect business and does incur its share of hick ups, but it's what you do to make those hiccups go away which I was very pleased with. I really felt that you were on my side through the whole process and I would call upon you again should the same transaction be needed and present itself. I will recommend you to anyone that I know that is looking to purchase another vehicle as I know they would have the same great experience as I.

With most sincere and best regards,

- Diane Wesnowsky


True Customer Service!

I must admit that I was skeptical when hearing about New Roads Auto Loans because I have considered many other loan institutions and wasn't at all pleased by their service. After working with Lynn Witter and the New Roads team, I feel like a customer again. I thought "true customer service" was a thing of the past but they have given me a great experience and will gladly recommend them to my friends and coworkers. Thanks for the continued communication, tips to find the right auto that fits my needs and the easy finance terms I received. This was a very pleasant process and Lynn made it enjoyable.

Thanks again,

- Mike


Smooth Process!

Definitely one of the smoothest car buying experiences ever... miss Lynn is one of the friendliest advocates anyone could ask for and helped me through the entire process...a great business to deal with. Thank you New Roads!

- Kwame Odom


Best Ever!

Lynn was the best ever! She helped me not once, but twice. She went above and beyond for me and made the car buying experience tolerable. I don't think I could ever purchase another vehicle without her!

- Nicole Cheri


No Money Down!

Lynn went above and beyond to get me the vehicle I wanted. I didn't just settle for what was easiest I had an exact model in mind and I got it. I've been so happy with it honestly. Once my application was in Lynn contacted me every day until I came around and I had never thought I would've been able to get a car with no money down. It saved my situation because I needed a car badly. A tad bit of advice; aim for cars at bigger dealerships to typically cross out the hassle because the cars do have to fit a standard and sometimes it can be hard to find things in your price range but patience pays off. I've been loving my new vehicle and really appreciate New Roads for making it happen.

- Briana Khamp


Excellent Service

My experience with New Roads Auto Loans was excellent. You have been right with me through this entire process and help keep me level headed through the entire loan and car shopping process. Lynn also provided great advice during my journey. I ended up with a great vehicle at a great price. Lynn was very responsive and patient with to my many calls and emails. I cannot wait till I go pick up my car so I can update this review with pictures.

- Danielle Pierce.


Easy Process

Heidi and Lisa were great to work with. This process I feel is great for people to shop as a cash buyer. Thanks Heidi you really went above and beyond for me and treated me with respect and consideration. Again, Thank you for all your help with my car purchase. I will recommend you guys to my friends.

Thank you again for the great service.

- Jamie Chapman


Very Professional

Thank - you New Roads for being very professional and helpful. I dealt with Iris and she was an angel. She was very patient dealing with a difficult dealership to help me get the car I wanted. I would recommend highly! New Roads Auto Loans is the place for fast financing!

- Serena Urena


Above and Beyond!

I was pleasantly pleased with the awesome served that I received. Spencer and Martha went above and beyond to make this the easiest and most convenient process ever. It's not often that an employee goes the extra mile to help customers. I will be calling them for again and I suggest that you do to! Great work New Roads.

- Leibe S.


Great Service!

Natalie V,

Very pleased to have the car. Thank you for being so patient and prompt in trying to help me complete the process. Buying a vehicle is always a stressful and a seemingly long ordeal. You made it much less so, which is appreciated.

Thank you again for the great service.

- Jamie Stone



I wanted to give a shout out to Marisa! I have never dealt with anyone that has been so kind and personable when it came to purchasing a vehicle. She was right there through the whole process offering advice when it seemed that I wouldn't find the perfect car! She is truly amazing and I feel so blessed by the process. Everyone from Martha to Stevie was great as well! Lisa was super nice too! I am definitely recommending CPS, New Road Auto Loans, to my family and friends. Thank you again!

- Brittany Bing


Much Appreciated

I just wanted to take a moment to give some much deserved feedback on one of your employees. My car buying situation was a very long and unique process as I am sure you are aware of. I want to make sure you know how great Marisa Benjamin is. She really went the extra mile for me and did everything she could to make sure I got funded and approved for a car loan, not to mention all the back and forth with the dealership. And they were not exactly easy to work with not only on my end but on her end as well.

She kept in contact with me and would let me know what was going on and I really appreciated all her efforts. You have a very dedicated employee who cares about her customers and wants to do the right thing for them. She made sure I did not get taken advantage of and fought for me. Working on the other side of this industry I know how hard it is to gain the trust of your customers and build a rapport with them. In fact I even told her today I would miss speaking with her! Her customer service speaks volumes and your company should be proud of how she handles herself. She is the front line and she does a great job of representing your company.

I just wanted you to know this and how much I appreciated her efforts.


