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"I would like to express my thanks and gratitude for all of your hard work and assistance on getting me 100% financing for the vehicle I wanted. Without your persistence, I don't believe this would have happened for me, and I have you to thank you.

You went above and beyond for me, and I so appreciate it and you. ::virtual hug::."

- Jennifer D.

Our Satisfied Customers


Zero Down - For Real

Working with New Roads was a blessing. I have some blemishes on my credit and I couldn't believe that I got a car loan with zero money down. They helped me through the whole process and always kept in contact with me. I will be referring my friends and family to you guys!

- Betty B.



It was an extremely easy and painless experience. Lynn Witter was amazing at keeping me informed and answering any questions I had. I would recommend this company to anyone!

- Kevin Mcnally


Pleased with My Loan

I thought this place was too good to be true by helping me to get a vehicle after having some financial issues and being "good credit challenged". I worked with Jeremy B. and he found me a great vehicle and I'm very pleased with my loan terms.

- Big "D"


It Was Easy!

My experience was the best car buying experience I have ever had in my life. Jeremy and Lisa were the best. Always there when I needed him and so easy to talk to. They guide you step by step day by day until it's done. In situations like mine I highly recommend this company. And I will be referring!

- Shelly Smith


Best Car Buying Experience!

In all the time where I have purchased a car, I have never come across somebody so friendly and informative and a pleasure to speak with as you have been. Through the entire transaction from start to finish you have pretty much held my hand through the whole process and guided me with both honesty and integrity which now and days is a rare commodity. More people in your business should be like you. From a consumer's perspective it's refreshing. As I am in transportation, I myself know that no business is a perfect business and does incur its share of hick ups, but it's what you do to make those hiccups go away which I was very pleased with. I really felt that you were on my side through the whole process and I would call upon you again should the same transaction be needed and present itself. I will recommend you to anyone that I know that is looking to purchase another vehicle as I know they would have the same great experience as I.

With most sincere and best regards,

- Diane Wesnowsky


True Customer Service!

I must admit that I was skeptical when hearing about New Roads Auto Loans because I have considered many other loan institutions and wasn't at all pleased by their service. After working with Lynn Witter and the New Roads team, I feel like a customer again. I thought "true customer service" was a thing of the past but they have given me a great experience and will gladly recommend them to my friends and coworkers. Thanks for the continued communication, tips to find the right auto that fits my needs and the easy finance terms I received. This was a very pleasant process and Lynn made it enjoyable.

Thanks again,

- Mike


Smooth Process!

Definitely one of the smoothest car buying experiences ever... miss Lynn is one of the friendliest advocates anyone could ask for and helped me through the entire process...a great business to deal with. Thank you New Roads!

- Kwame Odom


Best Ever!

Lynn was the best ever! She helped me not once, but twice. She went above and beyond for me and made the car buying experience tolerable. I don't think I could ever purchase another vehicle without her!

- Nicole Cheri


No Money Down!

Lynn went above and beyond to get me the vehicle I wanted. I didn't just settle for what was easiest I had an exact model in mind and I got it. I've been so happy with it honestly. Once my application was in Lynn contacted me every day until I came around and I had never thought I would've been able to get a car with no money down. It saved my situation because I needed a car badly. A tad bit of advice; aim for cars at bigger dealerships to typically cross out the hassle because the cars do have to fit a standard and sometimes it can be hard to find things in your price range but patience pays off. I've been loving my new vehicle and really appreciate New Roads for making it happen.

- Briana Khamp


Excellent Service

My experience with New Roads Auto Loans was excellent. You have been right with me through this entire process and help keep me level headed through the entire loan and car shopping process. Lynn also provided great advice during my journey. I ended up with a great vehicle at a great price. Lynn was very responsive and patient with to my many calls and emails. I cannot wait till I go pick up my car so I can update this review with pictures.

- Danielle Pierce.


Easy Process

Heidi and Lisa were great to work with. This process I feel is great for people to shop as a cash buyer. Thanks Heidi you really went above and beyond for me and treated me with respect and consideration. Again, Thank you for all your help with my car purchase. I will recommend you guys to my friends.

Thank you again for the great service.