- Monica Kuker


Thanks for the assist

Lynn worked with my wife Kellee and I for a couple of weeks to obtain a car loan and to acquire the vehicle that we were looking for. Lynn worked diligently to assist us in every possible way to obtain our vehicle. She contacted numerous dealers on our behalf. She worked with the dealership that we finally decided to go with, to make sure in every way she could that we were successful.

I found Lynn easy to work with. She is good natured with a friendly demeanor. She kept my wife and me in the “loop” and contacted us via phone calls and emails on a number of occasions daily.

We felt comfortable working with Lynn and would certainly work with her again. I can and would recommend Lynn’s help for anyone desiring a car loan.

Most sincerely,

- James D. Wolfe



Dear New Roads:

Thank you so so much for everything you did for me and Charlie. Words just can't express how grateful we are. Love the new truck and it's just what he needed for his work. It's great has everything we need. Again thank you so much. If there is a testimonial page I can fill out please let me know.

Again thank you.


- Debra Carler


Vehicle purchase was easy!

Thank you so much for all of your help. You did an amazing job. Though we had to deal with one bad dealer, you made the process smooth. Your help and support was extremely beneficial. This was the easiest vehicle purchase I have ever had. I will definitely give you a raving review. Please let me know where I can post it.

Thank you again for everything.

- Jeff


Beyond Happy!

Thank you so so much for everything you did for me and Charlie. Words just can't express how grateful we are. Love the new truck and it's just what he needed for his work. Its great has everything we need. Again thank you so much. If there is a testimonial page I can fill out please let me know.

Again thank you.


- Charlie Carler


Always on my side!

What I liked most about my lending team at New Roads was that they were knowledgeable, responsive, fast, and courteous. The dealer was dragging their feet with providing documentation and they stayed on the dealership on my behalf to make sure they did what they were supposed to do. I just would like to say thank you to the team.

Everyone was great to work with. Thanks so much for everything.

Best Regards,

- Reshard S



I am a new customer and would like to share my experience with your origination team. I can sum it up with one word: WOW! The customer experience was nothing but amazing. It all started with me receiving a surprising phone call that I was approved with no money down. I was at car dealerships offering to put $4,000 down and they told me no. New Roads saw that I was fresh out of Bankruptcy and looking to re-establish my credit. Instead of focusing on the bad, I felt like New Roads looked for the good in my deal and I appreciate that.

I would just like to extend a very heartfelt thank you and would like management to commend the team on a job well done!

- Barbara W.


My Amazing Vehicle

Dear New Roads,

Words cannot express how grateful I am for all of your hard work to get me into an amazing vehicle. You obviously worked very hard and I greatly appreciate it. You went above and beyond to make this happen. Buying a car can be such a hassle but you have made it a great and enjoyable experience. You have made this stress free for me. From the moment my application hit your desk you have been amazing, reaching out and answering and explaining any questions that I had. (And I had a lot You absolutely care about your customers, and made sure that my needs were met or exceeded.

I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sincerely a satisfied client,

- Darlene H.


Forever Grateful

I just wanted to thank you for your exceptional service. You worked your butt off to help get me into my new car, which I love and you delivered on every promise that you made. You were kindest most patient person that I have ever dealt with and I wish that everyone that I did business with was as easy going as you are. You came through for me during my time of need and I am forever grateful!

Natalie, Jeremy and the rest of the team over at New Roads Auto Loans are the best! I would definitely recommend their service to anyone that needs an auto loan. It was a very easy process and it beats going from dealership to dealership any day!"

Thanks again for your help!

- Jason



Lynn, I want to personally thank you for helping me every step of the way in my vehicle purchase. You made me feel like I knew you forever from the start. Remember? Our very first conversation, we spoke at least an hour, and you were friendly and warm from the start. You took charge every step of the way and made this whole process possible. A big THANKS to you again.

- Warren Campbell


One in a Million!

I just want to say what wonderful and pleasant experience it was getting signed up and Hingis processed for my auto loan. A feisty and amazing woman by the name of Victoria Hill helped me acquire the very car my family and I needed and was looking desperately to get for our growing family.

I must say sir you have a great associate in that with that young lady because not only does she take pride in her work but also in her company and customers. I've never worked with anyone over the phone without ever meeting them and feel so comfortable and pleased with how things went. She went to bat for me and your company against a car dealership that ended up being not as pleasant and easy to work with as they should've been and could've been. I hope you have a lot of people that work there like her because she's one in a million and if you have several like that then you know exactly what you’re doing in hiring these great people.

It was my pleasure and honor doing business with you all.

- Jeremiah Goforth



I want you to know you have some exceptional employees that provide excellent customer service and as a Manager myself I commend all of them. They were very patient with me as I had quite a few questions and they were a great help to me as I was trying to understand the process from my end as far as our current credit situation.