- Jamie Chapman


Very Professional

Thank - you New Roads for being very professional and helpful. I dealt with Iris and she was an angel. She was very patient dealing with a difficult dealership to help me get the car I wanted. I would recommend highly! New Roads Auto Loans is the place for fast financing!

- Serena Urena


Above and Beyond!

I was pleasantly pleased with the awesome served that I received. Spencer and Martha went above and beyond to make this the easiest and most convenient process ever. It's not often that an employee goes the extra mile to help customers. I will be calling them for again and I suggest that you do to! Great work New Roads.

- Leibe S.


Great Service!

Natalie V,

Very pleased to have the car. Thank you for being so patient and prompt in trying to help me complete the process. Buying a vehicle is always a stressful and a seemingly long ordeal. You made it much less so, which is appreciated.

Thank you again for the great service.

- Jamie Stone



I wanted to give a shout out to Marisa! I have never dealt with anyone that has been so kind and personable when it came to purchasing a vehicle. She was right there through the whole process offering advice when it seemed that I wouldn't find the perfect car! She is truly amazing and I feel so blessed by the process. Everyone from Martha to Stevie was great as well! Lisa was super nice too! I am definitely recommending CPS, New Road Auto Loans, to my family and friends. Thank you again!

- Brittany Bing


Much Appreciated

I just wanted to take a moment to give some much deserved feedback on one of your employees. My car buying situation was a very long and unique process as I am sure you are aware of. I want to make sure you know how great Marisa Benjamin is. She really went the extra mile for me and did everything she could to make sure I got funded and approved for a car loan, not to mention all the back and forth with the dealership. And they were not exactly easy to work with not only on my end but on her end as well.

She kept in contact with me and would let me know what was going on and I really appreciated all her efforts. You have a very dedicated employee who cares about her customers and wants to do the right thing for them. She made sure I did not get taken advantage of and fought for me. Working on the other side of this industry I know how hard it is to gain the trust of your customers and build a rapport with them. In fact I even told her today I would miss speaking with her! Her customer service speaks volumes and your company should be proud of how she handles herself. She is the front line and she does a great job of representing your company.

I just wanted you to know this and how much I appreciated her efforts.


- Monica Kuker


Thanks for the assist

Lynn worked with my wife Kellee and I for a couple of weeks to obtain a car loan and to acquire the vehicle that we were looking for. Lynn worked diligently to assist us in every possible way to obtain our vehicle. She contacted numerous dealers on our behalf. She worked with the dealership that we finally decided to go with, to make sure in every way she could that we were successful.

I found Lynn easy to work with. She is good natured with a friendly demeanor. She kept my wife and me in the “loop” and contacted us via phone calls and emails on a number of occasions daily.

We felt comfortable working with Lynn and would certainly work with her again. I can and would recommend Lynn’s help for anyone desiring a car loan.

Most sincerely,

- James D. Wolfe



Dear New Roads:

Thank you so so much for everything you did for me and Charlie. Words just can't express how grateful we are. Love the new truck and it's just what he needed for his work. It's great has everything we need. Again thank you so much. If there is a testimonial page I can fill out please let me know.

Again thank you.


- Debra Carler


Vehicle purchase was easy!

Thank you so much for all of your help. You did an amazing job. Though we had to deal with one bad dealer, you made the process smooth. Your help and support was extremely beneficial. This was the easiest vehicle purchase I have ever had. I will definitely give you a raving review. Please let me know where I can post it.

Thank you again for everything.

- Jeff


Beyond Happy!

Thank you so so much for everything you did for me and Charlie. Words just can't express how grateful we are. Love the new truck and it's just what he needed for his work. Its great has everything we need. Again thank you so much. If there is a testimonial page I can fill out please let me know.

Again thank you.


- Charlie Carler


Always on my side!

What I liked most about my lending team at New Roads was that they were knowledgeable, responsive, fast, and courteous. The dealer was dragging their feet with providing documentation and they stayed on the dealership on my behalf to make sure they did what they were supposed to do. I just would like to say thank you to the team.

Everyone was great to work with. Thanks so much for everything.

Best Regards,

- Reshard S



I am a new customer and would like to share my experience with your origination team. I can sum it up with one word: WOW! The customer experience was nothing but amazing. It all started with me receiving a surprising phone call that I was approved with no money down. I was at car dealerships offering to put $4,000 down and they told me no. New Roads saw that I was fresh out of Bankruptcy and looking to re-establish my credit. Instead of focusing on the bad, I felt like New Roads looked for the good in my deal and I appreciate that.

I would just like to extend a very heartfelt thank you and would like management to commend the team on a job well done!

- Barbara W.


My Amazing Vehicle

Dear New Roads,

Words cannot express how grateful I am for all of your hard work to get me into an amazing vehicle. You obviously worked very hard and I greatly appreciate it. You went above and beyond to make this happen. Buying a car can be such a hassle but you have made it a great and enjoyable experience. You have made this stress free for me. From the moment my application hit your desk you have been amazing, reaching out and answering and explaining any questions that I had. (And I had a lot You absolutely care about your customers, and made sure that my needs were met or exceeded.

I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sincerely a satisfied client,

- Darlene H.


Forever Grateful

I just wanted to thank you for your exceptional service. You worked your butt off to help get me into my new car, which I love and you delivered on every promise that you made. You were kindest most patient person that I have ever dealt with and I wish that everyone that I did business with was as easy going as you are. You came through for me during my time of need and I am forever grateful!

Natalie, Jeremy and the rest of the team over at New Roads Auto Loans are the best! I would definitely recommend their service to anyone that needs an auto loan. It was a very easy process and it beats going from dealership to dealership any day!"

Thanks again for your help!

- Jason



Lynn, I want to personally thank you for helping me every step of the way in my vehicle purchase. You made me feel like I knew you forever from the start. Remember? Our very first conversation, we spoke at least an hour, and you were friendly and warm from the start. You took charge every step of the way and made this whole process possible. A big THANKS to you again.

- Warren Campbell


One in a Million!

I just want to say what wonderful and pleasant experience it was getting signed up and Hingis processed for my auto loan. A feisty and amazing woman by the name of Victoria Hill helped me acquire the very car my family and I needed and was looking desperately to get for our growing family.

I must say sir you have a great associate in that with that young lady because not only does she take pride in her work but also in her company and customers. I've never worked with anyone over the phone without ever meeting them and feel so comfortable and pleased with how things went. She went to bat for me and your company against a car dealership that ended up being not as pleasant and easy to work with as they should've been and could've been. I hope you have a lot of people that work there like her because she's one in a million and if you have several like that then you know exactly what you’re doing in hiring these great people.

It was my pleasure and honor doing business with you all.

- Jeremiah Goforth



I want you to know you have some exceptional employees that provide excellent customer service and as a Manager myself I commend all of them. They were very patient with me as I had quite a few questions and they were a great help to me as I was trying to understand the process from my end as far as our current credit situation.

They were also ALWAYS very friendly, courtesy, and prompt with their email responses and equally as friendly and courtesy when we spoke on the phone. Unfortunately, such professionalism is rare nowadays and they are truly assets to your organization. I'm a firm believer that the quality of a firm's employees plays a huge part in future success so, to that I say New Roads Loans has a very bright future!! I look forward to working with your organization again and I definitely intend to share my experience with family and friends!


- Tara T


My First Car!

I wanted to take this time to thank New Roads for making it possible for me to purchase my first car on my own. You have no idea what excitement and freedom it has given me. On top of that it has motivated me to be more open to accomplishing my goals more than ever. I would also like to mention that I have never experienced the positive and experienced service person until working with you. You guided me the whole step of the way through the application process. You were always one step ahead in answering my questions and providing me with all the answers and information I ask about. There were times when I did not expect to hear any news and you always got back with me and made yourself available even when I did not expect you too. I would not of gotten any better service from anyone else accept those who help throughout the process. I believe you have valuable employees, who like the position and represents New Roads and its core mission to help those like myself. Again I can say my experience with New Roads was an exceptional one!

Cordially My Gratitude!

- Christin H


My Hero!