They were also ALWAYS very friendly, courtesy, and prompt with their email responses and equally as friendly and courtesy when we spoke on the phone. Unfortunately, such professionalism is rare nowadays and they are truly assets to your organization. I'm a firm believer that the quality of a firm's employees plays a huge part in future success so, to that I say New Roads Loans has a very bright future!! I look forward to working with your organization again and I definitely intend to share my experience with family and friends!


- Tara T


My First Car!

I wanted to take this time to thank New Roads for making it possible for me to purchase my first car on my own. You have no idea what excitement and freedom it has given me. On top of that it has motivated me to be more open to accomplishing my goals more than ever. I would also like to mention that I have never experienced the positive and experienced service person until working with you. You guided me the whole step of the way through the application process. You were always one step ahead in answering my questions and providing me with all the answers and information I ask about. There were times when I did not expect to hear any news and you always got back with me and made yourself available even when I did not expect you too. I would not of gotten any better service from anyone else accept those who help throughout the process. I believe you have valuable employees, who like the position and represents New Roads and its core mission to help those like myself. Again I can say my experience with New Roads was an exceptional one!

Cordially My Gratitude!

- Christin H


My Hero!

Mrs. Lynn was an absolute pleasure to work with through my car buying experience. She walked me through every step, detail by detail, and got me a much better deal than I could have possibly gotten on my own on my dream car. The process itself took around a month, as I was hesitant to pull the trigger but in dire need of a vehicle. Mrs. Lynn got me a great rate and extremely reasonable and agreeable terms a month or so after my bankruptcy was discharged on my dream car.

Thank you to CPS / New Roads for being understanding about my financial situation, and a HUGE thank you to Mrs. Lynn Witter, my own personal hero. I cannot express how thankful I am, but I hope this is a start! Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

- Tyler T


Thanks New Roads!

Thanks so much for hanging in there with me. I really appreciate it and I love the Edge. You have no idea how much this means to me – not just from a nicer vehicle, or improving my credit, but from a personal reason – you provided me a chance to get a messy ugly past out of mind every time I get into drive.

I just want to say, I am proud of myself as I did not swear once, even though there were times!!!! You are great at what you do and your steady and firm manner worked well to keep me on task.

- Teresa M


Easy & Smooth

I wanted to take this time out to thank you for an amazing job. I appreciate you assisting me with my new purchase. You made this transition easy and smooth.

I’m very grateful. Have a great day! And again, thank you!

- Rodney


This Company Was Willing To Take a Chance On Me

My gratitude to this company and the great employees that are there to help people like me who have left no stone un-turned and still don’t have a vehicle. It wasn’t easy complying with some of the restrictions on my car shopping.

The fact that this company was willing to take a chance on me paying my debt to them in itself was something no one else would do for me. My credit was horrible and made me look really irresponsible and careless. The truth was my husband was dying with stage 4 cancer and absolutely every penny I could get my hands on went for medicine that you can’t get in our state. I didn’t pay any bills but only the necessities were paid. I used the rest to help my husband. My loan officer was great! I am so thankful that she was not only business and by the rules but also I felt at times she understood the complications that my life situation brought on me. I appreciate working with people who are well trained and when they say something to you, you can believe it. This is what I got from these two ladies and also a couple more people as well. Today I’m making my first car note! Thank you New Roads you made such a huge difference!

- Trisha


Could Not Have Been Happier

I could not have been happier with the entire process. Not only was it fast and easy; but I could have not asked for a better agent.

She was extremely personable and did not take long for me to feel comfortable with her. She reassured me throughout the entire process and answered any questions before they could have even arisen. I definitely give not only New Roads Auto Loans a 10 out of 10 stars but also Lynn with the same if not more of a rating. She depicts exactly what customer service should be and builds in outstanding and everlasting connections!

Thank you Lynn and New Roads Auto Loans for giving me this second chance to rebuild my credit and restart my life!!!!

- Ashley G.


Excellent Work

Good morning, I would like to thank you for the fine work you did in helping me accomplish and in meeting my needs. You were very thorough, knowledgeable, and kept me posted with all the steps. Again, excellent work!!!!

Thanks to New Roads, I am driving a great vehicle and nothing makes me happier. Kudos to you!!

- Cesar P.


Exceeded All My Expectations

I was writing this to thank everyone involved in my new car purchase. The experience was the most enjoyable car purchase I’ve ever made.

You were there to answer every question I had in depth at all hours of the day. You exceeded all my expectations and handled so many details of my car buying experience that would have left most people frustrated. I would recommend New Roads to any of my family and friends for future purchases; I would really like to thank you for all that you have done. Thanks New Roads and CPS for everything

- Randolph S.


A Great Experience

Thank you so much for a great experience. From day one, the loan process with New Roads Auto Loans was seamless. You have personally provided me with excellent customer service.