Mrs. Lynn was an absolute pleasure to work with through my car buying experience. She walked me through every step, detail by detail, and got me a much better deal than I could have possibly gotten on my own on my dream car. The process itself took around a month, as I was hesitant to pull the trigger but in dire need of a vehicle. Mrs. Lynn got me a great rate and extremely reasonable and agreeable terms a month or so after my bankruptcy was discharged on my dream car.

Thank you to CPS / New Roads for being understanding about my financial situation, and a HUGE thank you to Mrs. Lynn Witter, my own personal hero. I cannot express how thankful I am, but I hope this is a start! Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

- Tyler T


Thanks New Roads!

Thanks so much for hanging in there with me. I really appreciate it and I love the Edge. You have no idea how much this means to me – not just from a nicer vehicle, or improving my credit, but from a personal reason – you provided me a chance to get a messy ugly past out of mind every time I get into drive.

I just want to say, I am proud of myself as I did not swear once, even though there were times!!!! You are great at what you do and your steady and firm manner worked well to keep me on task.

- Teresa M


Easy & Smooth

I wanted to take this time out to thank you for an amazing job. I appreciate you assisting me with my new purchase. You made this transition easy and smooth.

I’m very grateful. Have a great day! And again, thank you!

- Rodney


This Company Was Willing To Take a Chance On Me

My gratitude to this company and the great employees that are there to help people like me who have left no stone un-turned and still don’t have a vehicle. It wasn’t easy complying with some of the restrictions on my car shopping.

The fact that this company was willing to take a chance on me paying my debt to them in itself was something no one else would do for me. My credit was horrible and made me look really irresponsible and careless. The truth was my husband was dying with stage 4 cancer and absolutely every penny I could get my hands on went for medicine that you can’t get in our state. I didn’t pay any bills but only the necessities were paid. I used the rest to help my husband. My loan officer was great! I am so thankful that she was not only business and by the rules but also I felt at times she understood the complications that my life situation brought on me. I appreciate working with people who are well trained and when they say something to you, you can believe it. This is what I got from these two ladies and also a couple more people as well. Today I’m making my first car note! Thank you New Roads you made such a huge difference!

- Trisha


Could Not Have Been Happier

I could not have been happier with the entire process. Not only was it fast and easy; but I could have not asked for a better agent.

She was extremely personable and did not take long for me to feel comfortable with her. She reassured me throughout the entire process and answered any questions before they could have even arisen. I definitely give not only New Roads Auto Loans a 10 out of 10 stars but also Lynn with the same if not more of a rating. She depicts exactly what customer service should be and builds in outstanding and everlasting connections!

Thank you Lynn and New Roads Auto Loans for giving me this second chance to rebuild my credit and restart my life!!!!

- Ashley G.


Excellent Work

Good morning, I would like to thank you for the fine work you did in helping me accomplish and in meeting my needs. You were very thorough, knowledgeable, and kept me posted with all the steps. Again, excellent work!!!!

Thanks to New Roads, I am driving a great vehicle and nothing makes me happier. Kudos to you!!

- Cesar P.


Exceeded All My Expectations

I was writing this to thank everyone involved in my new car purchase. The experience was the most enjoyable car purchase I’ve ever made.

You were there to answer every question I had in depth at all hours of the day. You exceeded all my expectations and handled so many details of my car buying experience that would have left most people frustrated. I would recommend New Roads to any of my family and friends for future purchases; I would really like to thank you for all that you have done. Thanks New Roads and CPS for everything

- Randolph S.


A Great Experience

Thank you so much for a great experience. From day one, the loan process with New Roads Auto Loans was seamless. You have personally provided me with excellent customer service.

You communicated the process very thoroughly so that I would know what to expect during the car buying process. I delivered everything that you requested, and you delivered everything that was required and much more to make this process go smoothly and to make the experience with New Roads Auto Loans to be extraordinary.

Since I already had financing and knew which vehicle that I wanted by researching online, I was able to walk into one of Dallas’ premier dealerships and purchase the vehicle without any issues! The dealership had never worked with New Roads Auto Loans, but because you provided such great customer service to them, their experience with New Roads Auto Loans went seamless as well!

Thank You!

- Brian M.


You Have My Business For Life!

Buying a car is usually very stressful. Dealerships, while acting like your friends, can be very adversarial. After a few high pressure visits to dealerships, I decided that I would only buy a car if I could arrange for financing independently.

After checking out the website I called with questions. You answered right away and took the time to answer all of my questions. We began the loan process immediately.

After the approval I was able to actually shop for a car that I wanted, not whatever the dealership was trying to force on me. I was able to get the best deal on a car that I could research on my own without a salesperson pressuring me. I have been telling everyone that this is such a better way to buy a car. No more sitting in a showroom for hours and hours while they pretend to try to get you the best deal, only to tell you there is only one car on the lot they can get financed. I can’t thank you enough for all of your hard work and superior customer service. You have my business for life!

- Giovanna F.


New Roads Rocks!

Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent experience that you provided me with the purchase of my vehicle. The car is at home and running great.

I would like to say that as a professional that works in a customer service driven field; your customer service is above average and all I can say is that I wish there were more people like you.

Thank you for the smooth transaction and the excellent service you provided. New Roads Rocks!

- Jose G.


Best Experience

I would like to take this opportunity to express what a wonderful experience I had in our dealings on my new car loan. Over my many years I have purchased many vehicles, and I can honestly say that this was the best experience I have ever had getting vehicle financing. Dealing with you was totally stress free and a true pleasure. You were very informative, answered all my questions, and had great suggestions and advice. You were very responsive in all our communications via email and the phone calls.

You are very polite and a joy to talk to on the phone, you have truly made this the best buying experience I have ever had.

Again thank you for everything.

- James


A+ Service

Just wanted to tell you about an experience I had with your company ... THE BEST EVER. You gave my wife and I an A+ service.

With the big time difference between our states, you worked 24/7 even on your days off to make this happen.

- Al J.


Thank-You So Much!

When I drove off the lot, tears were running down my face.

People have no idea what I've been through the past 3 years to get this car.

- John S.


So Pleased

I am so pleased and cannot thank you enough for all that you did for me.

You went beyond the call of duty and it is so appreciated.

- Sara M.



I would like to thank you for all that you did. You made it quick and easy to get my loan (even though I don't have the best credit) and then help pick out the car I wanted. Unfortunately the first car I got was a bad egg and the head gasket blew 2 days after I brought it home, the guy at the dealership refused to work with me.

So I gave Newroads a call and informed them of the situation. You were very quick to respond. You guys were able to get me into another car a week later.

- Curtis T.


My Wife Loves the Car!

New Roads made this very simple and easy to get done and that was a big reason it was easy to go thru New Roads. I have some people that are wondering how you can get them a good car, so I will be sending them to New Roads website or I can give them to you directly.

There will be a lot of business coming to New Roads from the Fort Smith area soon! And, can’t forget my wife loves the car!

- Billy N.


Very Impressed

During telephone conversations, my daughter and I both observed that New Roads Auto Loans genuinely cares about the customer. I am very impressed with the way New Roads Auto Loans handled everything. The car is absolutely gorgeous words cannot express. The interior is same as new, and I love it!!!!

I sure hope people know what a valuable, outstanding, jewel New Roads Auto Loans turned out to be. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.

- Hazel W.


I Needed a New Ride

I would like to thank New Roads Auto Loans for your help getting me into my 2015 Nissan Altima New Roads Auto Loans made the experience very calming and easy for me.

After being off work for over a year with neck surgery from a work related injury, and stepping back into the work force, I needed a new ride! I would not have been able to do this without New Roads Auto Loans help.

They are awesome.

- Tim P.


You Guys Are Awesome

My experience at the dealership did not start off too pleasant, but New Roads Auto Loans called me that same evening on my way home.

The next day New Roads Auto Loans called the dealership in Louisiana and the salesman I was working with, whom was rude on our first encounter, was a much nicer salesman the second time around. The finance manager was highly impressed with New Roads Auto Loans and their service.

You guys are awesome in my book!!!!

- Betty K.


A Great Company and Team

I want to thank you for helping me getting the 2016 Ford Fusion, you worked with me to the end, you gave me hope when I wanted to give up.

You and your staff worked on getting me financed, a great company and a team, it amazing the amount of people you deal with and you still keep up with everything, It been my pleasure working with you and, I told so many people about the company.

Thank for all your hard work!

- Frank J.


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