You communicated the process very thoroughly so that I would know what to expect during the car buying process. I delivered everything that you requested, and you delivered everything that was required and much more to make this process go smoothly and to make the experience with New Roads Auto Loans to be extraordinary.

Since I already had financing and knew which vehicle that I wanted by researching online, I was able to walk into one of Dallas’ premier dealerships and purchase the vehicle without any issues! The dealership had never worked with New Roads Auto Loans, but because you provided such great customer service to them, their experience with New Roads Auto Loans went seamless as well!

Thank You!

- Brian M.


You Have My Business For Life!

Buying a car is usually very stressful. Dealerships, while acting like your friends, can be very adversarial. After a few high pressure visits to dealerships, I decided that I would only buy a car if I could arrange for financing independently.

After checking out the website I called with questions. You answered right away and took the time to answer all of my questions. We began the loan process immediately.

After the approval I was able to actually shop for a car that I wanted, not whatever the dealership was trying to force on me. I was able to get the best deal on a car that I could research on my own without a salesperson pressuring me. I have been telling everyone that this is such a better way to buy a car. No more sitting in a showroom for hours and hours while they pretend to try to get you the best deal, only to tell you there is only one car on the lot they can get financed. I can’t thank you enough for all of your hard work and superior customer service. You have my business for life!

- Giovanna F.


New Roads Rocks!

Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent experience that you provided me with the purchase of my vehicle. The car is at home and running great.

I would like to say that as a professional that works in a customer service driven field; your customer service is above average and all I can say is that I wish there were more people like you.

Thank you for the smooth transaction and the excellent service you provided. New Roads Rocks!

- Jose G.


Best Experience

I would like to take this opportunity to express what a wonderful experience I had in our dealings on my new car loan. Over my many years I have purchased many vehicles, and I can honestly say that this was the best experience I have ever had getting vehicle financing. Dealing with you was totally stress free and a true pleasure. You were very informative, answered all my questions, and had great suggestions and advice. You were very responsive in all our communications via email and the phone calls.

You are very polite and a joy to talk to on the phone, you have truly made this the best buying experience I have ever had.

Again thank you for everything.

- James


A+ Service

Just wanted to tell you about an experience I had with your company ... THE BEST EVER. You gave my wife and I an A+ service.

With the big time difference between our states, you worked 24/7 even on your days off to make this happen.

- Al J.


Thank-You So Much!

When I drove off the lot, tears were running down my face.

People have no idea what I've been through the past 3 years to get this car.

- John S.


So Pleased

I am so pleased and cannot thank you enough for all that you did for me.

You went beyond the call of duty and it is so appreciated.

- Sara M.



I would like to thank you for all that you did. You made it quick and easy to get my loan (even though I don't have the best credit) and then help pick out the car I wanted. Unfortunately the first car I got was a bad egg and the head gasket blew 2 days after I brought it home, the guy at the dealership refused to work with me.

So I gave Newroads a call and informed them of the situation. You were very quick to respond. You guys were able to get me into another car a week later.

- Curtis T.


My Wife Loves the Car!

New Roads made this very simple and easy to get done and that was a big reason it was easy to go thru New Roads. I have some people that are wondering how you can get them a good car, so I will be sending them to New Roads website or I can give them to you directly.

There will be a lot of business coming to New Roads from the Fort Smith area soon! And, can’t forget my wife loves the car!

- Billy N.


Very Impressed

During telephone conversations, my daughter and I both observed that New Roads Auto Loans genuinely cares about the customer. I am very impressed with the way New Roads Auto Loans handled everything. The car is absolutely gorgeous words cannot express. The interior is same as new, and I love it!!!!

I sure hope people know what a valuable, outstanding, jewel New Roads Auto Loans turned out to be. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.

- Hazel W.


I Needed a New Ride

I would like to thank New Roads Auto Loans for your help getting me into my 2015 Nissan Altima New Roads Auto Loans made the experience very calming and easy for me.

After being off work for over a year with neck surgery from a work related injury, and stepping back into the work force, I needed a new ride! I would not have been able to do this without New Roads Auto Loans help.

They are awesome.

- Tim P.


You Guys Are Awesome

My experience at the dealership did not start off too pleasant, but New Roads Auto Loans called me that same evening on my way home.

The next day New Roads Auto Loans called the dealership in Louisiana and the salesman I was working with, whom was rude on our first encounter, was a much nicer salesman the second time around. The finance manager was highly impressed with New Roads Auto Loans and their service.

You guys are awesome in my book!!!!

- Betty K.


A Great Company and Team

I want to thank you for helping me getting the 2016 Ford Fusion, you worked with me to the end, you gave me hope when I wanted to give up.

You and your staff worked on getting me financed, a great company and a team, it amazing the amount of people you deal with and you still keep up with everything, It been my pleasure working with you and, I told so many people about the company.

Thank for all your hard work!

- Frank J.


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